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I Can't Get a Checking Account!

I am in a bad way financially and I have in the past let my account get overdrawn. I tried cancelling the account and paying what I owe in payments but the company refused. Now I am trying to get a new account at a different bank and because it is on my consumer report they will not let me. I live out in the country and have no vehicle to get anywhere. I need to be able to pay for things besides cash and I've tried uing a prepaid card but then I have to go into town to put the money on the card. Also, how am I supposed to cash checks? I have 2 checks that I can't even cash because the stores (walmart and heb) can't cash them. I don't understand.They have cashed my checks before! I am sick of having to use family's accounts to manage my money! It's so frustrating! Anyone have any ideas of what I can do to get this resolved?

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I just wanted to thank everyone who responded. I've put out requests before but never got any responses. thanks again and I will definitely take the advice given and search around to see the best option for me. I really appreciate everyone sharing their experiences and helping me out.

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First Convience Bank or there is one in Walmart but cannot think of the name.. look for second chance banking.....
Hope this helps


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I can't help you with your checking question, but you've had many responses already. The thing I would be most concerned about if I were you is how to get in control of your finances. www.daveramsey.com is a very informative tool. Dave Ramsey has a radio talk show, and you can find the station in your area on his website. He also does a call-in talk show on FOX News each weeknight, and you can download his radio show podcasts. There's books you can buy, etc., but you don't have to spend any money to get his common-sense help. It's all very basic, very simple, but difficult because changing our behaviors and attitude towards money can be difficult. It's good, old-fashioned advice, such as...."if you don't have the cash to pay for it, you can't afford it." He will walk you through 7 Baby Steps to getting out of debt and investing in your future. He even has a 13 week class (that you pay for) to help. I have paid for several friends to go to these classes, and it changed their lives. Here's a tip: if you call in to his radio show (it can be hard to get through, so keep trying), he might give you the classes as a gift, or give you one of his books that outlines the steps to getting out of debt and tells inspirational stories from people who have done it. I got on his program (without spending a penny!) 7 years ago, and paid off over $30,000 in debt in 18 months. We have been debt-free except our house since then, and have paid cash for a gently-used less than 1-yr-old car, saved 6 months in expenses, and are investing in retirement, college for kids, and working on paying off our house. The house will be paid off in 4 more years. I can't wait to put that house payment into investments!!! Let me tell you.....I have not always been financially responsible, so if I can do it, so can you! Good luck!

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I am in the banking business. For your immediate need of a checking account, I would recommend trying to get a checking account at First Convenience Bank inside Kroger on Rock Prairie Road. They do not do a credit check on you and they are known in the banking world as a "second chance bank". Keep that account in good standing always to build back up your credit. Make sure that the banker who opens up your account discloses all potential fees and ways to avoid fees. Make sure that you read all of the disclosures given to you so you understand. Meanwhile, pay off any bills that you can and don't be late on the bills that you make payments on.It takes awhile to build your credit back up, but it will be worth it to secure the future for you and your family. I work for a competitor bank so I have nothing to gain this. Good Luck!

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Hi, A. I will definitely pray for you. I really hope your situation gets better. This is my first time responding to this column, I have been receiving these emails for a while now and I never really paid any attention until today. Although, I have not been in your situation before however I am in the financial planning business. There is something called second chance financing. Some banks will allow you to open checking account without doing a background check. I really don’t know the protocol but tell me what state and city you’re in and I can research some information for you. My email address is ____@____.com I can help you.

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WOODFOREST BANK...I know it was said before but it's true. They have a second chance checking account. It's not a free account and yes for awhile until you're established there they will hold your checks for a week or so. My boyfriend has terrible credit due to his divorce and had to go that route. Good Luck!!!

I see you are from Elgin so the closest Woodforest to you is either Austin or Pflugerville

Go out and get a copy of your credit report and fix any problems on it. If you still owe this bank money , pay it, then they will clear your credit report of the monies owed and that might help you get an account.

I don't know of any bank that will let you open an account if you still owe another bank money from an account you overdrew. If you did pay it and they didnt take it off your credit report, call the credit reporting agencies and report it as paid and do what they say is needed to get it off your credit report.

Do you like the prepaid card? I just got one. I know it kinda of aggravating that the prepaid people do not take checks. They do take direct deposit or government checks but since I do not have a full time job. I like that you can never get overdrawn but I wish that they would set it up to take personal checks, etc.

Is it the bank that will not work with you in paying off the overdrawn charges? Just wondering. E-mail me and let me know what happens.

You might could go to a check cashing place to cash your checks.

Talk soon,


If you keep doing what your doing your going to keep getting what your getting.... MAKE SOME MONEY.... get to work... What do you do from home? try something different... i got a white mercedes in four and 1/2 months with my at home business and make as much as my husband does as a vetrinarian... it has helped our family so much.. with six kids... good luck... and if you want more info.. email me at ____@____.com

Not sure if it's too late to answer this question, but I saw this site that might help...Not trying to spam, just a suggestion. www.checking4everyone.com

Is there a Wells Fargo Bank near you? I work for WF, and there is a checking account called "Opportunity Checking." It's a limited access account, but if you are able to not go into the overdraft for a year, then they will upgrade your checking account to a full service account. Check it out. If you are unsure if there's a Wells Fargo near you, just send me a message as to the town you're in and I will look up the closest one to you.
Good Luck!

I don't know what city you live in.. See if you have a Woodforest Bank in your city... they are a second -chance banking. You can take the checks on which they are drawn to that persons bank.. and they will cash.. you might have to pay a small fee... but you should be able to cash.. if not...you can take to a check cashing place and they will cash for you. what type of business do you have
Hope this helps and good luck...

A., get in touch with a credit repair company. You can find several to choose from at:


They should not ask for a penny and they should be able to help you to fix the problems that are preventing you from getting an account in the first place. Good Luck and God Bless.

Try going to Wal-Mart (WoodForest Bank) they offer second chance checking account.

I didn't read all the responses but did skim through them. I second the Woodforest Bank idea. I have also used the second chance checking from Woodforest before. Oh, and the last time I stopped by a branch I saw that they had lowered the fee I believe.

I just wanted to point out that if a bank is refusing to open an account for you, it is typically not just something on your credit report (although it can be as well). It is something being reported to either Telechex or Chex Systems (these are like credit reports for banks only). You have to contact these companies to get the items removed.

When I asked at my bank when trying to open an account, the banker told me that these companies can report indefinitely if the items are never cleared up or removed. How true that is, I'm not sure.

I am sorry you are going through this. I know just how frustrating it can be.

Best of Luck!

A. unfortunately this situation has been an issue for you. The good news is there is a new bank in the state of Texas called COMERICA, and they are currently opening new free checking/savings accounts. It is worth a try. Call one of the local branches in your area. There is one at Briar Forest and the beltway. I think they call it the BriarForest/Memorial Branch. I apologize tht I do not have the branch number but you can look them up through Google.com The field rep that helped me his name is Mark Servantes. Hope this helps!!


If the company won't allow you to make payments, set a reasonable savings goal and pay it off when you get the money saved. However if you play a little hard ball and tell them you what you can pay and when you will be paying it, they usually work with you.
You can go to a check cashing service to cash your checks if the banks they were written on are not local. I think there is a check cashing service called Ace. They are going to keep a percent of the check but at least you can have access to most of the funds. Of course while you are trying to get yourself lined out you can sign the check over to a friend or relative to avoid a penalty charge. I know you are not wanting to do that, but it is still an option.
This will affect your credit for a time but I have some friends who have had a few credit problems as well and were able to open accounts at Woodforest bank inside Wal-Mart. I believe they specialize in helping people who have damaged credit.
Best wishes to you!!

Use the bank in Walmart, they aren't on the grid so to speak.

I was in your situation about 8 yrs ago. I ended up writing a letter and getting it notarized to the bank. I owed $100.00 my ex owed like $1000 on my acct. In the letter I stated that I would pay them and reopen an acct w/ the understanding that they would accept the $100 only. They did it, and my credit was restored. The $1000 was wiped off.

Also if when you have time, log onto themoneycoach.net I have found this site to be very helpful with my finances and credit. Gives alot of insite.

I hope you get your acct.

Checkout www.rushcard.com!!! I'll copy and paste from the website: What are the ways to add money to my RushCard?
Direct Deposit is FREE and the most convenient way to add money to your RushCard, but we offer several other ways to add money to your RushCard. While RushCard does not charge to add money to your card, please note that the following options may involve additional third party charges:
• CheckFreePay
• MoneyGram
• Check or Money Order
• Pay Pal
• Bank Transfers
I use this card and love it!!! go to the website and check it out. I got a cute pink card within like 5 days. they dont allow you to go over your balance so no overdraft charges. Make sure you use referral code: THECONCIERGE if you apply! Let me know if this helps!

Sorry about your situation, Ive been there before.

As for the 2 checks, you can cash them at the bank they are drawn off of. You might have to pay 1-3% to cash them there. (for example if the check is BoA, cash it there)

I know Woodforest and theres another bank that has Second Chance Checking. They will let you open an account but it wont be free and you will have to pay the monthly service fees.

As for the "other" bank, whether it is open or closed, you can make payments towards the account. If you can only afford $25, then deposit that amount into the account, even if its closed. Once the account clears up, then the report will be removed and cleared. Thus allowing you to open an account elsewhere. The bank may let you reopen another account, they may not. Depends on the frequency of the NSF or OD's and how many fees there are.

As for what to do in the mean time....
You might have to rely on family until you get the bank situation resolved. I know its probably a big inconvience. But we have to learn with our lessons. Good Luck!


I don't know where you live but First National Bank Texas, also know as First Convenience Bank does not do credit checks. As long as you don't owe them money, you can open a checking account. They also have online bill pay and internet banking. It may be the start you need to start fresh and maintain your families finances. Just don't get overdrawn because all banks have fees. If you can do a direct deposit from a paycheck, the checking accounts are FREE. www.1stnb.com is the website. You can see all of their locations, 230 branches in Texas.

I hope this helps you.

I do not know when this all occured but the hits stay on your credit for 3 years...once they fall off you can get a checking account with any of the places that run a credit check...

In the meantime check online for banks that offer checking accounts to people in your situation. You may have to keep a certain balance in it (usually called secured) in order for you to be able to use them without the hassles you have been having.

Good Luck

Two things: 1) google telecheck so you can take care of the check through them. and 2) open a savings account for the children with your name on it and that way you can cash checks pay bills and save for their future at the same time. Once you have paid for the checking account then you will be able to open one for your self!!!!

First Convience Bank or there is one in Walmart but cannot think of the name.. look for second chance banking.....
Hope this helps


I think others have probably already told you, but you should try and get an account at a second-chance bank. The one in Walmart is one and i'm sure there are others. They don't check your credit or anything....maybe that will work. Also, with the checks you can't cash...look and see what banks they are from and you can always go directly into that bank and cash them...They may take a small percentage out if the check is over a certain amount...but they will cash it...just make sure you have 2 forms of id with you. Good Luck!!!

i was in the same situation, but i opened a acct with first convince bnk inside of walmart, ive been with them going on a year there a very good bank... they dont even do a credit ck

Hi there. Try Woodforest National Bank. They have branches in every "Super Wal-Mart" and they offer "Second Chance Checking" for about 7 dollars a month service charge. Hope this helps!

Send them payments. They cannot refuse your money. They may say that they cannot take payments, but if you send it to them then they cannot refuse it. Not that you would want to, but you could even send $1 a month and they would have to take it. If they do send the payment back then I would start researching on the internet what to do because they cannot refuse your money. I don't have any advice to offer in the meantime, but if you just send the payments then you will eventually get it cleared up.

My daughter has the same problem. I look forward to viewing your answers.

I have been placed in the same situation due to my ex refused put us into the negative $500 at Washington Mutual. I even went down to WaMu to advise them to allow me to close the account while it was in good standing, since I had already cancelled my own debit card due to the fact that we were separated. They refused to allow me to close the account without my ex present, since he was the main account holder.

However, although I have that on my records, I was able to open an account with Bank of America and later Wells Fargo and First Mark Bank. Each of these I just applied online and I do not have good credit either. So you may want to try that outlet, just going to the websites and applying. Worse they can say is no.

As for the telecheck...your account will be on file for 5 years from the closing date and even if you do pay it off, there are no guarantees that a) that bank will take you back or b) others will take you on during those 5 years. This was advised to me by WAMU when I tried to pay off my remaining balance before I attempted contacting other banks.

Hope this helps.


Pay off what you owe. A bank will not let you open an account if you are reported to telecheck. Call telecheck to see what is being reported and pay it off so that the company will unreport you. When that is done go open an account. But be more responsible in the future. As far as I know banks don't pull credit they just see if you are reported to telecheck. I have never had to sign a credit check request to open an account and they can not pull it without your approval. I work in banking.
Don't be quick to do any credit repair remember if it is too good to be true........Take the initiative and correct what has put you in this situation.Time is your best friend especially when it comes to credit.

You will need to contact the company you had the checking account. They may transfer you around but stick with it. You need to talk with someone (don't forget to get their name and direct number) and see if you can get some kind of payment schedule done (get it in writing if possible). Also, talk to them and see if you can negotiate a lower amount, by this... if you pay it off, would they consider lowering the amount (you can't do this with payments). They will not remove your name from the credit reports until you pay it off. Sorry, this is part of the consequences.

As for cashing the checks you do have. The only option... go to the banks where the checks are drawn. You will probably have to place your fingerprint on the back of the check and show ID but at least you'd get the funds.

Good luck.

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