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How to Unclog an Ear???? PLEASE HELP!!

Hello Everyone,

I am in desperate need of help. I have an ear infection in my left ear and have been on antibiotics for four days now. My ear is clogged and ringing, I'm pretty sure that I have fluid in my ear. I need some suggestions on how to drain my ear. Please Help! Thank you in advance!!!

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Okay so I went to the Walgreens Clinic this morning because nothing I have tried has helped my ear. They said that I have a hole in my eardrum that has healed and that there is alot of fluid in my middle ear and that I still have an ear infection. They prescribed me a different antibiotic and told me to take sudafed and ibuprofen(sp). I have to check in with my doctor in about 2 weeks. They said that if I still can't hear anything that I may have to have a tube put in my ear to drain the fluid. So I hope and PRAY that the decongestant helps drain the fluid. Thank you to everyone who has tried to help me out in this matter. Wish me Luck!!! Thanks Again!! :)

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A few drops of 1/2 collodial silver & 1/2 hydrogen perioxide feels great! Or you can get some ear candles at the health food store.

I've had water in my ear before and a drop of rubbing alcohol worked great. I just soaked a q-tip in it and put it in my ear.

Can also try Nasonex or Sudafed PE to help clear it out. Thats what my doc recommended when I got fluid in my ears that wouldn't go away!

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Get garlic oil from the health food store. Garlic is wonderful at clearing infections of any sort.

Hi, K..
I found that the best thing I've ever found for ear infection is "Melaleuca Oil" from the melaleucaalternifolia tree. A few drops, diluted, and a little cotton in the ear---always seems to do the trick in our family when a problem arises. We have found a couple of tricks to scare away the ear infections too. I am your neighbor, (Richardson Rd. exit) so if I can help, email me. I have a supply of the oil for another reason. You would recognize my house. www.chimneyrockguesthouse.com

When I get this I use the childrens eardrops that you get at walmart or an easy at home method. Warm up some olive oil and drip it into your ear. You can also put it on cotton balls and stuff them into your ear. The warmth and oil soothe the eardrum and soften whatever gunk is in there. Makes it easier to clean out with a qtip.

Good Luck

Hello K.,
We have a store nearby that sells vitamins and health care needs. They sell what they call "ear wax candles". They look like a thick paper rolled up in a funnel. There is something that is lit and it draws wax out of the ear. Perhaps this would help.
God bless you!
C. W.

Go to a ear, nose and throat specialist and they will use a small suction. I had that done two times due to fluid that would not come out. It works and doesn't hurt (loud!) and is such a relief! Good luck!

Go to a Chiropractor. He will use an activator on your neck to align your axis, which will allow your ear to drain properly. It's amazing! We took our son when he was around 18 months, before it turned into an infection, and his ear cleared up in one adjustment. Since adults are older & more out of align, it may take a couple visits to fix it, but you can go twice in one day. Let me know if you need the name of a chiropractor in Edmond. Take care!

We were having ear infection after ear infection for about 6 months... finally we went to a chiropractor. There is an adjustment that opens up your ear canal and lets the fluid drain out the way it is meant to. The ear infections cleared up in a few days without any antibiotics and we have been ear infection free for and entire year now.

I HIGHLY recommend it. Frankly... I never would have believed it would work so well if I hadn't experienced it.

hope it helps!

Keep checking in with your doctor on this! My uncle recently had a similar problem. His eardrum burst, and instead of draining, the stuff hardened. Then, the fluid was trapped. His doctor had to remove it.

Check in with the doctor periodically!

Can also try Nasonex or Sudafed PE to help clear it out. Thats what my doc recommended when I got fluid in my ears that wouldn't go away!

Ok I haven't tried this yet but a friend of mine told me to heat up table salt on the stove then place it into a bag or sock and lay your ear on it and the salt will draw out the moisture. She said it really works!

It depends on what it is. I would recommend going back to the doctor (I assume you went for the antibiotics). If your ear is just clogged with wax, they can soak (peroxide and water) and then flush it out. If it's fluid form an infection, then I'm sure they have another solution.

Try sudafed. It is a drying agent and usually gives relief quickly. Do not stick anything in your ear. I am a nurse and this is what I often hear our doctors recommending to our patients. Good luck!

I've had water in my ear before and a drop of rubbing alcohol worked great. I just soaked a q-tip in it and put it in my ear.

We have had very good luck with peroxide. Just pour a little bit in the ear and massage all around. Turn over and let it drain out. Then kind of pull and tug on the ear. The peroxide had a drying effect and the tugging helps to open things up to let it flow. It doesn't hurt at all, no different than water. My boys always loved the massage part and if they were quiet they could hear the bubbles.

I know this is probably going to sound weird, but take a garlic and parsley capsule prick it with a needle and let the liquid leak into your ear with your head laid down and then put a cotton ball in your ear. Do all of this before you go to bed! My mom is a nurse and when I was younger I loved to swim and I got fluid stuck in my ears a lot and that is what she would do and it worked wonders. Hope I helped!

P.s You can get garlic and parsley at like wal-mart or something in the vitamin section.

They have ear cleaning solution at drug stores, you may even be able to find it at your local grocery store.

I used to get horrible ear infections all the time. My mom would mix a 1/2 & 1/2 solution of alcohol & peroxide, soak it up in a cotton ball and drip it into my ear. It's a little unpleasant with all the bubbling in your ear, but it did help me drain the infection. I just kept my head tilted for a while to let the solution settle in, then she put a dry cotton ball in my ear (not all the way in, of course, just on the outside) to catch whatever drained out.

This was a while ago... so I'm not sure if this is what your doctor would recommend, but it works for me. You might want to call and see if your doctor has any tips.

I know how miserable it feels. I hope you feel better soon.

I also suggest the ear candles. I had a lot of problems with my ears clogging up several years ago. I would have to go to the doctor twice a year to get them flushed out. Then someone I worked with suggested the ear candles. It was amazing how much wax was pulled out by them! It is a lot cheaper and more fun!! :o)

The antibiotic should be taking care of any fluids in your year. Since it isn't you should go back to your doctor. Don't try doing anything yourself. I have broken my ear drums many times as an adult and a child which left me deaf when I was a child. The last thing you want to do is put anything in your ear. Go back to your doctor and ask to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. If you are in a lot of pain, you might have already broken one. Everything sounds very muffled.

Go to your pharmacy and see if they carry ear candles. Follow the directions with them. I swear by them.

My hubby has also had me help 'clean out' his ears if they really get to bothering him. Take a bottle of peroxide, take the cap off and pour a little into the cap, then pour a little into your ear, it will feel Ice cold and probably do a lot of bubbling so it will feel rather odd, He leaves it in for a min or so. Then just turn your head over on a towel to drain it. I only ever use about half the cap but it seems to help him really well.

My husband is going thru the same thing, the primary Dr said that my hubby had swimmers ear, he put him on antibiotics and they didnt work, so he went to an ENT=Ear NOse and Throat doctor they gave him nose drops to put in his nose, but hubby says its not helping, he is gonna make another appt with the ENT, they told him it was a blocked ear canal that the nose spray should help.

You may want to get a referrel to see an ENT.

Have you tried "candling" from the Health Store? Have someone else with you to do it.

If it does not work, see an ear specialist. I had the same thing for 3 months and could not get in to see a specialist. By the time I could get it, I also had a fungal infection in it from I think all the moisture and liquids having been in it for so long...besides the infection.


My ears have been doing that alot this "cold/flu" season. I put a couple of drops of peroxide in each ear and it worked wonders! You will hear it bubbling, but in a couple of hours your ears should be clear again. You can do that about every two months to clear out wax build-up. I was amazed at how well it worked! Good luck! N.

A few drops of 1/2 collodial silver & 1/2 hydrogen perioxide feels great! Or you can get some ear candles at the health food store.

Take a dropper and put a few drops of rubbing alcohol in your ear. The alcohol helps to evaporate the liquid in the ears. 3% Hydrogen peroxide is also a good healing solution for ears.

You need to go to your local health food store and get an ear wax candle....sounds strange yes but they are actually kind of fun and they work! If you just go to a clerk and ask for one. Hope this helps

You may need antibiotics, but also you may need to have your spine realigned. Check with a good chiropractor. If you fear manual adjustments, check for one who uses a PRO-ADJUSTOR. Good luck!

Ear candles. They are AMAZING!!! You can get them at GNC or other natural food stores. I would try to explain them but you would get a better idea of what they are and how they work by typing in "ear candles" into your web browser. They have been a life saver for us and have kept my oldest daughter from ever having ear infections at all!

Try an over the counter decongestant/antihistamine combo, this will help drain the ear.

Hi, sorry to hear that because that is just so annoying isn't it? Well unfortuatley I had the ringing and fluid feeling in my ear too for about 3 weeks even after the antibiotics were all done. My doc just said it takes time to go away. Whis I could tell you something different. Good luck. If there is pain with it than you need to go back to the doc because that could mean something else but if its just annoying than it just takes time to regain your normal hearing.

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