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How to soothe chapped lips on toddler?

Hi. My 3 y/o son has chapped lips year round. I'm not sure if its because he's dehydrated or what is causing it. I put on chapstick, vaseline, but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions on products to help and what causes it?

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First, check if your child is dehydrated. Some moms suggested to put Burt's Bee with honey chapstick, while some suggest other products. Look at the article for more remedies. If nothing work, consult with your pediatrician.

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Thanks ladies for all the advice. He does drink a lot, but I'm not sure how much he's getting at daycare since they only give the kids shot glasses (IMO). He doesn't drool, but he does suck that bottom lip in a lot. I know that's why the bottom lip is chapped, but the top, I can't explain that one. I definitely have some things to invest in that will hopefully help him out. Thanks again!

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i tell you what, i got the green li therapy stuff from Bath ande Body Works at the mall, and i think that is the best stuff for overnite, overnite fix of the lips.. i love that stuff better than Blistex (my husband and sons used to use) My little ones love it also. my daughter now 5 uses for at least a couple of years now. give it a try.

A. f.

We've had really good luck with Palmer's Cocoa Butter sticks: http://www.etbrowne.com/products/Collection.aspx?Collecti...
They really keep lips soft and my son loves the faint smell and taste. It also works great on chapped little cheeks :)

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We've had really good luck with Palmer's Cocoa Butter sticks: http://www.etbrowne.com/products/Collection.aspx?Collecti...
They really keep lips soft and my son loves the faint smell and taste. It also works great on chapped little cheeks :)

a 3yr old w/ chapped lips umh. Well I know that my niece experienced this a while back and i know my sister did the Vaseline thing, have you tried Shea butter or consulting his doctor on the matter. And do you think he's getting enough water. Let me know how that works out1

I highly recommend Burt's Bees. This supply of chapsticks, hand creams, salve, cleansers, soaps and lotions are outstanding. My family uses nothing else. www.burtsbees.com

Does your little man lick or suck his lips a lot? I ask this because I did and still have this problem, especially when the weather starts changing. I have found that Blistex DCT, the one on the pink canister looking thing, works for me. It does burn a little at first but it helps clear it up and keeps them from getting chapped again. Even my 3 y/o will let me put it on her when her's are chapped. I have to tell her that it is going to make them feel better, but after that she begs for me to put more on her.

Try Burt's Bees with Honey chapstick.
It truly works. Make sure you get the one with honey.
You can get it at CVS, Target...etc.
About 2-3 dollars, I think.

I always use Aquafor lotion (actually, it's more like a gel). But you can find it in the lotion section of the store and it comes in a tube or a pot. It's a great all-purpose fix for chapped lips, dry skin...pretty much everything! It has no scent or taste, so my kids never minded it being on their lips.

Hey N.,
I have a niece that also always has chapped lips and is chapped under her lip also. It comes from frequent licking of the lips and licking under the lip area. I gave my niece's mommy Mary Kay Satin Lips and it has worked wonderfully on her lips and the skin around her lips. The lip mask takes off the dead skin so when you put on the lip balm it is moisturizing good skin. You can't moisturizer dead skin, you just have to get rid of it. There is no alcohol so it doesn't defeat its own purpose. If you'd like to try some e-mail me or go to my web page and I'll help you out. www.marykay.com/kdawson2


Hi N.,
Lansinoh Brand Lanolin works great for not only those cracked nipples for us breastfeeding moms but for other dry areas of the skin. I use it on my son's lips and my dry hands/feet.
Good luck

Chapped lips can be a sign of dehydration. Is your son getting liquids to drink between meals? You might try making sure he drinks 16 ounces of water or juice in the morning and in the afternoon. If dehydration was the problem, the chapped lips will dissappear in a day or two. AF

My friend's son had chapped sore lips year round as well, and they finally found out that he had major allergies to gluten, eggs, dairy and a variety of other foods. They ended up taking him to a naturopath and did extensive tests on him to find out what was causing the problem. Although it took a major change in his diet, his lips have cleared up, and he is no longer getting sick (runny noses, diarreah etc.). They never thought that he had any allergies, and just chalked up the chapped lips to living in a dry climate. I am not sure that this is what is going on with your child, but my friend's son wasn't diagnosed until he was 4.5, so it's possible that your son has the same problem.

If you are uncomfortable taking your child to an alternative doctor, I'm sure you can get him tested for allergies through a traditional doctor as well. I'm not sure how allergists test for allergens (I can't imagine that they still do the old prick test, but I would find out before taking your son). I know that in my friend's case, the doctor's examination did include an extensive blood test.

Perhaps it is just chapped lips due to dry air, and a humidifier will help, but it wouldn't hurt to talk to his pediatrician at the very least.

Good luck,

V. F

I have a 12 year old daughter who has had this issue for about 4 years. With the change of seasons, she gets chapped lips. Gatorade really helps keep her hydrated, of course, I limit the amount she drinks because it really has a lot of sodium. Also, we use a variety of chapsticks. I noticed the the blistex to work the best. Chapsticks are really only a waxy substance to keep them protected. The blistex is smooth and absorbes well to treat it. Also, at night before they go to bed, you could try the "Aquaphor." This is for very dry cracked skin and it definately works over night. It is a lot like petroleum jelly, but it has more than that in it to heal the dry, cracked skin.
God Bless

Well, here's what has worked for my children and me. First put on Blistex, it's medicated and semi-liquid so it penetrates to deeply hydrate the lips. However it evaporates quickly, sometimes leaving lips worse than they were, so we also add a layer of Balmex (it's not in a stick and can be applied with the fingers to prevent wiping the Blistex off as we discovered the Chapstick like sticks were prone to do) over the top to seal the moisture in.

Also, of course, make sure he's getting plenty of fluids, and if he's in the habit of licking or picking at his lips, do your best to break him of it.

Also, if he has layers of dead skin exascerbating the problem see if you can't find a Mary Kay consultant and purchase some of the Satin Lips system. It's got exfoliators in it that really take care of that dry skin, but gently. I used to sell it, but not any more. I can tell you that this stuff really works. Try it for yourself and you will be amazed by how soft and hydrated your lips feel after using the two step Satin Lips system. It's a mask and a balm for afterwards. If you can get ahold of it, this may be all your son needs. (You should be able to visit MaryKay.com and find a local consultant that will fill an online order for you.)

Good Luck!

Hi, N., If your son spends a lot of time outside, perhaps sun and/or wind is contributing to his chapped lips. Is the air in your home dry? How about a home humidifier? Sun Shades lip balm from Melaleuca is the best product I've ever used. It penetrates & heals from the inside out without any nasty taste or texture. Melaleuca also makes a re-hydration product with twice the amount of electrolytes as Gatorade, half the cost, without sugar. Hope this helps. Good luck! N.

Does he lick or slobber alot? That will definately keep them chapped. Make sure you use the moisturizer at night especially, and since the weather is turning colder, try a humidifier for a bit at night as well. But if hes licking them, he has to STOP!
Try sloughing off the dry skin when you can as to let the new skin grow while you are treating. The combination of all of this should work.

Hi N. -
I keep a staple of Mary Kay Satin Lips around - especially during this time of year. The Lip Balm can be used whenever and actually moisturizes and not just coats. It is also non-addicting since it does not have alcohol like the Chapstick does. Let me know if you might be interested in trying it out - if you don't like it you can return it since we have 100% satisfaction guarentee! I use it on all of my little guys.

I would stay away from mainstream chapsticks and creams that contain petroleum jelly (blistex, chapstick, etc), parrafin and other artificial waxes. Those ingredients actually suck the moisture out of your lips and make the chapped lips worse. Then you use more of their product! How perfect for the manufacturers! I have had the best success with regular Burts Bees chapstick and my kids love to put it on. It is made with beeswax, coconut oil, sunflower oil and lanolin, all ingredients you don't have to worry about your kid licking off. You can also go to a Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods or other natural store to look for other natural, petroleum-free options.

Hi N.!

I sell Mary Kay Cosmetics and have a product that is still in the line after 45 years of business.
It is called extra emollient Night cream.

It is the consistency of vaseline and yet very mild for sensitive skin and safe for children.
One of my clients uses it for diaper rash.

Call me if you would like a free sample. It works!! D. ###-###-####

i tell you what, i got the green li therapy stuff from Bath ande Body Works at the mall, and i think that is the best stuff for overnite, overnite fix of the lips.. i love that stuff better than Blistex (my husband and sons used to use) My little ones love it also. my daughter now 5 uses for at least a couple of years now. give it a try.

A. f.

Hi, N.! I would recommend that you try Mary Kay Satin Lips Set. The mask will exfoliate the dead, dry skin, and the lip balm will heal the chapped skin. This set is great for anyone especially during the winter time. Recommend you use the mask while brushing your teeth, rinse off when you rinse your mouth, and apply lip balm. Works like a charm. If you'd like to try it risk-free (100% product guarantee), please contact me: ____@____.com that helps you!


Hi N.,

I just read that most chapstick contains phenols. Phenols cause the outer layer of skin to literally peel off causing an addiction to the chapstick. I would look into using a more natural chapstick with ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, or olive oil. I use one from Thistle Farms that I ordered through Global Girlfriend that I LOVE. You can order it directly through www.thistlefarms.org too. It's hard to keep it on the little one's they're always licking it off, so reapply a lot during the day. Making sure he's drinking enough water will help hydrate the skin as well. Hope this helps!

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