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I Can Barely Walk It Hurts So Bad Between My Legs

I have 4 weeks left and increasingly over the last few days I've felt very stiff between my legs. This morning since I've woke up it's been the worst so far. I just feel like I can barely move without it hurting. It does get better after I've been up and moving but if I've been sitting for a few minutes and then get up I can barely move without holding on to something for a minute or so.

It's not just the pubic bone kind of pain you get sometimes it's just like the whole inside in that area by the pubic bone and maybe the ligaments or something just feels very sore and like it's not working right LOL. Maybe kind of like when you pull a groin muscle. Also I've been waddling so much my husband is calling me the Emperess(like Emperor Penguin ha ha ha)I don't remember this with my first and I was told his head never engaged so I don't really know the tell tale signs. Could this be what it's like when the head engages? Or is this just normal towards the end? Thanks

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wow im so glad i came across this request because i am having the exact same problem. I thought maybe i was sleeping wrong and the baby was in an uncomfortable position. But even though i cant give you any advice im glad you posted this and got the responses you did b/c it def. helped me a lot. I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!


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Hi S. ~ I did not get this until I was pregnant with #4 and it started about my 5th (?) month! The pressure and pain was unbelievable, my ob told me it was from the weight of the baby sitting on EVERYTHING and that because it was #4 and getting older (I was 28) that things were not the same. I used to walk around and hold myself and put pressure on because that was the only thing that gave me any relief. I was an "Emperess" too!!! My son never droppped until I was in labor, so I don't know if that could also be a reason. Try to limit each activity (sitting, standing, walking) and remember that this will all be worth it in the end!! Blessings to you and your family ~ J.

I had the EXACT same thing happen to me with my third child. I described it as my "floor" hurting. It's a horrible feeling & of course my husband picked on me too LOL. I would definately mention it to your midwife/doctor, but I was told that it is a part of pregnancy especially when you've had another child within a reasonbly short amount of time. The muscles just get more out of whack the more kids that you have. My youngest is now almost 4 months & I still ache a little from time-to-time. Gotta love having a Mommy body :) LOL Hang in there & rest as much as you can.

Hi S.!

I feel your pain! I am in the exact same situation and it's been hurting for awhile (just a few more weeks to go). My OB said that it's normal. However, I have noticed that when I do "exercise" a little it gets better. When I stretch, sometimes after I swim a little or just doing squats. I'm still at work, so getting up from my desk is sometimes a chore. This is my 3rd and I don't remember this much pain, but again, there are almost 7 years between this one and my daughter.

Hang in there! You are in the home stretch! :-)

Hi S.,

first I say call the doctor. Your symptoms sound like the on set of labor.... if I am wrong try a warm shower to relax your muscles (sp?) and if your husband / b/f happens to be around try a warm bath. See if you can get a leg massage from him to relax your muscles...

please call the doctor first...

good luck and God Bless,

i just gave birth five months ago and the last 3 months of my pregnancy i had the same thing wrong with me...i tried everything and there was nothing i could do to make it go away...i remember crying when i would try to walk because it hurt so much..i could barely move..the doctors couldn't tell me what to do to make it go away just that is was the muscles down there being stretched..they told me it would go away, but it didnt...but it is a normal thing that does happen to certain people and the only thing that helped mine go away was giving birth..sorry i dont have any kind of advice to help make the pain lessen but i thought i would write quick and just let you know that i know how you are feeling and that it is normal...Good Luck

Ohhh yeah I remember this from my first!! When you mentioned ligaments you hit the nail on the head!! My Dr said that by this point the baby is just so big and getting ready for birth, along with your body, that its pulling on different muscles and ligaments. Nothing you can really do for it. Take a pain reliever, thats about it! Sorry

Next time you go to the doctor, try and have the doctor shift the baby. I was in the same pain with my daughter and when the doctor moved her I felt better. But it didn't last long, cause she rolled right back into that spot. (come to think of it, at 6 she still is uncomfortable to sleep with - LOL) Anyway, the baby may be laying on the muscle, or something like that, something connected with the spinal cord that gives the lower body (or pelvis area) the ablitity to move. Ask your doctor. If I'm right, you have my symathy cause there is nothing that can be done about it. You just have to wait until the baby is born. The closer to the d-day the worse it gets. I am so sorry, but it does end.


wow im so glad i came across this request because i am having the exact same problem. I thought maybe i was sleeping wrong and the baby was in an uncomfortable position. But even though i cant give you any advice im glad you posted this and got the responses you did b/c it def. helped me a lot. I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!


Stephenie ]
Take heart My cousins wife had the same problem with her second son. She said she felt like she had a bowling ball between her legs the last 3 weeks of her last pregnancy. Yes they told her that his head was engaged, because she felt like the baby woukld just drop out of her pelvis at anytime. She felt the pains in her pelvic and pubic bones as well stretching WAY beyond the limits and as it was explained to me as i am 30 weeks, that those ligaments down there want to keep your tummy as flat as possible and the baby isnt allowing it so its a battle between the two.

Take hard and Take it easy as u are due anytime Now. It will be gone soon enough and u will have the joy of your newbaby/girl or boy with you.

M. Puckett

I had the same thing happen with my second pregnancy, and no one seemed alarmed about it, so I assume it is normal. Obviously I don't want to tell you it's completely ok when I'm not a doctor, but trust me, I was in a lot of pain, too. I was a high risk pregnancy (gestational diabetes), so they wouldn't let me go too soon, but at week 39 they finally let me induce, thank goodness, but the pain was just getting to me.

Talk to the person who's caring for you. I had midwives, and they were great about answering any and all questions, even the silliest of them. I'm sure your practioner is that way, too.

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