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How to Take off Leapster Battery Cover?

Seriously--I can not get the thing off. It's a screw-looking thing that pops up...but I can't figure out how to get the battery cover off. Does anyone have the leapster who can help me figure this out? I'm getting so annoyed! And I can't download the parent guide for some reason--my computer isn't accepting it or something (???). I've googled it, too, and can't find a simple explanation. I feel so stupid!!

Edited to Add: I have gotten the screw to pop up, but the battery cover won't slide off. Maybe it's just our leapster that's messed up. Who knew something so simple would be so annoying?!
Thanks for the tips anyway, though!

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I got it!! I just needed to pry it open with a knife. Weird. Thanks everyone!

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Hi C.,

The screw is actually spring-loaded and doesn't come all the way out. Once you use a coin or screwdriver to loosen it enough it'll pop up and then you slide the battery pack down.

Hope that helps.


My daughter has a Leapster, and the battery cover to her unit comes off with ease (actually, a little too easily; I wish the screw was a little more secure). The cover should slide off when the screw is loosened. It seems like you're doing everything right. As you suspect, you may have a problem unit. Which is no consolation when your child really, really wants to play it... I've been there many a time with other products!

It is possible the batteries popped out and is blocking you from sliding it off. We have had this problem. Try tapping the lid back in place, screw it in and then try again, tiliting it forward. This time, lift up on the screw and try to slide it off.

Hey my son also hs a leapster when it pops up I believe you don't take out the screw, but slide the top off. sorry I'm @ work so I really am trying to remember how I did it.

you have to use a quarter as if it were a screw driver. Press down firmly with the quarter in the grove and turn..lefty loosey, righty tighty. LOL Good Luck!

Call Toys R Us. They will know or they'll get one off the shelf and check it out for you.

I don't think the cover slides. Try using a screwdriver to pull it straight up near the screw. Many toys with the pop up screw need to be pried up instead of sliding. Good Luck!

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