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How Young Is Too Young to Start Potty Training?

My daughter is 15 months old and she has not pooped at night or while taking a nap since she was 3 months old. (My Mom says this is a sign that she can be potty trained. She loves coming into the bathroom with you and now is trying to puch you forward so she can see what is going on.

I have purchased the training potty but so far have just sat her on it with her clothes on to get her use to sitting on it. I don't want to push her but I would like to start potty training b/c I think she may be ready. How do you know?

What can I do next?

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I think you should go for it! I would propably start to put her on the potty with pants down so she knows. Maybe bring her in when you go. You have to be consistent! Putting her on with clothes on may get her confused. Also try potty train DVD or book. Good luck.

Hi! My daughter is 15 1/2 months and is starting to pee on the potty. I am using this book as one of my guides - "Diaper Free before 3" by Jill M. Lekovic. So far so good :)

My daughter started showing interested around 15 months also (she is now 3). We got the potty and just put it in the bathroom and sort of let her lead us. By 18 months she wanted to go poopy on the potty. By 2 she was peeing on the potty. She did it really early but we followed her cues. Good luck! I have a 1 year old boy and I think he's going to be quite a different story :-)

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it depends on what school of thought you go by. But you can start potty training at birth. Look up the book by Laurie Boucke. It describes how to start early, has the history of potty training (pampers ruined it for us all) and a ton of accounts on how other people trained their babies. I have been doing EC (elimination communication) with my 2nd son since he was a couple of weeks old. My first son was doing well with the potty (started training at 1.5years) and now refuses it. So I am hoping #2 will be done way earlier and I won't have the battle of wills that I do with my first son. Good Luck!

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It sounds to me like she is Almost ready but not yet, here is why. My pedi told us that if you child is ready to begin potty training, they should be waking up from night time and naps completely dry. It sounds great that she has not had BMs, but it dosen't sound as though she is there yet. Great news that she is interested. But if she can't hold her urine while she is sleeping, she is not yet ready. Good luck to you.

I have a three year old and when she was 18 months she starting to show interest in the potty, due to my 8 year old.
She even started going and we thought cool, no more diapers.
That lasted about a week and then nothing, she would cry and have nothing to do with it.
2 months before she turned three she got a real bad yeast infection and I said that was it it was summer and with the diaper, I thought things are only gonna get worse.
Went out and bought a potty and put it in the living room and that weekend she was potty trained. Made the transition to the big potty and that was that.

You know your baby, she is still a baby in my opinion and enjoy that before they don't need you anymore. I miss that...
Good Luck

Hi D.: I am a mom mom and I think what you are doing getting her ready is great. I potty trained my own children early and I have potty trained my grandson who is now 31/2 by 2 years which is early for a boy. My grandaughter is 16mos and also showing signs that she is interested. But, we are going to wait until sometime this summer so we can take the diaper off and I think by the time she is 18 mos to 2 years is early for girls as well. Before that you may become frustrated and so will she. Sometimes they lose interest all together. Make it all positive. Good luck

My daughter started going on the potty when she was 16 months old. She would yell Pee or sign "poop". we thought we had it made. She would even tell us when we were traveling and we would have to pull over. She was doing great....then at 2 she lost all interest. She didn't want to pee on the potty (she still pooped on the potty at night). So we just let her do what she wanted and then at 2 1/2 she trained easily.
I would let her sit on the potty and go and get excited about but don't be upset if she loses interest after a bit
Good Luck

based on wat u said she sounds interested. would give it a try. only thing i found though once u start training stick to it.

I think you should go for it! I would propably start to put her on the potty with pants down so she knows. Maybe bring her in when you go. You have to be consistent! Putting her on with clothes on may get her confused. Also try potty train DVD or book. Good luck.

I don't think any age is really too young. You should feel lucky if you can get her to start training that early. She sounds ready by what you have said. I have read and have seen shows on tv where some people train their children before they can even walk. Now, that may be extreme, but if it works, it works. Nobody likes dirty diapers and it, like everything just keeps getting more and more expensive. I wish you luck with your potty training.

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