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How to Thank My In-laws

My mother in law and sister in laws have been really great to me, especially in recent weeks when I was sick and my husband was a completely useless you-know-what. I am looking for a thoughtful way to thank them for all they have done for my family (I didn't grow up with a tight knit relationship to my parents or my sisters). They've just been so supportive and don't even question helping me/my 2 kids. We don't have alot of $$ to spare right now otherwise I'd send them all to a spa! Mother's day is coming up - Any ideas?

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Make them a photo book using Kodakgallery.com it's really simple to use and they have all different sizes and prices.

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I love the one where you, and your kids (with your help) try to come up with 30 things you like about the gift receiver. You write them on slips of paper and decorate a jar to put them in. They pull one out for every day of the month (or week, or however many you can think of!) and are reminded they are special. No $ needed! Good luck.

Perhaps you could make them something? I took my children (at the time they were 5 and 2) to a 'paint your own pottery studio' where we "made" mugs for grandparents. It was fun - relatively inexpensive and someone else dealt with the mess. The gifts were well received and are used often.

Or maybe you and the children could put together a window box of flowers/herbs, something that your mother-in-law might use all season and be reminded of how much you all love and appreciate her.

I know it's hard to say thank you when money is tight-but that's where talent and time come into play. Offer to do something for them-yard work, clean house, something that gives of yourself. And your husband can certainly help-ALOT!
They are his children too.
I work from home too-so I understand those challenges.
People think you ARE home all day-not WORK from home all day!
Good luck and stay well.
J. H

How about inviting them for a barbecue? THE MEN can do the cooking, while the kids run around and play, and the women sit in lawn chairs with their feet up - you deserve it! It doesn't have to be expensive steak,you could serve hamburgers and hot dogs, or chicken, and a couple of side dishes prepared the day before. Paper plates and cups for easy clean up. Oh, and tell your husband you want a corsage - you've earned that too!
God bless all the moms!

Make them a photo book using Kodakgallery.com it's really simple to use and they have all different sizes and prices.

M. J,

You are so lucky to have inlaws like that. I don't have inlaws like you, mine are snotty, selfish people. Do you have any nice photos of them you can frame with a heart felt thank you. Or have them for dinner with a thank you cake. Make them a bracelet, you can go to the bead shop and make them so special. Doesnt cost much. You are a really nice person to think of them also and they must know this.


Pick up some daffodils for a thank you. They are inexpensive and they can replant them in their yard to bloom next spring. Or just simply send a nice thank you note, which is always appreciated and cheap. :) You could even bake them cookies or muffins with a note of appreciation. I think any gesture would be appreciated. It sounds like you have a great extended family.

how about a thank you card with a personal note written inside. and/or bake them a tasty treat. and/or frame a favorite picture of the kids for them.

If you happen to have a digital camera, you could get pictures of them with their families & photoshop it into a personalized calendar for them (many pictures of all the grandkids for mom in law). You could also do a photo collage with a large photo frame from family dollar or walmart. Even do a personalized photo albumn for each one; again picking up the albumn at family dollar or walmart. Good luck!!

Don't know if there is an Edible Arrangements near you, but they are sure to appreciate a fruit bouquet! You can do a small one for less than $30 and send a nice note. A surprise delivery is always appreciated. You can sometimes find on-line coupons codes for them too! Good luck.

I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. I create hand made cards and other projects. My gifts are ussually things I have made myself and always seem to be a big hit. I'm always having workshops. Even if we're a good distance away we can work something out if your interested. I even have gifts I have create for people to buy off me. PM me if you'd like to talk more an I can send pictures of things and talk more.
Easy, cheap and from the heart gifts are what I love to give, even before I was a demonstrator. Making my father in law cry when receiving a gift from me is a specialty I have. If we don't, it's a failed holiday. He even looks forwards to it.

Sometimes it is nicer to receive a letter or note telling that person what they mean to you. That many mean so much more than a gift. If you feel the need to purchase something, a nice book would be great if they are readers along with the note. There are great books out there on the subject of what an in-law can mean to you. Also, you could invite the family over for a nice Sunday dinner, something simple and leave a note of thanks on their plate. Everything meaningful isn't about the money we spend on one another.

Baking & a nice thought out card( espressing how you feel) is nice. You can also find pretty cheep mani & pedi's( don't have to do a spa) I have a place around the corner was doing mani & pedi for $25. Good luck

How wonderful to have that support!! I would think that cooking a nice dinner at home with the whole family would be a great way to thank them. You can also have the kids make cards or crafts to give them. It doesn't have to cost a lot to make someone feel special!!

how about flowers. you can get them at the grocery store and add a pretty ribbon.
a sincere thank you letter on pretty stationary. a basket, you buy the goodies so it is
not as pricey..with beauty products or snacks & some wine. or tea cup& tea biscuts!
whatever they would enjoy! use prtty tissue paper to line the basket..or put
your gifts in a hat box. hat boxes are very inexpensive at tj maxx type stores.

Something homemade and personal is always a winner. I like making something that will last. Ornaments are my favorite since every year when they decorate their Christmas tree they'll be reminded of how much they are appreciated. If you're not crafty, use a small photo frame, write out a bible or other inspirational verse and put it in the frame. Add a pretty ribbon hanger and you're done. A handwritten letter is nice, too, because we've gotten out of that habit with email and computers. I have a box with handwritten notes from people and when I need a pick me up I pull that out and read them.

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