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How to Remove Pen Marks off of the Walls

My daughters decided to draw all over a wall in our house with crayons, pencils and pens. I was able to use a mr. clean magic eraser on the crayon, the pencil I was able to just erase off with a pencil eraser, but the pen just won' t come off. Anyone have any ideas on what I can use to remove the pen marks without stripping the paint off the walls. Thanks in advance.

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try hairspray with alcohol in it or rubbing alcohol. They both work wonders & it's cheap.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is absolutely wonderful. I've two artists myself and it has removed a multitude of marks off the wall - pen, hilighter, crayons . . .

I've removed ink with a Chlorox bleach pen. I've heard that you can buy an "ink dissolving" cleanser at the hardware store but since I was able to use the bleach pen I didn't look for it.

I'm moving into a new house and I'm having the same problems trying to get pen marks off the wall in my old apartment. So far I've tried (to no avail)
--409 (did nothing whatsoever to pen marks)
--soft scrub bleach (took paint off wall, did nothing to pen mark)
-- Mr. Clean magic eraser *regular and extra strength* (took paint off wall, did nothing to pen marks)
-- the white paste kind of tooth paste (no effect)
I'm going to try the hairspray today and if that doesn't work, I'll try goo gone. I might add that my paint is flat interior and not any kind of gloss. That might have something to do with the difficulty. I'll get back to you on what works. I have a feeling I might just have to paint the whole wall though :(

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works really good for this.

S. Bailey CLD

soft scrub bleach take anything off anything i have not found anything that it wont get off of walls or floors or anything my son used perment marker on my hard wood floors back when he was 2 and it took it right off so i would keep some around that house you never know what kids will do good luck

Hi Jean,
I use Sol U Mel from Melaleuca. It actually removes permanent marker and could possibly work on your walls. My husband has also used Tough & Tender from Melaleuca on our walls and my daughter's bedroom furniture when she's been creative. It too removed ink.


I use 409 Multipurpose cleaner for everything. A roommates friend had a seizure in our apartment when I was in college and the blood stain was on the floor for days before I got back and saw it. If you know anything about dried blood, you know it practically permanent as is grape juice and red juices if they're not cleaned up immediately. I used the 409 on it in desperation and IT WORKED! I couldn't believe it, but I use 409 Carpet & Multipurpose for all of my daughters stains, ink, pencil, crayon, marker, juice, etc. Especially since children generally don't tell you when they've made a mess!

Good luck with getting the ink out...and don't forget to test an area before using it all over. we typically have white walls and light carpets, but it works wonders!

Just as a side note I keep 3-4 cans of the carpet cleaner in the house at a time, you never know when they're going to make a mess. It also works great for cleaning the carpet as well.

It probably seems weird, but hairspray can remove ink.

Honestly, we just repainted the sections that had been scribbled on. If the paint is anything other than "flat" (has even a little gloss), then most attempts to scrub a stain off end up taking off the gloss and you end up with a section of wall that doesn't look right at an angle.

We ended up painting sections of wall that had been scribbled, scuffed, etc. and it looked like we had re-painted the whole hallway.

If you don't have the original paint anymore, you can bring in a sample of a painted section and the paint store will easily match. Best place to "steal" a sample to bring in to the store would be a switch plate or electrical outlet plate. You only need about a quart of paint, so don't get a whole gallon.

Try acetone nail polish remover. Careful, though, if you scrub to hard, the paint will come right off. However, if you do it lightly, then the pen marks should come off with relative ease.

Hi Jean, hairspray will take it off. Any hairspray should do, but Aquanet seems to work the best. Good luck!

You could try the magic eraser. i know you can use hairspray but i think that is just for clothes.

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