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I Had My Tubes Tied, and Want Another Chance....

Last April I had my tubes tied, durring the c-section of my son. I have had SO many problems, cervical cancer, ovarian cysts since I was 13, etc. And just wanted my two babies and that's it, right?? Well my son passed away at 2 1/2 months and I am not looking right now, but I would like to know if there are options for the future of having another child. I am just filled to the brim with negative energy right now and all I see everywhere are pregnant mommies and new babies. I am so sad and I can't talk to anyone, because I don't think they are comfortable with the idea. My one friend was over for a quick hello and left her new baby in the car. I am rambling, I know. but I just want to know if I can ever have another chance. I never wanted Alyssa to be raised as an only child... Anything you have heard of will help me do some research. Thanks.

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Thank you all for all your adivice and support. I switched jobs about 90 days ago, so I will be covered under my new plan very shortly. Then I will go to my OB and see if it is possible to get it reversed. My therapist didn't want me to check into it until I was stabalized on my new medication, which I did fill up on before quitting my job. It is working, but you know, unless I'm comatose, i don't think this hurting will go away. I am really hoping for the tubal reversal. My husband and I put 5k in a CD, and plan to do the same with the tax return so that when we are ready, we can get this undone. I know he wants another too, not to replace our angel, but I'm sure you know. So you guys can see my little angel, here is a link to his web page: http://almostheavenphoto.com/almostheavenmemorials/id34.html

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It's certainly possible,
at Mayo Clinic there is a site that est. cost about 11,000 dollars.
research "tubal reanastomosis" and see what information you get

Frist of all let me wipe my tears! I'm so sorry for all you must be going through. It's hard to imagine what it would be like to loose a child.
The good news is, there is hope for having another child. My best friend had her tubes tied after her second child was born and her hubby died shortly after. She two years later re-married and wanted another child with her new husband. When she talked it over with her OBGYN, she decided to have a reversal done and soon became preganet. She just delivered her baby boy last week. It can be reversed! I wish you all the luck.

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I am SO sorry for your loss....my prayers are with you, stay strong, and if you feel like you suffer from depression (which is very understandable) I would seek counseling, to get you thru this hard time.
I have know 2-3 people that got pregnate while thier tubes were tied, I know it is possible to have a reversal.
I think a trip to your Dr would be a really good idea, they can tell you all that you need to know...
Good Luck!!

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I would talk with your Dr. I think they can reverse tubes being tied. It depends on what exactly you have done. I am sorry to hear of your loss.


I am very sorry about your son passing. I won't say loss, because he is still with you every day. You still have 2 babies, one of them is just looking down from heaven. Tell your friends and family you need to talk about it, it will help you get closure, and bring you a little out of your depression. You are also going to have to find a way to make yourself function normally for your little girl. Ramble away, you are among friends here. I recommend keeping a journal to let your words and feelings out, it's not healthy to keep them in, especially if you want to have another baby some day. As far as the tube tying, my guess is they allowed the tying because of the Cancer. As long as they didn't burn your fallopian tubes, it is reversible. I doubt a reversal is covered by your insurance, and it will be expensive. If they cannot reverse it, you could try in-vitro fertilization, then they will just take a few eggs from the source and go from there. That also can cost a pretty penny. I wish you peace within yourself, and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


If you ever need to talk to someone, I am a good listener. Keep your head up, and smile because your little angel is watching over you.

It's certainly possible,
at Mayo Clinic there is a site that est. cost about 11,000 dollars.
research "tubal reanastomosis" and see what information you get

I have heard that a tubal can be undone. You might want to discuss this with your doctor and just let him or her know that you are looking to the future.

Hi N.~I am so sorry to hear about your baby! God Bless. I do believe you can have a tubal reversal and many have had success. I dont know if you could get Invetro Fertilization. That may work but it is VERY costly! Like 8,000 to 10,000. I would look in to the reversal first. God Bless you and stay strong!
C. T

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I am sure your friends and family are there for you if you need someone to talk to. They may seem uncomfortable because they do not know what to say. You need to let them know you NEED to talk about your son's death. If your friends and family will not allow you to open up, please see your doctor so he/she can recommend a professional to speak to.
Now onto you your first question. Some tubals are not reversable. I would assume with your age, your doctor did not do a permanent tubal. The only way to get a true answer is to contact your OBGYN. Your doctor may also suggest to reverse it now versus next year or two. You want to prevent as much scarring as possible so those little angel eggs and pass through.
God Bless you and your family, including your Angel looking over you.

Hi N.,
I am so sorry for your loss. That must be so hard.I tied my tubes after my 4th baby and I was 26, I STILL have regrets. I want another baby so badly. I'm surprised they let you tie your tubes at such a young age.......I don't know what you can do...I know there is something but I can't tell you what.

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