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Humphrey' S Teething Tablets

Has anyone used these? My husband and i are nervous to try them.

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My sister-in-law used them for her daughter and she swore by them. She even said her daughter loved them!

Hi J.,
My daughter's used them as well as all of my nieces and I have a ton of nieces and nephews. They do seem to help and there were never any side effects or problems with them.
Good luck. xoxo

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Yes I have used both the Humphreys and the Hylands. I found the Hylands easier as they pretty much disolved if you placed between the gum and lip whereas the Humpreys are pellets that you need to crush with a mortar and pestle and either spread as a paste or mix with a drop of water than use a dropper to apply if your little one has no teeth yet and cannot grind them up. Hope that helps. No negative side effects for either.

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Hi J.,
Those have been around for forever. My parents used them on my brother's who are now 25 and 18. They seemed to work really well. I tired them on my 15 month old, who got his first tooth at 3 1/2 months, and they worked well. Good Luck!

Yes, they work! I used them in addition to Tylenol sometimes. Helps them chill out a little. Good Luck! :)

I don't know about the tablets themselves, but 2 of my friends swore by Humphreys for teething.

FYI -- Hyland's was just recalled due to inconsistent amounts of belladonna in the tablets.


I don't know about Humphrey's, but we use Hyland's teething tablets for my almost 8 month old daughter and they are great! My pediatrician always gives us a homeopathic option before trying anything stronger, and it was a great suggestion by her. We use them pretty much every day. Usually we'll use them to take the edge off instead of tylenol. If she still needs something after that, we'll give her the tylenol, but sometimes all she needs is just a little relief, so the tablets do it. They melt in her mouth and you're supposed to use 2-3 at a time. You should definitely try them for your son. I think they are worth it.

they helped my son

Hi J.,
I'm not familiar with this brand, but my youngest is turning 10. I tried the Hylands when he was a baby. There was certainly no ill effect, but I also didn't feel that they did anything for him. Still, I wouldn't dissuade you from trying them.

Hi J.,

I used them for both my kids, everything is fine with them. Family and friends use them to for there kids. I had no problems. :)

we used them and they seemed to have worked, it's all natural, some people have made comments about the bella donna being in it (a drug from the 60's) but at least it's not some chemical, good luck

I use them on my 4 1/2 mo old. She instanly feels better. We follow the bottle directions and stir with a clean finger.. though we have her drink the water mixture, cause i dont want to have to keep putting my finger in her mouth. She really likes to drink from a cup, too! biting down on it might help =)

I used them with all 4 of my children. I loved them and they suffered no side effects from them!! I highly recommend them!

yes they are wonderful. i prefer hylands myself but they are recalling them. but they help my child majorly. And we can all rest they are a lifesaver and all natural. my son is four mos now and there all that helps since they recalled hylands. humphrey's and hyland's have the same ingredients. good luck!

Hi J.,
My daughter's used them as well as all of my nieces and I have a ton of nieces and nephews. They do seem to help and there were never any side effects or problems with them.
Good luck. xoxo

Hi. I have used these tablets with all 4 of my children, though they have gotten hard to find!! They were easy to find when my older children were young, now 17 &16. But I now have a 2 1/2 year old girl and I did find them for her. I have never had a problem, and only used them when the kids needed them.
They dissolve quickly and are small enough so as not cause choking.
Taste one for yourself, they are sweet, and somehow they are calming, and possibly a little numbing/soothing.
Tip, if you are afraid of using something for your children, try it on yourself first. taste it, feel it, smell it.
Good luck

I haven't used Humphrey's, but I used Hyland's teething tablets and they were a godsend. They are all natural, and have no side-effects other than a more relaxed and able to sleep baby. I researched all of the ingredients and in the doses provided, they are completely safe. The anti-inflammatory can also help the babe to sleep. They also dissolve really fast, and babies seem to like the taste of them. I'm the kind of person that doesn't even really like to give my daughter tylenol, and I love them.

The flip-side, some people say they don't work. My sisters and I swear by them. I hope this helps.

i don't know humphrey's, but we use Hyland teething tablets, they're all natural, made from camomile to relax the baby and some kind of plant-based anti-inflammatory, you can get them at most health food stores. i recommend them. they take the edge off the pain and help them relax and sleep.
good luck,

I tried these, but swear by Hylands Teething Tablets. THEY WORKED WONDERS FOR MY DAUGHTER.

I used Hyland's teething tablets and drops for my son. He responded very well to them, and they melt on his tongue in just seconds. I tried them first to see how they tasted, felt, etc.. to me they tasted just like a tiny soft sugar tablet. I don't think they work over any period of time, but they would calm him in the moment.. possibly because they were just a distraction and he liked the way they taste.
I assume you are against using tylenol or motrin? I try to limit how I use "real" medicine for my son, however, when it came to some of his teeth coming in- I would give him these meds to get him thru bedtime. They way I see it is, his little body needs to get lots of rest at this age too- and lack of sleep is not much better for him than having a completely drug free babyhood. Good luck with the teething with whatever you decide to try! oh, I also used to freeze damp washclothes for him to chew on. My son was/is extremely oral, so this worked pretty well for him since he would chew anything!

Those Humphrey's teething tablets have been around for a long time.. I used them for my daughter when she was teething and they seemed to work pretty well. As far as i saw, there were no side effects from giving them to her. She is now almost 20yrs old and the brightes girl i know...

They work like a charm! Very mild. I even use them when i have a sore throat.

Hi J.,

I have used those teething tablets, and they really do help. A friend of mine turned me onto them--they helped her son, too. I know the belladonna makes you a little nervous, but the amount of that in the tablets is practically insignificant (according to my pediatrician). I think you'll be pleased with the results--Humphrey's work the best (I had tried another brand).

My aunt is a dentist with 4 kids and she swears by them. I recently just bought them but haven't tried them on my 15 month old daughter yet. Her molars are coming in.

I LOVE THESE they are great they have worked for both my kids

These didn't appear to work at all for my son. I found the only things that soothed wer chew toys/biscuits and Tylenol.

There is nothing to be scared of with these. they work better than baby oragel. they are small little tablets and they desolve in there mouths as they suck on them they can not choke on them. i used these all the time when my little guy was teething. we have always used this in my family for all the children.

Yes, we used them throughout our daughter's teething, and they were fine. She actually liked the taste of them. The hard part is getting them to stay under the tongue but they worked.

I have three boys and only used Hyland's Teething Tablets because they dissolve under the tongue. They have Hyland Teething Gel, but I prefer the tablets. I hae used the gel and you rub it ont their gums but how much of it has gotton the gums especially the sore part. So, I stick with the tablets. Humphrey teething tablets, I don't know much anything about and haven't seen them around here in the store. I enjoy using Hyland's Teething Tablets if it helps and soothe our boys' gums. My oldest is 4 so I have been usingthem for four years now. He got his firts tooth at 3 months. Let us know what you and your husband has done and any questions let us/me know and I will try my best to help you. :)

Yes we used them and loved them! They are all natural. My husband is Latino and his entire family including his 96 year old grandma praises these tablets and they are a family very much into natural cures!

We used these a lot!! They are safe & all natural & it did reduce the pain a bit. You can crush them up into his bottle or they will dissolve in his mouth. I really think that you can't go wrong with trying them, at least! Good luck!! It does get better with time! :)

My sister-in-law used them for her daughter and she swore by them. She even said her daughter loved them!

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