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How to Unlock an Interior Bathroom Door

My two year old just locked and then shut our downstairs bathroom door. Fortunately, she was outside the bathroom or I would be calling 911 instead of asking you guys for help... does anyone know how to "pick" a lock, it's the kind that has the little button your turn, right to lock, left to unlock? The locks on the doors I used to have were easy to pick, all you had to do was stick a paper clip in them and push a little button and they would unlock, but they were the kind of knobs you pushed in and turned to lock. I've tried a paper clip on this door, but to no avail. Any suggestions out there?

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Thanks to everyone for their suggestions... I used a tiny flathead screwdriver (the kind that comes with an eyeglass fix kit) and after several attempts, found the little slot to turn the lock... and presto! Thanks again!

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Some of these types of locks have a small slot on the round flange that abuts up to the door. You insert a small metal tool in there and it releases the lock. I would call your local Home Depot or Lowe's - I'm sure they could help you. Knowing what brand lock it is should help, too. This should be stamped on the door lock. Hope you get it unlocked! :) I have used a flexible driver's license before to get a door unlocked but this will only work of the lock is facing the correct direction - it's just like in the movies, you slide it between the door & the jamb and run it up & down until the lock releases. You have to have the laminated ID type card, though. It has to be flexible enough to bend.

Hey D.! good you found a way to unlock it. It sounds like you've got the same locks we have. Does the doorknob on the outside of the bathroom have a tiny hole? If so you should have been given a tool with your doorknobs. It looks like an L and you slip it in the hole and turn it like a key and viola the door is unlocked....ask at a hardware store if they have any or where you might could purchase some for the next time this might happen..... :0)

Try a credit card in the door jamb, right where the latch is. There should be no problem with it coming open.

I believe you have the kind you are going to need the smallest flat head screwdriver you can find. It will need to be long enough though. You put the screwdriver in the little hole and if you turn the screwdriver you should feel a slot where the screwdriver should fit and you turn it. This might take a few times because you can miss the little slot. Hope it's the same kind of door.

Tool trucks such as Snap-on or Cornwell and sometimes Advanced Auto or Auto Zone carry a great pocket sized screw driver that we have always used just for unlocking interior doors! They usually have a magnetic end and a clip on them like an ink pen that mechanics use to keep them in their pockets. They are way stronger than the eye glass repair screw drivers! You should buy 10 of them!

My doors have a "key" to unlock them with. Has a flat tip on one end that fits into the hole on the knob. The tip fits in a groove inside the knob and you turn it to unlock it. Not sure what to use if you don't have one as the hole is small. You might could use a flathed screwdriver if you found one small enough to go in the hole. Good luck! Maybe check at Lowe's or Home Depot to see if they have extra keys for sale.

My son did the same thing and I had to unscrew the doorknob from the door to get him.

Take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws on each side of the knob.then you can pull the knob off and open the door with your hand.

This is what my parents always did when we tried to lock them out: Take the 'key' from a can of corned beef- fit it into the slot and turn. Works on nearly every door.

why not eliminate trying to open the door with household gadgets and office supplies? just grab Phillip's head screwdriver and disassemble the door knob! they usually are just held together by 2 screws so they're easy to take off and put back on!!

if you live in an apt then call the office and they probably know how to open it, if you're in a house then i'd go with what everybody else says, my advice is to go to walmart where the baby proof stuff is and get those round doorknob covers and put them on both sides of all your doors that way you're child cant even open the door and wont be able to get to the lock. we have them on all our doors that we dont want out son to be able to get in and they work great. HTH

Ok I know this is going to sound crazy but the same thing happened to me and I got the top to an ink pen like a BIC, blue plastic top and I straightened out the end like a flathead small screwdriver and put it in the lock and turned it. I guess a small screwdriver would work too, LOL. The lock is like a screw or something inside and you have to turn it to unlock it, hope this helps.

My little one has done the same thing just recently but he was in the room and was hysterical. We ended up using a miniature screwdriver to insert into the door and turn. We now keep the screwdriver in the hall closet just in case it ever happens again. Hope that helps in your situation!

Most bathroom doors have a door knob on the outside that has a little hole. You stick a bobby pin into the hole and turn the knob. Sometimes it takes more than one try. If you don't have a little hole then you're outta luck and gotta get a locksmith.

The house we moved into has a hard lock to unlock with the "key" that came with them. I tried several times to pick the lock on our bedroom door. I ended up going through a window everytime. I ended up buying new doorknobs. It cost a little bit, but it gave me peace of mind.

hi try a butter knife hope this helps T.

I had the same thing happen to a guest of mine, but their child was locked inside... this is a little device that has the point on one end and a flat head on the other.... and it is cheap to buy from safe beginnings called Emergency Door Key http://www.safebeginnings.com/webcomponents/catalog/publi...

try takin an old credit card and putting it in between the door frame and and swipe it. my 3 yr ol son did the same thing and it seemed to work for me.

Try using a belt. Sounds like you have the same doors we have but we have a little key that goes in it. But, a belt should work if you have one that is small enough to fit in the hole the ends are pretty close so it should work. Hope this helps.

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