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How To's for 1St Time Kindergarten Mom

My daughter is starting kindergarten (full day) for the first time and I have a lot of questions. I know it is different from school to school, but my daughter's school has posted nothing on their website, and they say they MIGHT or MIGHT NOT have a kindergarten open house before school begins, just keep checking the website. So, how am I supposed to know/can any of you tell me...

When the heck are they going to send out/post the school supply list?

Do I need to send a snack for my daughter for mid-morning? (I know a lot of schools, but not all schools do this.)

Do they take naps in full-day kindergarten? (I hope not.)

I know school starts at 9:00 a.m., but what time are they really supposed to arrive?

I know from experience as a substitute teacher that schools are Nazis about their drop-off/ pick-up routines. How the heck am I supposed to know what that routine is? I’m not going to drop my daughter off on the sidewalk for her first day, but I also know parents have to have visitors’ passes to go past the office to the classroom. I also know they aren’t going to want to give me a visitors’ pass every morning for me to walk my daughter to her classroom, but I don’t feel comfortable dumping her off inside the front door and saying, “See ya. Hope you don’t get lost.”

I’ve waited patiently all summer to see if the school would somehow provide answers to these questions, but it’s August already. Do they wait until the week before school to send out info.? (And, yes, I have registered her; and she is not riding the bus, so that part is taken care of.)

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My niece just finished Kinder in an all day program. They had "nap time" but it was only about 15 min and was more of a time to recoup (most kids took naps prior to starting K) and by the end of the year, naps were obsolete.

arg my huge response was deleted, by DD. If i have time later i'll come back, easy answer is wait 2 weeks before school then call the secretary. it will be fine.

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The website probably hasn't been updated because the staff doesn't usually return until about a week or two before school starts. You can check the district website to see what day they will be back on campus to answer phone calls.
I know you're getting anxious, but just relax, you'll get all the info you even if it's closer to the first day than you would like :)
As far as supplies go, our school always provided a list directly from the teacher. That was handed out when classroom assignments were announced, the day before school starts (and no, the kids weren't expected to have all their supplies on the first day.)

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When is the first day of school? Not all school employees return end of July. Many only return about two weeks before classes begin. Depends on when that start date is.

We start in less than two weeks. I have a meet the teacher appointment (I've already met her though I've coached her daughter), we have a school supply list provided by them. Target, Walmart also provide our district (and the next district over) list in the general shopping area.

I think you're freaking out. Check your registration packet...our district provides drop of routines, pick/drop off times.

You might check with other moms in your neighborhood who have older children. See if they can give you insight into the "how, when, where"...it may be that they can give you an idea.

I understand your stress, it sounds like you are planner like me. I am need to know all the details. Which is why I LOVE our school district. They send out emails, sometimes daily to keep parents in the loop. They even post this same things on their FB page. Check out and see if they have these options.

Remember to BREATH...I was so worried about dropping off our daughter and just letting her walk in the school (after the first day)...it gets easier!

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First of all DON"T let your daughter see how stressed you are about her starting K!! She wont get that you are feeling clueless about routines and supplies she will only sense that your are Very Worried about kindergarten therefore there must be something to worry about. Most schools send the letters about 10 days before school starts. Letters will come telling you what time and what is the drop off routine. A letter will come from your child's specific teacher When the class lists are in stone.(a lot of people sign up their kids at the last minute, many families move during the summer, schools try to balance the classrooms carefully and kids with special needs may be grouped together or carefully separated) typically there are not a lot of supplies on the list for K. If you can't wait till the list comes out because you are going away buy a box of crayons, a box of tissues and a container of sanitizing wipes to clean the tables. Her backpack needs to be big enough to hold a folder and a lunch box. Most schools have teacher assistants standing by the curb so you actually can drop off your child at the curb and have an adult walk her to the school. Inside the school another staff member will walk her to her classroom or a group meeting area. (after the first day!) If school starts at 9:00 you only have to get her there by 8:57 but the school will accept kids earlier simply to help working parents get to work and because the bus kids will start arriving about 8:45. Concentrate on reading fun books to your daughter like Miss Bindergarten gets ready for Kindergarten to help her feel ready! show her how to hang a back pack and sweater on a hook.

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The first few days they will let you walk your kid to class then after that most schools have a 4th or 5th grader with each teachers name and sign ie a flower for Mrs X, a teddy for Mr Y, so the kids line up by that person and go to class so no issues with getting lost. I would arrive no earlier than 10 mins before school starts or else you will be hanging around waiting.
Not sure about naps - I think the full day kids at our school had quiet time till Christmas and as for snacks, each kid took what they wanted to eat but the school has a no peanut rule which they will tell you about.
The first day of K at our school in Avondale - Auburn Hills they have a sniffles and smiles day - the parents get to take in the kids to class, meet the teachers and other kids and show where to put backpacks etc. They basically sit in for the first hour and parents get a letter a couple of weeks before school starts about this and supply lists. I imagine Sterling Heights would be pretty similar so i would expect info to arrive around August 20th....
Good luck!!

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arg my huge response was deleted, by DD. If i have time later i'll come back, easy answer is wait 2 weeks before school then call the secretary. it will be fine.

I would call the school and ask them the routine. With all of my kids so far K teachers would wait at the door for the entire class to arrive then they would walk down as a class to their room after the bigger kids were in the their room. If you dropped your child off after 8:20 you had to get a vistor's pass and take the child to the room. Your child was also tardy as well if you had to get a visitor's pass to take them to class.

Schools are notorious for last minute info. Expect this to continue!
Our school sends out the room assignments/bus stop times on or after Aug 15th!
Supplies--for now get pencils, 8 pack Crayolas and a small pencil sharpener, put in a pencil box in her back pack for the first day.
Check the website for drop off times, etc.
I'm sure they will have info out to you before school starts.
You just kind of have to roll with it. It's only the beginning.
Make sure to take a picture on the first day--somewhere that you can duplicate from year to year--it's fun!
Good luck. El school moms need nerves of steel...

Maybe check the school's website? I did that before my kids started school - check their website, check their PTA website. If you can access the previous school news letters, I would glance over those too, just to see if anything may be there...

Up until this last school year - the school supply list didn't come out until like this month, August. And even then, after school started, the needed list changed on the first day of school. Most of our school's school supply for kindergarten is community used items. Our open house isn't until the DAY before the first day of school! This year is the first time the school has sent home the supply list at the end of the last school term. We don't even know who their teacher is until Open House (again, day before school starts)

For my daughter kindgerten, they ask to bring a towel for resting on the rug, my son had the mat. They let them rest for I think maybe half a hour, no real naps. And it was only for the first half of the school year, then they brought home their towels.

Hope this helps! Take care

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