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I Fell down My Stairs

I don't know if anyone will know the answer to this question, but here goes. I fell on the stairs to my basement and landed on my back on the steps. I noticed afterward that I had some feminine bleeding. I fell really hard and hit in the middle of my back and down low on my back. My back doesn't hurt as bad as I thought it would although I couldn't move very well the next day and was stiff for a couple of days. My insides hurt more, like my stomach and my ribs. I was wondering if this fall could cause any feminine issues. It has been 4 days since I fell and I don't have any insurance. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions you might have.

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i think of few of these moms have the right idea. call a doctor and ask about it first of all. secondly, the doctor might give you a list of free clinics in your area. too, if you do need medical treatment, i think payments are definitely an option, but a lot of hospitals, i believe by law, are not allowed to refuse medical treatment due to lack of money or insurance - you might ask the doctor about that too. good luck! hope you're ok and feeling better.

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I also understand the whole no insurance issue. On that note though; I think I would bite the bullet on this one and go get checked out. You don't have to pay medical bills up front, so you can make payments when the bills start coming in. Also, if you need any testing done, some hospitals offer reduced fees for the uninsured. Check with your Dr. on this one. I know in the Toledo area, St. Charles is one of them.

On top of the many other possible injuries, ask yourself this question, is there any possibility of pregnancy? A fall is a really easy way to miscarry a pregnancy, especially in the early stages.

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Hello, I am not a medical professional so I won't offer any advise that way but I totally understand the insurance issue. I don't know if your local hospital has this or not but we have a nurses line where you give them all the info and they tell you what you need to do ie whether its time to go to the ER or not! I know sometimes when our bodies go through a trauma our system gets a shock per say and your period will start. I know after my knee surgury I started and had just finished mine. Just an idea Hope all is well!!

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Wow.. there are so many things you could have injured. You could have injured your liver or your kidneys, although from what you've said, it was your lower back and has led to feminine bleeding- Im assuming not from the bladder. You probably did some major bruising of your ovaries and uterus, although I'd still watch the kidneys if I were you.

Your best bet would be to see a doctor and have tests run, although without insurance, this is a costly method- If you're not going to see a doctor, make sure you watch things closely and at the first sign of something really not being "right", get medical attention.

You live in your body and if something's really wrong, your body will tell you. Listen to it.

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Depending on the bleeding, like if it's in the urine, that could possibly be a kidney issue. I'm not a nurse by anymeans, but just an idea.

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Call a doctors office and ask them. Chances are they aren't going to charge you for a question on the phone. Just ask them what you could have injured. I fell down the stairs when I was 2 months pregnant while holding my 5 month old and had a little bleeding. They just told me to watch for a few days. Everything was fine. I doubt you bruised your ovaries if you fell on your back. Those are towards the front of your body. Call a doctor if you are still worried. You don't have to go in for a visit.

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As someone with out insurance, I totally understand your predicament. My only advice is to check in clinics in your area. Most cities have them and they operate on a sliding scale. You only pay a certain percentage based on your household income. I don't know how far you are from Ft. Wayne, but Neighborhood Health Clinic on S Calhoun has a great medical staff and they operate on the sliding scale. Hopefully nothing is wrong and you can just file that information away for a later date! :)

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