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Husband Won't Cut Cable Bill and We Can't Afford It Right Now! ADVICE PLEASE...

Morning, I need some advice on how to make my husband understand we need to cut back the cable bill. I have mentioned it a few times and he absolutely says NO WAY and it will not happen. It is really causing a strain between us as it needs to be done and he won't. I pay all the bills online and budget for the family and it's just too much right now as things have gotten tight. WHAT do I say to make him understand that the extra $50 bucks a month savings would really help us out. HE REFUSES I MEAN REFUSES TO EVEN TALK ABOUT IT NOW! I can't cut the bill myself as I'm not on the account and they need the account holder's approval (Oh wonderful)... PLEASE HELP and give me words of wisdom as it's becoming too much emotionally for me to keep getting upset over. THANKS...

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WOW, thank you so much for answering so quickly. For your info we have already cut back as far as we can (don't go out to eat, I use coupons, lowered are cell phones, cut down on auto insurance etc...) and that is why I posted this because the cable is the last stance...For those that take my husbands viewpoint, we got Netflix so the Kids and Hubby would be happy with so many show and movie choices so I was hoping that would make it easier to cut back...He is very stubborn and a Big sports guy...Hopefully he will see how much I am sacrificing for our family (I work part-time to make ends meet) I am very low maintence (Haven't had my hair done in 5yrs, don't shop for myself except consignment maybe once a year, don't wear makeup everyday, don't go to gym or really don't do much for myself at all!!!

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If cable is the one thing he won't do without, what else can he give up to come up with the $50 needed to keep the cable going?

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Does he have "stuff" around the house he could sell? Stuff he never uses?

My husband has made some great extra money selling his "collected items" and items he finds at Garage Sales for some pretty good money.

For Mothers Day money he sold an Anvil, he had found at a yard sale and made $150. profit!

He needs to help find a solution. Just saying "no way" is acceptable.
I also agree about calling the cable company and asking them how they can bring down the bill. I have doene this a couple of times and am amazed how they can find a new plan for us about once a year.

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Well, what can you cut instead? I would sit him down with the budget and say that you need to cut that $50 from something. Should it be his beer money or sporting event money? Do you think you can get by on $50 less gas or groceries? I think if you show you are being flexible, he won't act like such a child. That you would prefer to cut out the cable (lots of people are doing this now), but that you are open to other suggestions.

Good luck!

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If cable is the one thing he won't do without, what else can he give up to come up with the $50 needed to keep the cable going?

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We just got our bill cut down significantly because there are several competitors in our area. Our company wanted to retain our business. Call and see what $$ you can negotiate down. :)

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Give the billing to him. When HE has to pay the bills and figure out where the money comes from, then it's on his head.

Sorry, C..

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Find something else to "cut" instead... like his snacks, beer, movies, steaks, soda. Whatever you need to cut out of your monthly grocery bill to equal the cable bill. Let him know ahead of time that you will be doing so and make sure he knows that he will no longer have:
- Chips ($10 month)
- Beer ($30 month)
- Soda ($10 month)
If his cable is that important to him, he won't care. If it's not, you'll know very quickly.

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Don't pay it and you will get cut off. Tell your husband that you couldn't afford it this month and you tried to tell him but he wouldn't listen. Stop paying it online and they will probably send you a bill/s. When they come in give them to your husband.


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I gotta say, I empathize with your husband. Things are really tight for us too, but I remember saying to my husband "It's okay if we're too poor to go out, but I just can't be too poor to even watch TV!"

I concur with the other posters who suggest that you sit down with your husband and figure out where that $50 is going to come from. Maybe $20 worth of beer and $10 worth of groceries and $20 worth of something-else-for-your-husband. Good luck.

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It does seem as if he's being a little bit stubborn in simply refusing, but aren't you being stubborn in insisting that this is the only way to save $50 a month? Perhaps the two of you could sit down with all of your bills and bank statements, talk about where your money is being spent and together come up with ways that you can make some cuts.

You did come up with one very good solution, but there are many different ways to cut $50. I'm sure the two of you can come up with something that you are both ok with.

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Apparently he enjoys television. If I had to shut off internet I'd be pretty mad. My cable and my internet are about the same each month, and I've shut the cable off before myself... and my husband has asked "why dont you shut of your internet instead?" LOL, what a lame question I tell him... since this is how I pay the bills. I dont have any bills coming in on paper anymore.
I suggest you play with your grocery bill, I bet you can save 50 bucks a month there without messing up your tv options. The grocery bill is the biggest bill I have per month, and it's easily tweeked.

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