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How to soothe swollen in molars teething for 6 years old?

My son is getting his six year molars in... his poor little face is so swollen - he looks like someone who had wisdom teeth pulled!

We checked with the dentist when he stated his teeth hurt and she verified that his problem was his 6 yr molars but this was prior to the swelling... He looks like a little chipmunk!

I've been giving him doses of Tylenol to help ease his pain -- does anyone else have any suggestions to help him through this?

What can I do next?


The swelling is a sign of an infection. If there is still a flap of gum tissue covering the back part of the molar then food is getting stuck underneath there and not getting cleaned out leading to an infection. It is not normal for his face to be swollen. Consult with a pediatric dentist immediately.

So What Happened?™

Got him into his Doctor's since his dentist's office was closed. His salavia glands are blocked/swollen... and he's the third kid to come in this week with this!? They gave antiboitics and 1 1/2 days in and the swelling is down.

Thanks for all the advice.

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I am a pediatric dentist and he should see a dentist right away. The swelling is a sign of an infection. If there is still a flap of gum tissue covering the back part of the molar then food is getting stuck underneath there and not getting cleaned out leading to an infection. It is not normal for his face to be as swollen as you mentioned. He needs to be put on antibiotics right away. This is not just normal teething. Please call your dentist back and insist he is seen. Good luck. You can contact me directly if you would like ____@____.com.

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Ibuprofin is for swelling. I used to work in a dentist's office and he alwsy told patients, in pain, who called in over the phone, to take ibuprofin (such as Motrin).

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If you haven't already I think I would call you dentist back about the swelling and make sure there isn't an infection. good luck.

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your son's face should not be swollen by normal tooth development. Go back to the dentist!

J. L.

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unless there is a reason not to, why not try Motrin instead of Tylenol. It may not only help with the pain, but also it is an anti-inflammatory. Or you could check with his pediatrician/family doctor and see about alternating the two medications at shorter intervals. I have also heard that clove oil can help with tooth pain and inflammation although I do not know the dosage for a 6 year old. If there is a "natural" store around you that sells herbs and oils they could tell you. I often use herbs, oils and other natural medicines in conjunction with medicine and my doctor approves of them. Some he has even recommended. The tricky part is finding a store around you that carries them and then someone with a little bit of knowledge on how to use them.

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It probably is good to verify that there isn't an infection wtih the swelling. So long as it's just the teeth (which it very well may be), I'd give him some teething gel, it works on all ages and if it's safe for a baby it's definitely safe for a 6 year old. I don't know what the results are like with adults using Hyland's teething tablets, but they work wonders on my teething toddler and are all-natural.

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Isn't this a fun time? All kidding aside- your little guy must be in so much pain. Poor kid. You stated that you have been giving him Tylenol- but Ibuprofen (motrin) is much more effective as an anti-inflammatory. It will help with the tooth pain more too. You can alternate with Tylenol in between doses of Motrin to help with the pain.
When my girls are teething I use a lavender scented bag that you can heat in the microwave or freeze in the freezer. It's filled with rice- so it holds the heat for a while and the the scent seems to sooth them. Sometimes they like the warmth and sometimes they want it cold. They just hold it to their face and they seem to think it helps.
Good luck!

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I would try motrin. It helps with swelling unlike tylenol and it is better for pain.

Have you tried Children's motrin? it is an ant- imflamtory and should help with the swelling. and try some ice packs if he can tolerate them :)

Hi, I'm a dental hygienist. Call your dentist back and let them know. They should probably take a panorex x-ray to check for any problems. Use ice for the swelling.

This is happening to my daughter. I am calling the dentist Monday morning!

I like to give my kids Motrin over Tylenol.. I think it works better and longer. it can take a while for these teeth to come in, so he may be swollen for a bit.

He needs to go see the dentist now. There is a problem if his face is swelling. Today.

motrin, it will help with the sweeling more then tylenol at least i used it when my wisdom teeth came out, so long as there is no reason why your son cant have motrin

While you're waiting for the appointment at the dentist, you might want to have him lay down with one cheeck on some frozen peas or corn for a little while, then switch sides. That should reduce the swelling some.
~c. (former dental assistant, amnong other jos)

Homeopathics work well too. My kids can't have artificial stuff and all kids medicines seem to have something in them. Besides they never responded to tylenol or motrin. Hylands and Boiron both have teething formulas. If there is a dairy allergy, go with Boiron. I think Hylands calls theirs just Teething. Boiron calls theirs Camilia and is in premeasured liquid form.


C. try the oragel or bonjla teething gel, just rub on the swollen gum tissue and not on the teeth, that should help with the swelling and pain and you won't have to give pain medication. Also make sure it's not infected first.


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