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Husband Passed Out/seizure?? -- Please Help!

This is going to be long. There is probably way too much detail, but I don't want to leave anything important out that may make a difference! I apologize in advance for that!

March 8th my husband, son, daughter and I went out to eat for my daughter's birthday. During dinner, my husband told me he was hot. He had 2 beers with dinner, 2 full glasses of water and a cup of coffee. I looked at him, his face was red and he was sweating. It seemed strange to me because I had just had to put on my sweater, I was freezing. He had on a suit and was drinking coffee, so I just blew it off. After dinner, we were waiting for our car to be brought around and he looked strange. I asked him if he was ok and he said he needed to go to the bathroom. Once the car came, we drove about a mile and he started really complaining about his stomach hurting. I told him to stop and go if he needed to. The next thing I know, he was pulling into a Walgreen's parking lot, but almost hitting the sign. He stopped the car when he got in the parking lot and then just floored the gas pedal, jumping the curb heading straight for the front doors of Walgreens. I looked at him and realized something was really wrong and put my foot over the console and put the brake on. He turned his head and looked at me, but his eyes were darting and very dialated and his head fell back against the seat, like he couldn't hold it up. He then got out of the car and walked 30 feet or so and collapsed in the parking lot. An ambulance came within 2-3 minutes and took his sugar, blood pressure and it was all perfect. He came to as the ambulance was arriving in the parking lot. I let him talk me out of going to the e.r., he just wanted to go home. We went to the dr. the monday after that and had a battery of tests run, all were normal. He wore a halter monitor for 24 hours. Dr. said it could have been something he ate, (he did have seafood that night) and so we both kind of accepted that answer and didn't worry too much.

Fast forward- to Father's Day.
Before he got out of bed that morning, he said he was hot. I was surprised because I was covered up. Our kids were asleep in the floor (we had stayed at the inlaws and were in their living room) and they were both wrapped up in blankets. He got out of bed about 15 minutes later, went to the restroom, and then was making himself a cup of coffee. As he was making it he said he had to go lay down. While walking to the living room, he collapsed, hitting his head on a chair. He fell onto his side, but then his whole body stiffened, straightening out. His eyes were open the entire time, large, dialated and almost looked like they were searching very quickly back and forth. His whole body jerked for about 15 seconds, then after about a minute, he asked what had happened. I told him he had passed out, and he was very confused. We called 911 again this time. Same results, bp fine, sugar fine. They attached electrodes to him and asked him to stand up and his bp dropped real low, his pulse picked up high. They decided to take him to the hospital. At hospital, they did Cat scan, all sorts of blood tests, urinalysis, chest xray, ekg, all were PERFECT. Our Primary care doctor ordered an MRI and referred us to a neurologist. We saw the neurologist this morning and were told the MRI was fine, and that he wasn't sure if my husband had a seizure. He thought this might be a vezo-vague (I know I butchered that spelling, sorry!) reaction to nausea. The night before father's day he had drank 8 beers (he doesn't do this regularly, he and his dad just had a REALLY good time) and he thought his nausea was because he had a hang over. He was not nauseated when he woke up, but became nauseated making his coffee. The neuro told him this is just something he has to learn to manage, and know he has to lay down if he gets nauseated. I have heard of this condition and understand how that works...he had nothing stressful, and I think the nausea was a result of the passing out/seizure, not a cause. The neurologist also did an EEG in the office today, but we have not received the results yet.

I have made an appt to get a second opinion from a neurologist, my husband has not driven since last weekend, and we are getting an appt with a cardiologist to make sure it's nothing heart-related. ANY SUGGESTIONS?? I am desperate to say the least. I obviously don't want anything to be wrong with him and am thrilled the tests are showing nothing, but to just be blown off as if this is "normal", is unacceptable. Something is wrong that caused this to happen to him twice. Oh yeah, he is 32 years old, has no health issues.

Thank you for taking the time to read this novel.

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After MANY MANY tests, the doctors were able to reproduce this on my husband at the hospital Tuesday. Bottom line, it is a vasovagal nerve reaction and is not life-threatening, so long as he recognizes when he is having it and stops what he is doing. Since he has now completely gone out three times, he does recognize the precursors (sp?) and so knows it will be happening. After not driving for a few months, he feels like such a grown-up again to get to drive himself back and forth to work. Thank you all for your help!


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Puzzling. You just might find answers with the heart doctor, I suspect. The meals and the beer could interfere with his blood sugar. I know they checked it but I would certainly keep a close eye on it and lay off the beer! I think it was very responsible to stop driving till you get some answers.
The nausea is usually a heart clue and the seizures could be due to a lack of oxygen. Keep on trying till you get some answers. Be his medical advocate, don't back down and be as nice and persistant as you feel necessary. Look deep in that physician's eyes and ask, "Is that what you would recomend if he were your son and having these problems while driving his family around?".
May Jesus give your family answers and the greatest "gift" of all.

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Whatever you do, do not stop investigating this until you get a real answer-vaso-vago reaction is not a good enough explanation and learning to manage it is absolutely not realistic-there could be something more serious.
The fact that he felt hot before these episodes rang a bell with me-my husband's first symptom of a heart valve issue was sweating when it wasn't really hot.
I would follow through on a cardio work up, including a stress test and go to another neuro for better answers.
Hang in there!!

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I'm so glad that he is alright. How are you holding on , i know i would be scared to death if i was in your shoes.My husband and i are 31 and we really don't take of our selves as we should. I wish you all the best and good health.Everything will work out just fine.

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I am no expert but this sounds like a brain tumor. My step daughter did have seizure and she had an abnormal brain waves but was fine after a couple taking meds. I did know a gal with brain tumor and my sister in law had one. After years of meds it disappeared. I would keep seeking help. This of course not normal. Good luck in finding answers and let us all know what you find. Maybe a doctor in her can give you better advise. Prayers for you and your family. G. W

I need to do nutriton response testing on him and find out what is wrong.
Dr. J.

Have they checked his aorta for an aneurysm?? I hope you find something out soon!

My prayers are with you. I have no advice to give except keep up the testing and maybe chart everything he eats and drinks until you can target the thing that may be causing the episodes. It sounds like beer may be the common cause so far, but maybe it's just a single ingredient. Maybe he could have allergy testing done. I know it's a longshot, but it's a thought.
Best of luck in finding the cause.

My Sister In Law has a similar thing. They have really never diagnosed it... but say that she has some kind of migraine.. not your normal migraine. She normally can feel the seizure coming on but not always. She has been through all sorts of tests as well even went into the hospital for a battery of tests. She did find that changing her diet helped and basically eating without much seasoning. I don't know right now what it exactly it is and which foods effect her but I will see her on the 4th and ask... we do not talk much other than at family events.

Dear E. B,

Before I even finished reading your message, I stopped and said a prayer for yall. I can't imagine how frightenend and confused you must be. I'm SO sorry yall are going through this. I absolutely would NOT give up on finding out what is wrong! Surely, this is not normal! Other than suggesting that you continue to search for a cause and then, of course, a CURE, my only other suggestion is that perhaps your husband should refrain from drinking beer. It's not that I think there is anything wrong with having a few drinks, but that seems to be the only similarity between the two events you spoke of.

I hope and pray that yall find a solution very soon!

Deb D

I am no doctor, but my daughter has a seizure disorder and, based on my experience with her, it sounds very much like that's what your husband might be dealing with. It makes sense, too, because seizure activity shows up on EEG's (which you don't yet have results for) and not on any other test. (Sometimes even the EEG can look normal.) In fact, I'm surprised they didn't run an EEG before they ran anything else. Since your husband hasn't been diagnosed, I won't say much about seizures ... just know that they're not as scary as they seem at first, and they can often be very well controlled by medication. That time between testing and diagnosis is so difficult and frustrating, but don't panic. You guys have seen the doctors, done the testing and you're acting cautiously in the meantime. There's really nothing else you can do but take a deep breath and trust that you will soon know all the answers and be on your way toward a solution. Please let me know how things turn out??


My dog has seizures, and her episodes are very similar to what you are describing. Animals and people are the same in this, I think. When I have taken her to the emergency vet after one of her episodes they find nothing wrong with her either (they have run tests and everything). Maybe you could try a medication meant to prevent seizures and see if it helps. He should definitely not be operating heavy machinery until you guys know what's wrong and have it under control!

My best friend in college started having seizures (similar to your husband) and it was diet related. Being in college and having a poor diet (plus an eating disorder) is what triggered it for her. They can run all kinds of brain scans and tests to determine the type of seizures and whether medications are required. One warning, if he is diagnosed with seizures and has more than one in a certain amount of time, the state will suspend his drivers license (my friend couldn't drive for 18 months because of her seizures). Plus, you mention beer in both scenarios. Have they checked his liver and other digestive functions? Have the MRIs revealed any tumors or growths on the liver? Could this be related to an inability to properly breakdown alcohol or something specific in the beer? Getting "hot" is a side-effect of alcohol consumption, but if his liver can't handle it, his body could be going into shock. I'd definitely find different doctors and the next time her starts to get "hot", put him in the car and take him to the nearest ER. If he has another episode in the ER, then the nurses and doctors can see for themselves what's going on, which is often more helpful than anything else. Tell the doctors about anything he has eaten or drunk in 24-48 hours before the episode.

my thoughts go to you and your family. How hard, and scary!! I am no doctor, but i took several medical classes throughout college; but here is my opinion!
There are several types of different seizures, and it seems that he may have had one of them. I would definitely continue being an advocate for your husbnad, get a second opinion, get a third, fourth, how ever many you need until you feel satisfied!
Good luck and much blessings,

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