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I Dont Know What Is Wrong with My Foot........

Yesterday early in the morning I was sitting at the computer with my foot tucked under my other leg. (hopefully yall know what I am trying to explain) And I went to put my foot down to stretch it out because you know that feeling you get when you are laying something and have to stretch it out. I figured I would stretch it out and move the foot around a bit since it was crunched for a long time. Anywho as I was moving my foot around it felt kinda nice yet a little discomfort (nothing more than the usual discomfort from having your leg or something in ome position and layed on for a while.) Enough of my rambling I was moving it around and something inside popped. It wasent a loud pop just small and not painful at all. My foot has since then started hurting if I move it a specific direction. No swelling or bruises. Just pain if I try to move it the one direction. I am not quite sure if I should go into the DR or wait a few days. What should I do?

Update: I waited a while for my foot to get better. And it has gotten better....It is still not 100% but I am able to move it almost as much as before and I am able to walk on it ok. Only when it bends far to the left or when I sit on my foot with my leg bent (if that makes sense) it does still hurt. When I eventually get medical insurance (assuming I will get booted off of medicaid since I get child support now and got a job). The job gives medical insurance after 90 days so I suppose I will wait until then.

What can I do next?

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Go to a chiropractor. They should be able to adjust the foot -- may want to x-ray it first!

By the way, I am one. In Allen. If interested, write to me at ____@____.com glad to be of help. And I do adjust extremities!

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It may not be anything but if you go to the doctor go to an orthopedic doctor. 3 years ago my left ankle and foot started swelling...a little at first. hurting. I started out with my general practice lady doctor. she got stuck on the idea it was congestive heart failure. my mother had that but both of her ankles were swollen. Went to arthritis specialist, know I do have arthritis. after xrays, etc he said thats what it was. Wanted me to get zcoil shoes, all kinds of stuff. thank goodness I continued to search for answers. I went to Azalea clinic in Tyler. Walked in and the orthopedic doctor said I know exactly what it is. A torn tendon and a fallen arch. He put me in a cast, then I was in a boot, nothing helped. I need surgery. I still do because I cannot figure out how I can be off my feet for several weeks. I have fallen several times- broke my arm -I am off balance because of pain & swelling... my shoe size went from 8 to 9. when arch falls foot is flat also lost all feeling in heel. Now the swelling looks like a grapefruit between the 2 ankle bones. the pain is indescribeable. A friend of mine had knee surgery then later felt a pop as you did. A tendon snapped in her leg & she immediately had the surgery. As I said I am still trying to figure out a way to be off my feet. My husband is not well, heart disease, diabetes so I do all the driving, a lot of things he used to do. The orthopedic doctor said my tendon tore because of age and the bad part is the other ankle & foot can go too.
Dont waste time on going to your regular doctor like I did.
or a foot doctor. they send patients to Azalea clinic. Hope I can say that on this web site but after 5 or 6 doctors and months of trying to find out...they knew immediately what was wrong. good luck.

My Chiropractor has told me that your back being out of ailignment can do this to your foot. You may want to see a chiropractor. :)

try going to get a foot massage from a reflexologist

E., you may have strained a ligament or tendon. You most likely misaligned the bones in your foot/ankle. You need to see a chiropractor and have her make sure everything is aligned correctly. My grandson used to do that all the time to his foot. Ours just realigns his foot and he is fine.

no need to go to the doctor. Just don't move your foot to the position that causes the pain, as you can aggrivate it more. Put ice on it for 20 minutes when you have time. Your foot should feel better within 2 weeks. Even if you do not use ice, it should be better within that time frame.

I would wait, just cause you may have pulled a muscle or strained it. I would try resting and propping your leg up on some pillows. I've sprained my leg and pulled muscles before and ice and heat and taking Ibuprofin help a lot. If the pain continues after 2-3 days and the pain gets worse, then I would go to the Dr.

Hope you get to feeling better, C.

Try icing it. Otherwise, I have a great chiropractor who works on realigning all joints, if you're interested.

It could be that you damaged your plantar fascia ligament (it's the ligament that runs along the bottom of your foot along the length of your arch). This is a fairly common injury and if you've never had a problem before, it will probably go away after a few days. Try icing the area for a few minutes a couple times a day. Also, before doing a lot of walking or standing, do simple stretches (described below). Even if you don't see any swelling, there may still be some, so take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and see if that helps. Also, try to wear sturdy shoes with a good arch support until the pain goes away.

Stretching: Get a long towel and hold both ends of it. while sitting in a chair, lower the towel towards you foot and place the ball of the foot inside the towel. Pull both ends of the towel so that your foot is stretched toward your calf. Hold for 20-30 seconds. Remove your foot from the towel and point it. Then, repeat the stretch.

My mother and I both have problems with this ligament. Stretching is by far one of the best ways to help relieve the pain.

Here is a website with other exercises:

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