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How to Tell Family I'm Pregnant!!

Hey Mamas!! I, literally, found out 5 minutes ago that I am pregnant with our second child. I need a fun way to tell my Mom and Dad that we are expecting...here's a little background. Our first daughter was a complete surprise...my hubby and I weren't married yet, but knew we would be together, so no worries there. I was terrified and called my mom on the phone and told her at about 11 at night. Then I asked her to tell my dad(I'm a 'bit' of a daddy's girl...that was hard!). So, they didn't really get a very exciting way of learning of their first grandbaby. And just so you know...they adore her and my hubby, so they worried for nothing! My family is actually having Christmas in October this weekend...so we will see everyone...and I know I can't tell the whole family yet...too early...that is going to be hard! But, my Mom will be here on Thursday and Dad on Saturday. So, what are some fun ways I can tell my Mom and Dad? And...they, well Mom, has been constantly asking when we are having another...they LOVE being grandma and grandpa!

And...my hubby knows that I have been taking tests...the first 2 I took before my period and came back neg...but, he thinks I am waiting to take another test tomorrow. So, how can I tell him when he gets home from work? I was thinking of making a t-shirt for my daughter to wear that says 'Big Sister' and she can tell him that way. Good or not???

Thanks Mamas...man, I love this site!!! K.

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When I got pregnant for the 2nd time, I put a t-shirt on my son that said "I'm the Big Brother" and he walked out to show grandma and grandpa. They loved it!!

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do you have a book on baby names? pull it out during dinner with a sticky note tht reads ... 'it's that time again.'

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I love the tee-shirt idea to tell your husband, and I have a great idea for your family ... go see your OB and have them do a vaginal ultrasound and ask for two pictures; then make a little card for your parents. On one side of the card, write something along the lines of, "Hi grandma and grandpa, I can't wait to see you." and place one of the ultrasound pictures in there. Keep the second ultrasound picture for the baby book.

Mazel Tov on your expanding family!

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I like the "Big Sister" shirt idea. I think that's really cute and I wouldn't say a word until they noticed. I know that my husband and I didn't tell our parents until I got my first ultrasound and we actually made two copies of the ultrasound and framed them and gave them as gifts. It was awesome seeing both future grandparents open up their unexpected gifts and see the expression of their face as they didn't understand what they were looking at and then it hit them and BAM! Total excitement :)

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I just told my parents I was pregnant, and they were thrilled. The news is the important thing, not how you tell it. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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I just recently went through this myself. To announce the second I got a pin for my daughter that said I'm a big sister, then I told her to show Grandma and Grandpa her new pin. They were so excited! I was hoping to wait til she could also show them an ultrasound picture but we couldn't wait that long.

Good Luck!!

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Congratulations! I hope all goes well with your pregnancy.
When I was pregnant with number 2 (we have a 3 year old daughter) we were going to take a picture of her and her baby and caption it.....Mommy and Daddy say I am going to be a great big sister!!! Then send it to family members, hand deliver our parents.

But we never got that far, so I am glad I waited. Maybe this next time I can use it too!

Good luck!

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I did the same idea you did I called my mother and asked her to come over that I had something to tell her and my son was wearing the shirt it took her a little bit before she saw it but was so happy and my grandma was with her. THen I took a picture of him in the shirt and mailed out the picture to all the extended family.

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How old is your daughter??? Can she talk??? maybe you can get somethign fun and incorporate her...like create a little skit or a song for her to sing infront of grandma and Grandpa.... just take an existing known song and change the words

"twinkle twinkle little kiss
Im excited to be a sis
Grandma grandpa have no fear
mommys having a baby sometime next year

Ok so that was a poor attempt but hopefully you get the idea.
Congrats,.....you made me tear up reading your wonderful news...Im getting the baby itch again.

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