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I Can't Think of ANYTHING to Get My Dad for His Birthday!

I have racked my brain and I can't think of a single thing to get my dad for his birthday. He used to hunt and fish but doesn't do much of that anymore. He plays golf, but already has everything he needs for that. He for sure doesn't need anymore tools. I just don't want to get him another shirt, but what do you get a 52 yr. old man who already has everything? HELP!!!!

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I decided to get him a gift card to Dixie Cafe...his favorite...and a coffee cup with the kids picture on it. For father's day I'm going to buy some concrete and let the kids make stepping stones with their hand and foot prints and their names in jeweled letters. He LOVES to garden and I think he will really like that. Thanks for all the great ideas!!!!!!!

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Maybe a Lowe's, Logan's steak house or some other kind of gift card. You can choose the amount and he can choose the gift.

I just helped my grandkids make gifts for their dad for his birthday yesterday. I got two different kind of hats and a tshirt, plus some stick on letters in the shape of balloons, some birthday themed stick ons, and some Crayola fabric paints. I wrote Happy Birthday Daddy on the tshirt, traced their hands (this was the 4-yr olds idea!), and wrote their names in the middle of the handprint. On the back of the tshirt I spelled out the three kids' names with the balloon letters and drew the strings down to join each name.
With the hats, I let the two older (2 and 4) decorate them with the markers and the stickers, letting them scribble whatever they wanted.
It was a HUGE success especially because we don't get to see the kids very often.
Hobby Lobby has a great selection of hats and fabric markers.

I was at an arts & crafts festival this past weekend and saw a vendor who had the coolest pens that he makes. We took his card because we thought these would be the perfect gift for someone who is really hard to buy for - like my husband's boss.

His website is: www.mikconcreations.com.

I hope this helps.

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Every year I get my parents a storybook with pictures and stories of my boys. They love it!! Please check out my website at www.MyPhotobookStory.com - I am a consultant with Heritage Makers.

The software is all online, so you don't download anything to your computer. Plus, there are webinars and youtube videos to help you along.

Watch this 5min video to give you an idea of what we are about! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irdqtq7mF6Y

Please contact me at ____@____.com for more information.

Grandpa's always love more pictures of Grandchildren!They also love stepping stones with grandchildren's hand or feet prints in them. You can buy these at Hobby Lobby, and let your girls make it for him. Hope these ideas help. (I am a 60 year old grandmother) You also can never go wrong with a letter from your heart to your Dad.

Howdy T., Have you figured anything out yet? I don't know your situation, do you live near your father? I know for my husband and me, we're 55. The best gift from our children would be a fun day with them. Come to visit us with the grandchildren, fix our favorite meal bring yourselves with a card and say "we are your gift". It's the best gift ever!
On another note, I have the same problem with my 80 yr old father. First of all we live 400 miles from him. Sending a shirt or something he'll never use seems useless. My parents like to go out and eat, so I got them a gift certificate at their favorite restaurant.
How bout a picture collage of your kids for his desk? My husband loves his.
Good Luck

Maybe a Lowe's, Logan's steak house or some other kind of gift card. You can choose the amount and he can choose the gift.

Dear T.,

My husband lives to play golf. I have this problem every holiday and birthday. I have started getting gift cards to some of his favorite golf courses. Most courses offer golf packages at discounts several times a year. This works out great because like your dad, my husband has every tool and gadget for golfing.

Hope this helps,

A. H

Wow, you have a young Dad! That should be in your favor because he doesn't have Everything yet! My husband just turned 54 this week and I got him an electric pole saw. He was thrilled because for some reason, almost no one in our neighborhood has one. Being from OK and AR, we have been having so much tree damage this year that this was an appropriate gift for my husband. It was about $100 at a home improvement store.

Last year I got him an iPod which he rarely uses.

Since your Dad golfs, I wonder if you could buy his green fees at a nice golf course where he lives. Another thing we use a lot in our house is batteries- a rechargable battery kit is precious.

My parents live in a condo and no longer need any tools or anything so one year I planted about three flats of flowers for them.

Its tough but good luck.


You can donate money in his name to a charity that would be of interest to him. You can make a nice dinner and have the gils 'decorate' for him, cake, streamers and everything. You can take him to dinner, spending time is what most people really want. You can have the girls make him something (we do ceramics and all of the g-parents have the worlds ugliest coffee mugs with childrens handprints over what they 'painted' and they LOVE them) We also do photo mugs each year. I order them from E-bay (Spindy68 or something...look up photo mug) and put a photo on one side and some saying or date and event on the other. The Grandpa's demand these each year now for Father's day. Easy-Peasy!

If he used to like to hunt and fish, does he like to watch wildlife? If so you might get him a bird field guide and a nice pair of binoculars and then offer to go on a hike at a local nature park with him. Or if he isn't up for hiking you could get him a bird feeder and a supply of seed to go with the field guide and he could watch birds in his own backyard.
Hope this helps!

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