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How to Unclog an Ear???? PLEASE HELP!!

Hello Everyone,

I am in desperate need of help. I have an ear infection in my left ear and have been on antibiotics for four days now. My ear is clogged and ringing, I'm pretty sure that I have fluid in my ear. I need some suggestions on how to drain my ear. Please Help! Thank you in advance!!!

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Okay so I went to the Walgreens Clinic this morning because nothing I have tried has helped my ear. They said that I have a hole in my eardrum that has healed and that there is alot of fluid in my middle ear and that I still have an ear infection. They prescribed me a different antibiotic and told me to take sudafed and ibuprofen(sp). I have to check in with my doctor in about 2 weeks. They said that if I still can't hear anything that I may have to have a tube put in my ear to drain the fluid. So I hope and PRAY that the decongestant helps drain the fluid. Thank you to everyone who has tried to help me out in this matter. Wish me Luck!!! Thanks Again!! :)

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A few drops of 1/2 collodial silver & 1/2 hydrogen perioxide feels great! Or you can get some ear candles at the health food store.

I've had water in my ear before and a drop of rubbing alcohol worked great. I just soaked a q-tip in it and put it in my ear.

Can also try Nasonex or Sudafed PE to help clear it out. Thats what my doc recommended when I got fluid in my ears that wouldn't go away!

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Get garlic oil from the health food store. Garlic is wonderful at clearing infections of any sort.

Hi, K..
I found that the best thing I've ever found for ear infection is "Melaleuca Oil" from the melaleucaalternifolia tree. A few drops, diluted, and a little cotton in the ear---always seems to do the trick in our family when a problem arises. We have found a couple of tricks to scare away the ear infections too. I am your neighbor, (Richardson Rd. exit) so if I can help, email me. I have a supply of the oil for another reason. You would recognize my house. www.chimneyrockguesthouse.com

When I get this I use the childrens eardrops that you get at walmart or an easy at home method. Warm up some olive oil and drip it into your ear. You can also put it on cotton balls and stuff them into your ear. The warmth and oil soothe the eardrum and soften whatever gunk is in there. Makes it easier to clean out with a qtip.

Good Luck

Hello K.,
We have a store nearby that sells vitamins and health care needs. They sell what they call "ear wax candles". They look like a thick paper rolled up in a funnel. There is something that is lit and it draws wax out of the ear. Perhaps this would help.
God bless you!
C. W.

Go to a ear, nose and throat specialist and they will use a small suction. I had that done two times due to fluid that would not come out. It works and doesn't hurt (loud!) and is such a relief! Good luck!

Go to a Chiropractor. He will use an activator on your neck to align your axis, which will allow your ear to drain properly. It's amazing! We took our son when he was around 18 months, before it turned into an infection, and his ear cleared up in one adjustment. Since adults are older & more out of align, it may take a couple visits to fix it, but you can go twice in one day. Let me know if you need the name of a chiropractor in Edmond. Take care!

We were having ear infection after ear infection for about 6 months... finally we went to a chiropractor. There is an adjustment that opens up your ear canal and lets the fluid drain out the way it is meant to. The ear infections cleared up in a few days without any antibiotics and we have been ear infection free for and entire year now.

I HIGHLY recommend it. Frankly... I never would have believed it would work so well if I hadn't experienced it.

hope it helps!

Keep checking in with your doctor on this! My uncle recently had a similar problem. His eardrum burst, and instead of draining, the stuff hardened. Then, the fluid was trapped. His doctor had to remove it.

Check in with the doctor periodically!

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