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How to Tell the "New Grandparents" the Good News!!

My husband and I are trying for our first child. I want a memorable way to tell our families the good news when it happens. If anyone has a memorable way they told there families please share. I have no ideas!!

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THANKS YOU ALL FOR ALL THE GREAT RESPONSES. I just recently found out on April 23rd that I am pregnant. We are only 4 weeks along and so happy. I used some of your great ideas to tell our family. I told my husband by wrapping a baby bib that said I love my daddy. I told my sister which lives out of town by sending her congratulations flowers and the card said congratualtions you are an aunt love, your new niece or nephew. We are telling my parents tomorrow the same way as I told my huusband. I am giving my mom a baby bib that says I love my grandma for mother's day. We are telling my husbands parents the same way on mother's day. I can't wait to see there reactions. I will keep you informed!!!

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I had a cute way to tell the grandparents. We lived 2 hrs away at the time, and came to visit for Thanksgiving (I'd confirmed my pregnancy the day before). My sister-in-law had just gotten engaged, so I brought her a small present in a gift bag. After she opened her gift, I told my mother-in-law that I had a gift for her, too. In a decorative gift bag (not baby related) I had placed a bib, bottle, and pack of onesies. She pulled out the bib first and screamed "You're pregnant!". The funny thing is, I did the same thing for my mom, but what she said was "Oh, is this because I alway spill food on my shirt." Then she got it.

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When I told my mom, I asked her if she ever thought that she would be ready to be a grandparent. She replied someday and I told her she had to be ready in 9 months...it was pretty cool.

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I just called my mother very nonchalantly for some very mundane reason, but when I called I told her that I was calling for a couple of things. First, I asked her for the address that I needed, thanked her and was acting like I was getting ready to get off of the phone with her (we lived 3000 miles apart at the time), but she said "Was there something else?". I said: "Oh yeah...I'm pregnant."

It was so unexpected, mainly because it was unplanned, that she dropped the phone while she was at work and started to cry. It was awesome.

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I think that the first ultrasound pic in a beautiful frame is a great gift.

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My mom didn't even know we were 'officially' trying so when I saw her at a family get together, I said "Oh, I saw this and thought of you" it was a pin that said "future Grandma" She didn't have her reading glasses on so her sister had to read it to her so it was a double wammy! Have fun trying.

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It was Christmas and we had our parents open gifts that were ornaments that said Grandmom and Grandpop. We took video of them opening them. It took them a second but then they went crazy!!!

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We gave our parents little framed sayings that said
"Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your own kids."
They already had grandchildren from our siblings so it took a few minutes but they got it!

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I got a piece of paper and wrote a letter to the grandparents, saying Hi, and see you in 9 months, love baby.... somthing along those lines, it was longer. I then rolled it like a scroll. I then had a jewelry box and had a pink and a blue safety pin inside for them. It was cute.

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When I was pregnant with my third child, I gave the grandmothers a birthday invitation to be in the delivery room in the month that I was due.

It tooka few seconds to figure it out but then they were very excited.

Good luck!

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My husband and I roped his brother and sister-in-law into playing a game of scrabble at my mother-in-laws house because at the time we lived in different states. They filled the board with all kinds of baby type words, diapers, rattle, etc. Then at the top they wrote Dave and T.. They asked her to help settle a word dispute. As she looked over the board she began to piece it altogether. At first she thought it was they that were having a baby, so they pointed to the top and she realized then it was us. She cried and we have photos.
For my parents we wrapped a baby bottle that I had placed the pregnancy test in and gave them a story book entitled I already know I love you, by Billy Crystal. They were speechless.

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It's such an exciting time! I sent my parents a Vermont Teddy Bear with a note addressed to Nana & Grandpa from the baby saying "I can't wait to meet you in July!" They were really touched! Have fun with it!

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