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I Cannot Loose weight....HELP!

My son will be 1 next month and I have been working out and I cannot loose the weight. I work out at least 3-4 times a week, with weights and cardio.
I eat well(and vitamins), lots of protein and never late at night, but after having my son my metabolism is non existent. It was always easy for me to loose weight, was never an issue so I am taking this really hard, and a sign of getting older:( What do I do???
So my question is should I take a pill to help my metabolisms work its magic? What should I take that is safe and will not make my heart rate go up or drive my energy down hill after a few hours? What have you used that really helped you and safe to use?

Thank you!!!!!

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This is safe, healthy and you will see results. Go to this link, then click on "real science"


then contact me for more information.

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Having children always creates problems with metabolism. I have 2. It is hard no matter what.It sounds like you have done everything right. I think you just need a boost of confidence. If I told you could lose 2-3 dress sizes without diet or exercise would you believe me?

I own my character/entertainment birthday party business and was searching for undergarments to wear under my princess costumes. I found it and more.

It is called The Body Magic. It will shape & smooth you instantly and if worn constantly it will reshape your body.You will have better posture,not eat as much,reshape your body and yes lose weight.It's been talked about on Oprah and the News.

Take a look and I promise you will love it. www.shrink3sizesin3minutes.com

Good luck in what ever you do. You deserve the best!!

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I have been taking a supplement called JaDera. It's all natural and it's purpose is to suppress your appetite, give you more energy and speed up your metabolism. I lost 5 lbs the first week and have lost a total of 18 lbs. My friend who told me about them had been on them for 10 months and lost 65 lbs, that was without exercise or eating right so if you put them all together it just might help out and make it go faster for you! Here's the website from the bottle you can go to and read about it - http://www.somandacan.com/Products.html
Most people will tell you that supplements are not the way to go but it's all natural and I've been overweight my whole life and I found something that works so I'm gonna keep using it! :) It is $40 a bottle and that's for a month's supply but if you get 2 at once you get a discount so I would find a friend to try it with you and you can get a better deal, that's what we always do! Anyways, I really hope that helps and if your here in Amarillo there is a place you can go to get it without having to order it so if you are and are interested send me a message and I'll give you all the details!

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I do Weight Watchers online and I've lost about 50 pounds since the birth of my second son (he is 10 months old). I also work out with Stroller Strides and I took up running. I've dropped 5 sizes in about 8 months.
Good luck!

Definitely see your doctor first to rule out anything like your thyroid being out of whack. My friend had a baby and couldn't figure out why she couldn't lose the baby weight a year later...until she went to the doctor! She's on throid medication and has since lost her weight. Good luck!

A. give me a call! I have something that I have found where you can drop sizes without diet, surgery, exersise , or pills. It is a garment that actually helps you loose weight. Call me at ###-###-#### and I will tell you about it.

Definately get your thyroid checked out. Its a simple test, they will draw one small vile of blood and send it to the lab. If your thyroid is underfunctioning your inability to loose weight no matter what is a tell tale symptom. Post pardom thyroid issues are pretty common, I know this from experience. I have post-pardom hypo-thyroidosis and have had it sense after my first daughter. I urge you to get it tested because being untreated can lead to other more serious health issues. Its an easy fix, just a pill a day. Good luck! Oh, btw... if its thyroid issues there is a tx support group in yahoo groups. Its wonderfull and everyone there is soo knowledgable and helpfull. I would encourage you to check it out.

This is safe, healthy and you will see results. Go to this link, then click on "real science"


then contact me for more information.

no pills or trends! they don't work! i'd get a physical and make sure you are healthy, then try jenny craig or weight watchers.

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