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Hysterectomy and Sling Bladder Surgery

I am going to have a hysterectomy and bladder surgery(sling procedure) I just want to know what to expect. My doctor's should be able to do both laparoscopically but I want to hear from women who have had it done all three ways. How long was recovery? How long was the hosiptal stay? ETC>>>>>

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I had bladder sling surgery a few years ago, and it was a great decision! I got bladder infections about every 2 to 3 months pretty much all my life but after getting the sling, I haven't had one since. I didn't get the sling for this reason but it has kept me from getting infections and also made my bladder spasms quit! Good luck!

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Have you had a second opinion? A dear friend of mine had to have a bladder sling and she ended up with gang green that was all in her vagina and abdomen. She didn't take part in the class action lawsuit where they sue the companies and the physician for malpractice (her Urologist is a good friend and paid for all the medical treatment she needed to fix everything and remove the sling) but did sue the pharmaceutical company and the product manufacturer (Dupont). They were told by the Government to take the slings off the market several times the year before she had it put in because the slings were being rejected by the body and women were getting very ill. The body thought of them as foreign bodies, like an organ transplant where the recipient has to take medication for the rest of their lives to prohibit rejection. They ignored the warnings and now there are advertisements on tv all the time to call some attorney if you had one and want to be part of the class action lawsuit.

Her vagina is deformed now, she doesn't enjoy sex anymore, she has a gang green "tag" in her blood stream and any time she gets an infection it turns to gang green easily, her stomach is distended, it just goes on. She had to have surgery, they cut her from sternum to pelvic bone, side to side and peeled her open to get all the gang green out so on top of the scars from the bladder stuff she now has extreme scars on her stomach.

Her husband was awarded $175,000 for not being able to have sex with his wife anymore, she was offered $2,000,000.00 but declined because she is diabetic and the gang green stuff is most likely going to be the cause of her death. Diabetics have a hard time healing from infections and with the gang green tag in her blood every time she gets a cold she ends up with pneumonia and gang green in her lungs. She had been in the hospital at least 3 times a year since having the sling put in and then removed.

Her attorney tells her the class action participants are getting millions and millions each and she should expect a large percent of what they are getting. The physicians malpractice insurance pays a great deal of the money so since she won't sue her doctor she will get some less. If she lives long enough she will be a wealthy woman some day.

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I had a hysterectomy done by laparoscopy and they did it on an outpatient basis, so I went home that very same day. My husband at the time had to make me go and lay down because I felt so good. Didn't really get that sore. Child birth to me was much more painful. I had a complete hysterectomy - nothing left. Did not have to take any pain meds either, but had to make myself take it easy - no lifting for 3 weeks. Hope all goes well for you and tell your son that we appreciate him. My ex-husband was Navy.

I just had it done about a month and half ago they did it laparoscopically and be leave me that is the only way to go now days my stay in the hospital was 2 days not counting the day of surgery it was pain fully for a few days I couldn't lift anything that weighted more the a gallon of milk but I am 66 years old I don't know how old you are but don't do any heavy lifting or they will be repeating it again and that won't as much fun the next my neighbor friend had it done three times back when she was in her late 20s and again in her 30s and again about 6 months ago I still have a problem if I have a half blatter and I sneeze or cough I leek and as far as doing a hystererectomy if you don't have it done at the same time you will have to have that doing the other way cause when they do the blatter sling they can't go back through to do it laparoscopically I still have my ovaries cause my obg doctor said he would only get them if he could reach them to dangerous to go looking for them good luck

I was in the hospital for one day after my hysterectomy. Let me tell you, it hurts! And you will want a few weeks recovery time. Your seven year old won't be much of a problem, but maybe get some help to get her fed and bathed and things like that.

Also, the weeks before and after you may be VERY emotional. I was upset about mine before. I cried a lot. After, I cried for five weeks for absolutely no reason. I wasn't depressed, or even really sad, just crying. I still have my ovaries, but they told me the surgery still messes with your hormones a little. I guess that's what it was.

Get lots of girlfriends and family, talk to them about how you are feeling, and lean on them when you need it. It's a tough thing to go through. Oh, and the www.hystersysters.com is awesome. There is an e-book called "Happy Hysterectomy" that helped me a lot with just know what to expect, etc.

Good luck to you.

What is the reason you are having the hysterectomy? is it bleeding etc. They have a procedure called an abalation where they go in and "burn" the endometrial lining (the stuff you get rid of monthly)so that you don't have the bleeding problem. Fibroids, those are a different story. I had an obtruator sling put in years ago, no problems at all. Not a bad surgery and recovering was a breeze. Just could not lift over 10lbs for approximately a month. But this surgery is not for anyone that has a large belly or intends to(not to be rude) but with that, it places more weight onto the bladder area. This kind of sling supports the urethra (stress incontinence). It is about an 8" mesh that is placed in the muscle that supports the urethra, outpatient surgery.

Hi A.,
I had a complete hysterectomy several years ago and it was laproscopic and I still hurt--a whole lot!!. Make sure you have plenty of help. Don't lift anything. And those little patches on your rear end when you wake up are hormone patches. I took mine off because no one told me and within a day or so I felt like I was coming out of my skin!!
Best Wishes.

I had a vaginal hysteroctomy Aug 2008. I was fine with it until they took me back then i cried like a baby. I posted a request on here about it also and received so many bad responses that i found another website called hystersisters.com it is a great website. You will find all kinds of helpful information about the surgery and all the different types. My surgery went fine even my recovery was good. I took 3 weeks off of work. I was tired and took lots of naps the first couple of weeks. You will need someone to help you the first 3-4 days. My dad and his wife help me out. She even cleaned my house while she was there. My dad cooked for me. Of course my husband helped to but it was going to get take out. I feel so much better the mood swings are gone, no more periods twice a month, and it is just one thing you dont have to worry about each month. I would go check out the site it will really help you out. the other sisters on there are great.


I had a hysterectomy this past October laparoscopically. I went home from the hospital the next day. I still have my ovaries. My surgery was in the morning and during that day I did need pain medication, but the next morning I did not. I was able to get out of bed with no problem. I was waiting for this "pain" and I did not have any. I have had three C-sections so I assumed I would have the "same" type of pain - I did not. When my husband came to pick me up he was amazed I was out of bed, dressed and ready to go. I did take it easy and following my doctor's orders - that was very hard. I like to work out and I had to wait 2 weeks to be able to go walking and 6 weeks to go back to training again. I stayed in bed for just a few days; I would walk around the house, cook super, take it easy, sit in a chair and read. Work in my home office - I truly did not have any problems or pain. I am 49, had my first C-section at 22. If I did hurt I would take the meds they gave me, though I did not have to do it very often. I hope this will help you some. Congratulations and thanks, on your son going into the Navy, I am a retired Air Force wife.


Okay I am not sure how up to date my info is, because I had mine when I was 25 and I am now 56, but mine was done vaginally, they did hysterectomey and bladder, plus i had some other repair work that had to be done. I was in the hospital for 4 nights, but I did run a temp., so that kept me an extra day, then they told me to do no llifting for 6 weeks. My recoup went well, I still have my ovaries for which I am thankful, because I am still awaiting menopause.
My daughter had hers done about 12 years ago, and they tried to do it vaginally, but wound up going back in and cutting to remove her ovaries after 6 weeks. , but I think hers was a rare case.
Good luck and best wishes, I am sure things are much simpler now.
Congrats on the 21 year old going away to Navy Boot Camp, we wish him well..

Hi A., I had a hysterectomy and a bladder tack at the age of 21. The bladder tack lasted for 10 years which is uncommon. I am now 45. I had a bladder sling a few years ago and it did wonders. My recovery was abit longer than normal because they did it through the c-section scare that I had, I understand that the way they do it now the recovery time is much less than before and you will feel like a new woman when all of this is over with. I am not sure of your age but after the hysterectomy you will have a better sex life with your husband. :) Good Luck with your surgeries. And CONGRADS to you and your husband about your son. We (Americans) are also proud that he choose to serve in the US Miltary. God Bless you and your family.

Wait a minute. Hm. Why are you having a hysterectomy? A friend of mine had one and regretted it later, and it turned out that she could probably have resolved her issue (lots and lots of period, most of every month, anemia, etc.) non-surgically. PM me if you're interested.



I had a hysterectomy (partial) still have my ovaries, and had the bladder sling done 4 years ago. It was the best thing that I had done. I was wetting my pants every time I sneezed, or coughed. I was also passing clots every time that I had a period.

My Dr told me that I as having fibroids and that was the reason for the clots. I have been great and have had no problems.

A. - you're in for some serious recovery time. I've not had a hysterectomy, but i've heard the recovery can be long and painful. As for the sling surgery - after having two almost 10 pound boys vaginally, i had to have repair (sling) surgery due to prolapse. I must say that it was twice as painful as recovery from either birth. You will need help. Hope i didn't scare you too much, just being honest. Best of luck to you!

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