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Hyper Active Toddler

My son is a total handful and does not listen to me most of the time. He is non-stop all day and hits me and his daddy (the rest of our family also) when he is angry, wants to play ruff or wants attention. I am cornered with his behavior so i took him to his pediatrician. His pediatrician said my son is hyper-active and should out grow it. Any one have any ideas on how to calm my son or had / have a related situation. I am very persistent with discipline even though it does not seem to work. My sons pediatrician did rule out add and autistic behaviors. I do know my son gets frustrated a lot when i am not sure what he wants or wants to do.

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Hi M., I have a 26 month old who is full of energy also! When he was around your sons age he would hit and bite also. Now he does not do that anymore! I just think boys are built that way because my daughter was very calm at that age. All I can tell you is it will pass, just count to ten and try not to get to frustrated. Make sure you get a few hours to yourself too. So you can let out all the stress!!!!
Good Luck

Hi, I would not stop at your pediatrician. There are specialist that can give you a second opion. Two things can happen your dr. was right and you keep doing what your doing or maybe something else is going on and early intervention is the key. Better safe then sorry. I have a 5 year old step son who missed out on EI and much needed theropy. good luck L.

I am a new mom myself. My son is 19 months old and my husband and I have been experiencing the biting, pinching, hitting since about 17 months... we know he does this out of frustration and desire for independence... we really believed he was going through the terrible two's early- and a friend had mentioned to us that maybe there's something in his diet that causes him to be more exciteable..(juices... sugar... etc)? I am a sah mom too-and have been slowly weaning.. and realized that on occasion I had caffiene that put him over the moon... It is just the 2 of us all day... and he feels he can take his frustrations out on Mommy? Anyway- I started picking my son up and putting him in his pack n play anytime his behavior is inappropriate... I don't go into any long explanation- just say things like "no bite Mommy or no hit mommy".. and in he stays for all of two minutes crying and wanting out. Than I pick him up... make eye contact and say "say sorry & give mommy a kiss"... I always get an attempt at the word "sorry" from him...and he gives me a kiss. I have to say- this was my husbands idea and we've used it consistently for two days now... and I've already seen a bit of an improvement. Consistency is key.. no matter what a pain it is to drag his pack n play around the house... or having to pick him up at the moment (no matter how inconvenient) of the offense... I wonder if you have tried this? I have to tell you- we went from having a happy infant to a toddler who is a bit of a toughy... and it's blowing our minds. If you find something that works i'd love to hear it.. good luck.

I have a 21 month old as well, and I see how frustrated he gets when I don't understand what he's saying or asking for. I don't know what to tell you about your son's behavior, but like the Dr said he'll outgrow it as soon as can communicate better. Try showing him sign, my son was able to communicate using sign before he started picking up words. It really helps with some of those communication issues, now he signs and says the words at the same time. Also I'm not sure what he's eating and drinking, but i would think to limit his sugar intake. That means white starches, juice, junk foods, etc. Good luck to you.

My son was hitting & pinching everyone until I implemented timeout. I tell him if you hit you sit! After a few times sitting in timeout his behavior improved drastically. I think kids need discipline and reinforcement, it makes them feel secure. Just be very consistent with it. My son will be three soon and he does have some underling issues including some speech issues. He has seen a neurologist and autism was ruled out. He has received early intervention services and he has also shown a lot of improvement. He is still hyper active but I try to keep his environment as calm as possible. I limit his exposure to things that may be too stimulating to him like the TV, loud noise or too many people. I try to stick to a routine. I stay calm even when he is not. A hyper child can be really frustrating but I try to keep a calm tone with him.

If your son has reached all his milestones and seems to be developing normally than I would not be too concerned. However, if he is not on track with his milestones I would contact early intervention for an evaluation asap (its free and it would not hurt). My doctor also said my son was right on track but early intervention found him to be delayed. It is not uncommon for toddlers to hit and push, but instinctually if you feel like something else is wrong I would look into it. Good luck (((HUGS))) I know how you feel, but it does get better!

What time do you put him to bed. Sometimes an overactive child is just slepp deprived but they do not show it like we do. I stead of being tired they do the exact opposite and go haywire. try puting him down earlier. You might be surprised in the change. My daughter was starting to dothe same thing then I saw something on dicovery about this and it helped. At first it is very hard getting them to bed earlier but try at 15 min. intervals every night or everyother. 9 then 8:45 then 8:30 and so on. Good luck

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