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I Can No Longer Feel the Strings of My Mirena IUD???

Last night while having sex with my husband I felt this really sharp pain in my lower abdominal. Because of where it hurt I thought it was from my Mirena IUD so I went to see if it was in place and I cant find the strings. My pain ended up getting worse to where I couldnt sit up straight or even breath well cuz it hurt so bad. I thought maybe the Mirena peirced my uturus but there was no blood. So I took some tylenol and laid down as best I could to go to bed. Well today I still feel discomfort there and cant cough or sneeze with out pain and I still dont feel my Mirena strings.

I dont know if the pain/discomfort is actually related to the IUD but to have the strings disappear at the same time seems more than coincidence. Ive had the IUD since 2005 and have always felt wierd to have it in me but Ive tried all the other birthcontrol and this is my last result. Has anyone else had this happen?? What should I do...do I need to get this checked or will they fall back down and the pain go away?? I dont have medical insurance so if I dont have to go in I dont want to but if this is something seriouse I want to get it taken care of. Please help!

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I made an appt with Planned Parenthood for tomorrow. I'll post what they say, thanks for the help.

I've tried updating this thing 3 times and it wont apply...lets try again... I went to Planned Parenthood and my IUD is still in place. They said sometimes you cant feel the strings cuz they move against a wall or theres too much discharge or something. They dont know exactly why I was in so much pain...they said maybe a muscle cramp or spasm or something. Im not in pain anymore and Im glad I went to put my mind at ease about the IUD. Thanks for everyones advice and concern!

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GET IT CHECKED. I never had one but your Uterus is not something you want to mess with- and pain is a sign something is not right. Get to the doctor as soon as you can and get that thing checked!

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I would go see a doctor right away! If it did pierce your uterus and you just can't see any blood that could be a serious problem. There may be a womens health clinic that sees people with no insurance...you should check you area to see.

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I'm glad you made an appointment. I agree with the others that you should go see a doc.

The strings, I have never been able to feel with mine. I have just the regular IUD with no meds in it. At first it hurt pretty bad to get but now I am doing great. If your husband felt something, I bet it has fallen out. Better to be seen than to let it become infected. Your body would start to react and reject it, and your medical bills could be much, much higher from going into the emergency room than a regular visit. Good luck!

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I have Mirena too. When I got it my doctor warned me that it can go into your abdomen. She also said that if that happens they would need to put me under to get it out. I recommend you call your OBGYN ASAP. I know medical bills are outrageous but your health needs to come first. Have you checked to see if you qualify for any medical assistance? Good luck and take care of yourself so you can take care of that baby girl.

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Honey, get it checked! If you are having lower abdominal pain and can't locate your mirena strings (I'm assuming you checked them on a regular basis) then I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO SEE A PHYSICIAN. There are community health centers that see patients on a sliding scale fee if $ is a problem. Wouldn't it be better to spend the money for a doctors visit to check on the IUD than to end up in the emergency room for something much serious? Go go go!!!

Me: I'm a 35 yo SAHM with 3 young boys. I also have the mirena IUD as my last resort bc and have found it to be very liberating.

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I understand the no insurance thing, but if you don't go in you may have a serious problem that could get worse. If you have not lost the strings before, than the cost of an appointment that could stop the pain before it gets worse would be money well spent. Pain is never a good thing. You may be able to get the doctor's office to set up a payment with you if you can't afford the appointment, or you could go to the ER and pay for it later because the ER won't turn you away.

Yeah, schedule an appointment, it definitely sounds like your Mirena was dislodged!! You should always be able to feel the strings, go see a doctor!

I agree with Truly, go to the ER, they won't turn you away, and when you get the bill, they will usually let you make payments. You could need surgery or worse if you don't get it taken care of.

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