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Hypothyroidism Alternative Remedy

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when i was pregnant with my second. After i stopped nursing, i decided to stop taking the prescription and try something from the natural foods market. I had my yearly checkup and my thyroid levels were still low. What can I take to keep from getting a prescription?

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I've never gotten so much encouraging advice! I feel really confident and good in my decision to go ahead and take the synthroid. I didn't realize how important it really is. I know there are lots of natural things out there, but it's so much easier and more reliable to take the medication with something so serious as my thyroid. I have lots of family members that have gone without(I am just now finding this out) and my grandmother is at the early stages of dimentia(sp??) and my aunt is really out of whack! And i am finding out that it's because they've trusted my other aunt who is a natural doctor to take care of them. The long term effects are not good. So, thank you for helping me see what I need to do to take care of my body for the sake of my health and for my family's sanity! I love this website and every woman on here who has selflessly taken the time to help me in my time of need. God definitely used YOU to speak to my heart. Thanks again!!!!!

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I've been taking a prescription tablet every day for several years for hypothyroidism. It has had no side effects and is not expensive. I say, just go ahead and take the medication.

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Go to A health food store.
It's called cold hands I believe. It's a thyroid supplement. It helps me.

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I got the "slam" to my reference to western medicine. I stand by my statement. Chronic and serious conditions are nothing with which to experiment. This is an excerpt from the Mayo Clinic's website at http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/hypothyroidism/DS00353/D...

Alternative medicine
Although most doctors recommend synthetic thyroxine, natural extracts containing thyroid hormone derived from the thyroid glands of pigs are available. These products contain both thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Synthetic thyroid medications contain thyroxine only, and the triiodothyronine your body needs is derived from the thyroxine.

Extracts are available by prescription only and shouldn't be confused with the glandular concentrates sold in natural foods stores. These products aren't regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and their potency isn't guaranteed.

I stand by my statement and my support of WESTERN MEDICINE.

Please take the prescription. Western medicine diagnosed your condition, and its practicioners (doctors) are the ones most able to prescribe treatment. Coming to groups for practical advice is good. There is a wealth of knowledge here, but seeking medical advice to do things differently than the doctor says, especially when it comes to conditions that have long term and potentially life altering effects is not wise. I know this first hand. I have taken for 8 years, and will continue taking probably for the rest of my life, hypertension medicine. The alternative - not taking it, could be devastating for me and especially for my family. If you must seek herbal or natural remedies, discuss that with your doctor as well. Everything that we take has the potential to interfere with or negate the good in other medicines that we use.

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I love natural remedies, but this is one that needs synthetic hormones to cure (you can try a natural hormone, such as the pig hormone Armour, but it is a prescription as well). Ancient methods have worked for many issues, but there has never been an effective solution for hyperthyroidism other than modern medicine. I have done much research, and all the natural methods do not take care of the root issue, which is not enough hormone. Please take the prescription, as this can have a very adverse and serious effect on your health. Hypothyroid used to be a main reason for insanity and infertility, until modern medicine found a solution. I urge you to seek treatment from an endocrinologist.

Good luck and God Bless

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Dearest C.,

I have researched this extensively and can tell you, that no natural remedies that you buy from a natural foods market is going to effectively elevate your thyroid levels. I tried everything kind of natural alternative treatment you can find. These remedies seem to be only beneficial with hyperthyoidism. With hypothyroidism, it is extremely important to take your medicine every day. Since your levels are just "low" - treat the illness now instead of waiting until you have a severe problem. I speak from personal experience here sweetie. I am now on a high dose of levothyroxine as well as an additional thyroid hormone replacement called Cytomel (very expensive little booger!). I know it doesn't sound all that appealing or the thought of being on a pill indefinitely, but your health can spiral out of control without your thyroid functioning correctly.

Also do yourself a favor and read "Thyroid for DUMMIES" (available at your local library and there are used copies available online for next to nothing). It is very well written and breaks down everything about both Hypo and Hyper thyroidism and everywhere in between.

Feel free to contact me if you want to.

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Maybe someone else will have an alternative for you but I haven't heard of one. I do just want to say that if you are unable to find a successful alternative, please make sure you go back on the replacement. Speaking from LOTS of personal experience, hypothyroid can have many many bad effects on your life, your mental state, your energy level, your fertility, there is almost nothing in your life that won't be affected if you let it go too long.
Good Luck!

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I say take the meds. They are inexpensive, even if you don't have insurance. I learned that at Walgreens and HEB if you purchase their prescription drug plan you can get a 90 day supply for around $10! I have not heard of any natural remedies that are as effective as the meds. With a low functioning thyroid you might possibly be dealing with unpleasant symptoms...such as constipation, feeling cold all the time, tired all the time, weight gain or trouble losing weight, etc. With 2 kiddos, you need all the energy you can get! Also, should you decide to have another kiddo, my doctor told me that having a low thyroid that is not properly treated can cause problems with the pregnancy and lead to developmental problems in the baby. It's up to you, but I say the risks just aren't worth it. Take the meds.

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Take the medication. Your thyroid is nothing to mess around with. My mom had to have hers removed due to little/no production and tumors. She waited about 2 years before she went in. Her weight, moods, and energy levels were affected and these were just the tip of the iceberg. The medication is taking the place of your low functioning thyroid. Your body can't produce enough of that hormone; take the meds and feel better.

When you do take it watch to make sure that your levels are appropriate. Some of the generics can be tricky with the correct dosage that works with your body.

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I've been taking a prescription tablet every day for several years for hypothyroidism. It has had no side effects and is not expensive. I say, just go ahead and take the medication.

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I noticed the article quote didn't say thyroid. While I do believe that we should avoid chemicals/additives/impurties/ toxins as much as possible, I nearly died and left my two small children motherless b/c of an undiagnosised thyroid problem and then "under"diagnoised with lack of enough meds. Now I take synthroid everyday PLUS I'm doing things such as: growing organic fruits and veggies for my family in our garden, am starting a chicken flock which I will feed only from the organic garden for eggs, making most of our foods instead of buying any processed foods, and am making sure my children and I are outside everyday getting lots of fresh air and exercise [my hubby works long hours so i can stay at home so he's not able to join us most times:( I guess what I'm saying is I think you can do both; take the meds and live healthy. Good luck

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Dear C., Loved your post, especially the scripture and that you are bold in laying it out there. kudos to you for your walk in the Lord.
I am not a dr. and I would urge you to seek your dr.s advice when changing your meds, but I do know that Kelp is good for your thyroid in helping it to function properly. The medical book I have says to take it 3 times a day with your meals. I have been taking it for several yrs with no adverse effects that I know of. You can buy it at vitamin stores, and maybe Walmart (not sure about Wally world). I get mine at the Vitamin Shoppe at the Rim between Leon Spings and San Antonio. Good luck, but do check with your Doc! You don't want to make it any worse! In Christ, many blessings, S.

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Hi C. - beautiful name!

Under "hypothyroidism" in the best-selling book by Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life, the probable cause shows that you may have feelings of giving up or feeling hopelessly stifled. When you pray, open your heart and see if you are feeling this in any area of your life. The new thought pattern to support your thyroid is: "I create a new life with new rules that TOTALLY support me." This may be of help.

I have found that the more closer I am to God, the more closer I can become to what is in my heart. It is often that negative feelings create DIS-Ease in me and when I respect my body and my feelings and my needs - for faith, etc.., it relinquishes any disease. Pray and meditate on this if you feel comfortable to do so and remember there are so many people that can help you - there are doctors, homeopaths, natural doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, cranio-sacral therapists, and the list goes on - all people you can talk with and see if something alternative is the right fit for you and what you need. Just ask God for guidance and it will come to you.

Love and blessings to you,

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I dont know3 about alternative remedies to take instead of your prescription medication, but I too have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have been on medication for years. After consulting with my doctors during my pregnancy I was advised to continue with the medication because there would not be enough coming through the breast milk to make a difference to the baby. When I asked about alternatives to the medication I was told by my doctors and several nutritionists that there is no real alternative to the medication.

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I have had hypothyroidism for 9 years. I am a BIG believer in natural remedies and supplements and some of them are very effective however, when I tried to take a natural medication (Armour) for my thyroid, I could not get my thyroid balanced. The only thing that worked is Synthroid and I also take cytomel. This is a serious condition and you cannot treat yourself. The sooner you get balanced the better you will feel.


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When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 17 yrs. ago I was really angry and had to come to terms with it before starting treatment. Having to take medication for the rest of my life wasn't part of my "plan". I drug my feet while doing research. My doctor finally said to just look at it as a "vitamin" my body needed. I already took vitamins every day so it was easier for me to accept on those terms. It becomes part of your routine and less of an issue. My son and daughter-in-law are doctors and they continue to remind me that the "natural" stuff sold over the counter are unregulated so you have no idea what you're really getting. I say take the Synthroid/Levoxyl. You're going to feel so much better.

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I don't have any advice on an alternative medicine. However, I will wish you the best in finding what you are seeking. I think you are right for exploring your options and think that you will make sure to ensure your future health if something were not to be found. It is our right and we should question 'western medicine.' It's what our society has decided is best for us here. However, there are people all over the world who are living just as enjoyable lives with other alternatives.

Another option if you don't find anything would be to take the prescription and then continue your search for alternative medicines switching when you find the right combination.

Good luck!

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Thyroid disease runs in my family, and I have yet to hear of an effective alternative cure for hypothyroidism. Most thyroid disease is autoimmune in nature meaning your immune system is attacking (and destroying the functionality of) your thyroid gland. There is even some evidence that taking meds will slow the progression of the disease.

My quality of life greatly improved taking thyroid meds, I don't know how you are functioning without them. One cousin was so severely hypothyroid she risked mydexema coma (her TSH was over 200 at diagnosis though). Hypothyroidism has been linked to increased risk of pregnancy complications (including miscarriage, placental abruption, and preeclampsia); lowered IQ in offspring; high cholesterol; and increased risk of heart disease.

If you dislike synthetics you could try Armour brand thyroid (made of dessicated pig thyroid glands). In past centuries, hypothyroid sufferers would pick up some thyroid glands at the butcher's. I guess what I'm trying to say is: If there was an alternative remedy, we would have already heard about it.

Good luck with whatever you decide. If you do decide to take thyroid meds, remember it can take a month or two to see any improvement.

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Take your prescription. My Mum has this illness and she almost died as it was left too long before it was diagnosed. If you don't take your thyroid drugs you can do serious damage to your body. Natural medicine is great but you wouldn't not take insuline if you were diabetic and thyroid drugs are as essential to life as insulin is. In fact in the UK the presciption is free because you can't live without it. Please start taking your meds again you could really damage yourself.


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C. I was diagnosed at birth with hypothyroidism. My mom recently told me about coconut oil being a natural stabilizer for the thyroid i have yet to try it because i am just not partial to taking anything but I am sure it is worth the try. I really hate all the mess that comes with taking the prescription.

You really need the pills, ask for Armour Thryoid pills they are the best and the only one that is the real thing.

I have a book by a christian doctor that is like a daily devotion and there is a section about hyperthyroid and hypothyroid, I can't remember what he said about it and I let my sister borrow the book. I do know he sayes cut table salt and do use celtic sea salt. He also sayes take kelp tablets there is a couple of other things but I can't remember. I'll write you back when I get my book. I might get my sister to scurry through and find it because I have it highlighted.

Good morning C.
Natural way is the way to go,
The February 24th, 2004 issue of TIME Magazine, was all about INFLAMMATION! The article is called "The Secret Killer"

"Silent Inflammation is the root cause of all acute and chronic diseases ... CANCER ... heart attacks ... Strokes ... DIABETES ... Hypertension, commonly referred to as "high blood pressure" ... Dementia, the most well-known type is Alzheimer's disease and others like ... sickle cell anemia ... MS ... Lupus, and other autoimmune diseases ... Parkinson's ... arthritis ... even such simple things as dental hygiene and the consequences of irritation in your mouth. etc. for more info, you can email me and I can send you the whole article.

You might want to look into the Alternative Natural, with NO side effects of the Mangosteen Fruit, it has powerful XANTHONES, (anti oxidants) and it is a God sent fruit and great for our bodies.

One of the most expensive things in life is a . . . closed mind

www.pubmed.gov is the National Library of Medicines, search xanthones for the science of it.


Go to A health food store.
It's called cold hands I believe. It's a thyroid supplement. It helps me.

Hi C.,

This is a great website. Check it out.


Click on search and type in your question. It is full of some very interesting information. I urge anyone who is looking for a natural alternative to check this out.

May You Be Blessed!

Not sure about your condition. But, there is an ingredient in those foaming hand soaps...the antibacterial kind...and the stuff the drs use that don't need water...that can cause or worsten a thyroid condition. Try to find the info online. I read it in a magazine once. I only say something about it because if you have little ones, it's easy to use the quick waterless products, or the foaming soap. They market the stuff for children and sell it at places like Bath & Body also. Sorry...I can't remember what the ingredient is called!

Hi C..
I commend you in being such a positive & loving wife & mother! 3 boys...wow! Anyways. My hubby & I have a ministry in which we help families with various health concerns. I'd love to just send you some info on Hypothyroidism; taking a positive, safe alternative approach. email us at ____@____.com so I can send you free info via e-mail.

Looking forward to helping you.


Hi C., I suggest you see an ND, Dr.of Naturopathy. S/he will do a check on other body systems and see how best to support your thyroid issue with herbs/vitamins. I LOVE my ND. Testing is non-invasive and their treatments are all natural which I am most comfortable with.
Be well, C.

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