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How to Treat Stomach Ache for a 16 Months Old?

What should and can I do if my son, 16 months old crying non-stop?
We believe that he is having a pretty bad stomach ache as he curls up.
What can we give him or do to ease his pain? Please help.

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Mint tea. "Hierba Buena" or spearmint leaves can be taken fresh and boiled- add a bit of sugar. It soothes the tummy. However if it's been going on for a while, you should contact his pedi.
He could also chew and eat the spearmint leaves if he's anything like my 16 month-old who will eat anything I tell her not to- including grass.

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Hi S.,

I recommend using herbal peppermint tea.

If your child is having stomach aches every day, then I believe it is food allergies. Should the stomach aches continue, I recommend logging on to site NAET.com. NAET.com is a group of allergists around the world who eliminate allergies. You can also email me should you have any questions - ____@____.com well.


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I used to do this with my baby girl, my first daughter. She is now 16, but I have a 3yr old girl also as well now!
Hold his in front of your stomach with his legs over your forarm like in a sitting position. Roll him around, bringing his legs up, around, down, side to side, and this works gas out! It also distracts him when you walk around doing it, they're entertained.


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there are many (~30)homeopathic remedies for abdominal pain with bending double. Whole Foods carries them. The easiest one to try are:
Colocyntis 30C (for pain with distention - visible bloating)
Mag-p 12C or 6C(if he is irritable and oversensitive)
Puls 12C or 30C if he is shy, clingy loves butter and other rich foods, and has little thirst)
Pick the one that fits his best and give him 3 granules every 20 min for ~ hour, then stop, if there is an improvement, don’t give anymore, if not repeat for another hour. If does not help, consult professional homeopath since this problem is much better to deal with by seeing the child.
Good Luck

Take him to the doctor right away, it could be appendicitis.

You can massage his tummy try putting some heat on his belly a heating pad on low or warm water bottle. Have you tried any gas drops? How long has this been going on? Have you talked to his doctor? Did he eat anything new? How are his bowel movements? It is really hard to say with the little information you gave. Good luck.

I would begin by taking him for a focused abdominal physical. Stomach pain is not normal and something could be seriously wrong.

S. Wolcott LM, CPM, RN

Try putting a hot water bottle or heating pad on his tummy. Also, if you can get him to curl up & tuck his knees under his chest, stick his bum up in the air like a stink bug, maybe he can release some built up gas & relieve the pressure in his belly.
Watch his diet too. No cheese or other constipating foods.

Good luck & I hope your little on feels better soon.

Hi S.,

I would take him straight to the Doctor if he is gotten this more than once, and as bad as it sounds. There maybe a number of reasons for the stomach ache, and it maybe nothing more than constipation or an upset stomach. I just wouldn't chance it, and I would make sure the Doctor does a thorough checkup and runs some tests. It is not normal to be having this much pain.

I hope you find the reason for it fast and he gets some help.

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