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I Had a Dream That I Had a Baby Girl

Ok. Last night I had the most amazing dream ever. I went to the hospital to deliver a baby. In the dream I ended up running outside to tell my God Father what was happening. Well from me running the baby's hand started to come out....so I walked slowly back into the hospital to get the doctor. As soon as the double doors opened I delivered my own baby...there was not any pain involved. It was a beautiful baby girl and she came out S.. No crying or anything. It was the best moment ever. I proceeded to yell "Help" and all of the nurses and doctors came running. They made me lay down they took the baby to clean her up and the nurse phoned my husband. He was in awe because he wanted to be there.( I knew I was dreaming then b/c he wouldn;t miss it for anything) Anywho when he saw the baby he was elated. It was so amazing that I didn't want to wake up out of the dream....but when I did I woke up S. and woke my husband up to tell him about the dream. He was S. from ear to ear.

Can someone please tell me what a dream like this means? Does it mean our dream could possibly come true? We have been trying for a while now. Been through all of the fertility things and now we are just waiting on a miracle naturally.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Thanks a million!

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I just wanted to wish you good luck on trying to concieve! One of my closest friends tried for over 5 years to get pregnant. There is something wrong with her ovaries and all the doctors said it would be nearly impossible for her to carry a child. Now she is nine months pregnant and expecting to deliver a healthy baby girl soon. Don't ever give up hope because miracles DO happen!!! =)

According to my Dreamers Dictionary (yes,I have one of those)....you have a friend who is pregnant. Anytime you are pregnant or deliver a baby...its someone else. However, if you dream about having or tending to other animals or items, i.e, a kitten, bird, toaster, vacuum cleaner, then YOU are pregnant.
Now, having said all that...I absolutely love to look up my "definitions" after a good dream. They are very rarely "on the mark" hahaha I think dreams are just that. Dreams. But, you never know!!!!

I hope you hubby knocks you up soon!!!
M. :)

Oh, and ps. A friend of mine "tried" w/ fertility for a little over a year before she got pregnant. After her son was born.....BOOM....baby number two. So, as much as you dont want to hear it....dont try so hard. She was convinced she couldnt have more kids....:)

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I have had a dream something like this before. One time I dream I found a baby on the side of the road in its carseat. I have dreamed that one twice before. My mom has A. told me to listen to your dreams, because they are trying to tell you something.

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I am a dream interpreter, and I interpret dreams, first through intuition, and then sometimes by looking things up in dream books to get clarification. First ..Dreams about babies do not mean that we are going to have one. It could however be brought about by your desire for one. But generally speaking, a baby in a dream means new begining, transformation, or something new coming about from within you. Now that could mean a baby, but it is not really neccessarily about a baby, Do you see what I mean? A baby would transform your life, so that is possible, but that is not what a dream of a baby actaully means. I hope this helps, but whether it does or not, don't let anything squelch your desire and pursuit of having one, if that is what you desire. Many blessings, S.

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My goodness, this post really touched me! I have two children of my own and when I had my three yr old son..I had dreams about it.
And the same goes for my daughter. I had dreams about her before I even met her. I hope this all goes the same for you! I've done some research though about dream meanings..and giving birth in a dream could also mean death in your family near you..(which also happened to me)
But it could all be coincedence too. Just keep praying that you're intuitions are right! I will pray for you too!!

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Tae Mong! How exciting. Of course this can't really confirm anything, but I wish you the best.
Here is a fantasic artical from one of my favorite magazines. Maybe it can help you.

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I know why you are "S."! What an uplifting dream! First let me say that I believe sometimes, if not most of the time, a dream is just a dream and really doesn't mean much. I've heard that they are usually just our brain kind of going over what we have been experiencing recently (good and bad). However, God can (and will) give us dreams for different reasons. I had a very "emotional" dream years ago about my little boy that I aborted when I was 16. I don't dwell on it because I know I've been forgiven through Jesus Christ but The Lord saw fit to give me a dream about him (almost 20 years ago)that I will NEVER forget. In my dream he was the same age he would have been had he lived. I remember waking up almost out of breath it was so real and deeply emotional. This dream was actually a real comfort to me and obviously something that God wanted for me, knew I needed or maybe a little of both. My advice is to ask The Lord what this dream means and be patient and wait for Him to reveal it to you. In the meantime take comfort in the hope that you and your husband will become parents one day, God's timing, God's way. With God, all things are possible!!!

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I so know where you are coming from. We tried for 4 years before it finally happened for us. We weren't candidates for IVF but I did take chlomid and a few other things and he did as well. During that whole process I had several dreams about a baby girl. After 4 years we stopped trying. I went to the Dr. to get birth control and just waited for my next period to start. It didn't! That was the month I conceived. We had also gotten the initial paperwork for an adoption. I think for me, I had to finally come to terms with the idea that my life would still be perfect without a baby of my body. Once I did (and I never thought I'd get to that point) I was finally ready to have her. And it was a her!! Those dreams were totally what happened. Even her name came to me in a dream. I had a baby girl named Emerald and we call her Emma. So I think those dreams can be your body's way of letting you know what the future has in store for you. It just doesn't let you know WHEN. Oh, and it could be possible that just walking in to the hospital and having a perfect birth COULD be talking about adoption. Depending on the family you get, often you get to be in the hospital when the baby is delivered (and it's totally painless!!) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get the baby you need.

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GOD BLESS U BOTH! I hope you have a HAPPY, HEALTHY baby really soon:)

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I just wanted to wish you good luck on trying to concieve! One of my closest friends tried for over 5 years to get pregnant. There is something wrong with her ovaries and all the doctors said it would be nearly impossible for her to carry a child. Now she is nine months pregnant and expecting to deliver a healthy baby girl soon. Don't ever give up hope because miracles DO happen!!! =)

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