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How to Stop My 10 Year Old Boy from Peeing on the Floor!

My son is 10 and almost everyday he ends up missing the toilet and peeing on the floor. It is a puddle when it happens. So far I have tried rewards and having him clean it up. The longest he has made it w/o peeing on the floor was 4 days. Today alone it happened twice. He is a little heavy and my husband wonders if he can't see it to aim it. I don't know what to think or what to do but I am super tired of finding urine on my bathroom floor. Any advice would be great!!!

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Well, my boy pees on the floor when he's going #2, so sitting down would not be the solution for us. You could try the "aiming for cheerios" game, or have him lean forward and hold on to the tank and let gravity help. That's how I taught my boys.
I am right there with you, hating the pee puddles!

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P., I have a ten year old with the same issue! I'll be watching to see what suggestions you get. My younger son, he is 7, doesn't seem to have this problem.


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He may be very embarrassed about it. It might be better to just leave paper towels and clorox wipes next to the toilet, and tell him that if he "accidentally" misses, it will be his duty and responsibility to clean it up. If he refuses, take time away from an activity that he enjoys. Make sure that he knows that this is his responsibility, and not that he is acting childish or immature for urinating on the floor. Sometimes boys are just in much more of a hurry than girls. Let him know that he has to clean it up and supply him with what he needs, and don't wait for him to ask you, because he is likely to embarrassed to ask you for what he needs to clean the mess up. He doesn't want to show you what he did every time it happens. Good luck.

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I am really not the one to give advice on this..having raised only girls...but....to me, 10 years old is too old for this to be happening on a daily basis!! I say get a rag and some pinesol and make HIM clean up his own messes,I bet it wont be long before he starts hitting the stool when he has to go to the bathroom!!! If he were younger, I would say try the methods that some of the other Mom's have already suggested...but he is old enough to understand and it is not an unreasonable request to be careful...so...let him suffer the consequences of his carelessness!! Don't get angry or unhappy with him...just sit him down beforehand and explain to him that this is the way things are going to be. You are not going to be cleaning up after him, if he can't figure out how to "hit the target" then HE will be dealing with the mess that he makes. THEN....FOLLOW THROUGH WITH IT EVERYTIME!!!
Good luck!!!
R. Ann

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My cousin's boy had a similar problem at a younger age - at about 4 he kept hitting the wall. She learned that it was a medical problem, not discipline. His urethra had partially closed and had to be surgically reopened. He has been fine ever since. You might have him checked at his next doctor's appointment.

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Good Morning P., Yup it's a stinky pain to clean it up all the time. I sometimes wonder what the little and sometimes Bigger Buggers are doing in there.

Two of our Grandson's never touch their Winkies, just stand there pressed up against the bowl. I have made it a point to show them how to aim. If they continue to sprinkle when they tinkle they clean it up.

Have your hubby go in with your son and observe what he is doing. Even if he is a little over weight he should be able to hold it and hear it hitting the water.

I don't need to go in with Corbin 4, or Asher 4 1/2 anymore. They know they need to stand tall, hold it and aim from the bowl. Period. LOL Asher used to grab tissue and wipe himself when he pped. I still have to wipe Hinnys though. We are moving on to that next.

Good Luck P., Hopefully Dad can help him figure it out.

K. Nana of 5

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Well, my boy pees on the floor when he's going #2, so sitting down would not be the solution for us. You could try the "aiming for cheerios" game, or have him lean forward and hold on to the tank and let gravity help. That's how I taught my boys.
I am right there with you, hating the pee puddles!

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I would try to teach them that this is a hygeine issue. I would say try to get them to sit down and aim it down until they can stop with all of the mistakes??

I don't know for sure what to tell you except to "keep on it"! I agree, it's gross!

My husband is a neat-nick about this and if he weren't, we'd have problems!!

I think I have one of the truly cleanest husbands ever. He has never made a mess in the bathroom like this. He complains constantly about how disgusting grown men are. So it's not just the children. He just said the other day he read that some employers are putting stickers in the bottom of their toilets and that it cuts the spills by up to 50%. Personally, I think it's just gross beyond words and any boy making this mess in my house will have to suffer my wrath. I make a HUGE deal out of it with my daycare children. They absolutely will clean it up and they absolutely will be watched very closely when they come and go from the bathroom so that they can be made to clean it up again if they must.

I've never understood why so many people have such a laxadazy attitude towards urine! Think about it. Every few days someone on here talks about potty training and a bunch of people come in and say get rid of the pull-ups and let them feel the urine run down their leg. Well if that isn't about the nastiest thing! How can we expect little boys to grow up to be clean men if we don't get it as their mothers?!

Some things are just right and some things are just wrong. But what can I say? I am a germaphobe!


Is it just the kids that are to blame for this? As a 21 year old male i know not every journey to the toilet is successful, only difference is I know how to clean up after myself after. Speaking to other men 100% said they have missed on more than one occasion in their adult life. The reason I am saying this is cause I'm trying to find a solution to the problem for everyone, not just kids as its harder to take away an adults privileges. I've had an idea about somehow extending the bowl of the toilet when you open the seat or having a chemical (similar to swimming pools) present on the floor that changed colour when it comes in contact with urine. I know there are "aiming" solutions out there such as stickers of flies to aim for but I'm looking alternative solutions. Some outside of the box thinking would be great as it's a big problem that pretty much effects everyone yet know one seems to be addressing it. Any solutions would be appreciated.

P., I have a ten year old with the same issue! I'll be watching to see what suggestions you get. My younger son, he is 7, doesn't seem to have this problem.


Make him sit. If he can't aim, have him sit. We did that to teach our boys courtesy while using the toilet at someone else's house. Makes cleaning much easier and helps them be more careful.

I agree - Tell him until he can hit the toilette, that he must pee sitting down. And that if he can not do this, than he will continue to clean up his mess and you will start taking privelege's away. Don't think he has any.... Believe me they are there! Privelge's to take away: TV, Phone useage, early bedtime, computer, outside time, computer or video games, mp3 player, his favorite set of clothes, bike, skateboard, skates, extra events like a school skating party, overnights somewhere or even having someone over, no snack type foods, no soda, no chocolate milk....I can go on as I have had other issues with my now teenaged son and have done all of the above at one time or another.

And every time he does it, don't stop the previous privelege removal, add one to it as well as an extra day.

Also start adding chores to his list.... Have a dog - Make him pooper scoop the yard, cat - scoop the litter box, laundry, dishes, dusting....

Like you said, You also need to get to the root cause of why he is missing...And work on resolving it, even if it is a weight problem....

I know of someone who drained the water from the toilet and painted a bull's eye around the hole before refilling with water. She then put up a plaque that said, "My aim is to keep the bathroom clean. Your aim would really help."

My son has this problem and his is also a medical issue. Surgery is not an option. We have tried everything and are at a loss. Sitting causes him to urinate in the bathtub (straight across from the toilet) and he is unable to aim other than using hip movement. We have tried urinary shields when sitting, but that causes more of a sprinkler effect. He's getting better about cleaning up after himself with age, but it is still a bother that he has to. Any tips?

I don't think it has anything to do with your sons wieght. My son is ten and he is alway missing the toilet. He has gone as far as peeing on his carpet and walls along with the small garbage can down stairs. My wife and I are at are wits end. Are son is in counselling and has been for sometime. I wish you luck its a hard one to solve.

I make my four year old clean it up with soap and water every time it happens. It usually gets better after that. Good luck-- it's a yucky problem.

Make him sit down. If he cannot handle standing make him sit. That worked for my boys.

i don't get it...if you are having him clean it up, why are you still finding puddles? KEEP making him clean it up for pete's sake! it's not for you to deal with. if he does it, he cleans it up, period. he can keep doing it as long as he pleases (and it should not be a "he can't" issue at this point. he is probably just being lazy because he doesn't have to deal with it). let him know that if he does it he better clean it up before you see it or he will lose a privledge every time. it's that simple. ten is plenty old enough to take responsibility for something like this. put your foot down mom. you can do it.

Make him sit down to pee.

Maybe it sounds mean but as he is 10 years old I would give him the choice....he can clean up after himself or he can sit down to urinate...seems fair to me.

Have him start sitting down on the toilet and pee until he can learn to pee into the toilet and not make messes.

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