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How to Speed up Healing of a Black Eye

Hi mamasource moms! My question is about a black eye. I fell off the curb on Saturday and good thing the concrete broke my fall, directly on my check bone. Well, now I have a black eye and my husband and I are going away this weekend for our anniversary. I have been icing it and have cover up but are there any other tricks out there? I would hate to have this thing on my big romantic weekend. Any help would be great, thanks!!

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Oh my! Just what do you think people are going to think? What I would do is by some concealer from Sephora, they sell some really great stuff used for this special kind of thing. Derma something. Anyway good luck!

Apply Arnic gel or ointment to the bruise area two to three times a day until it dissapears. You can find arnic gel at Vitamin Cottage and sometimes Whole Foods market.
I have used arnic safely for bruises and muscle soreness for years with no negative effects and it reduces the visible bruising significantly.

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I have no real suggestions for you. Just some words of hope.

When I was in the 8th grade, I got kicked in the face by a horse (don't ask!). My eye was so swollen that I could cup my hand over it and feel my eyelid in my palm! This was 2 weeks before 8th grade graduation. Had to go have stitches and everything. I looked TERRIBLE.

I tell you that short tale to let you know how bad it was and that within a week, the swelling was gone and most of the discoloration. Your face is the fastest healing part of your body. So, take heart - it may be gone on it's own. Other than that, all I've got to say is cover up!! Sorry.

I saw that some others suggested this too, but I wanted to emphasize it again...

Arnica. This stuff is amazing. When my boys get a bonk, I put it on right away & it prevents most bruising. And it reduces pain, too. :) My older son hit his head on a Mexican tile porch... the very corner of the bottom step. Two years later he's still got a dent in his forehead, but thanks to Arnica it barely bruised at all.

Congrats on your anniversary!

You know, I saw show on the Discovery channel where a bride-to-be had a similar injury, and had a black eye, and wanted it fixed by her wedding day. A leech was attached to the bruised area, and it took the blood right out! I am guessing you don't have access to leeches...my kids have had black eyes, and they seem to go from black and blue to green and then yellow fairly quickly, depending on the severity of the bruise. I would say a week or so and it should be light enough that you could cover it with make-up. Sorry, I don't have any better ideas besides the leeches.

After 24 hours you can use heat to open up the blood vesseles to move the dried blood out of the area.
I have also heard of using ipson salts, or vinagar to help break up the dried blood.

Alternate ice and heat (15 min on/off) every few hours or so, and massage the area gently. It helps break up the clot and speed healing. It should clear it up enough by the weekend that anything not gone would be covered with makeup. Good luck!

My skin bruises very easily and I have used white toothpaste dabbed on at night to heal tenderness and discoloration. You might try it. There is something healing in it.
Congratulations on your anniversary! It will be terrific regardless, just because of your great attitude!

I've heard rubbing vanilla on it immediately helps it in the very beginning, but I don't know about afterwards. From the other posts, I think I'd try toothpaste at night and Arnica the rest of the time and see what happens.

Best wishes and have a great time!!

i heard a raw piece of meat helps. i also heard the same about windex. personally, i believe in aquafore, but i don't know if it works on bruises.

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