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How to Relieve My Son's Sore Nose -- Irritated from Wiping with Tissues

My 3 yo son developed a very runny nose with sneezing and a cough and his poor little nose is red and sore from the frequent wiping. He's using the Puffs Plus (with Lotion), but, obviously, that's not working. He's very uncomfortable.

Any tips on how to soothe it (besides vaseline, which doesn't allow air to help heal it)?

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Thanks for the great suggestions. We do have Boogie Wipes, but I had been using them sparingly. I kinda thought they were only for crusty noses and didn't utilize them for runny noses. I've started using them instead of the tissues and that has helped immensely.

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When I get a cold with a chapped nose, I just rub some Medicated Chapstick on my nose. The menthol cools it & makes it feel great & seems to heal faster than just lotion/oils.

I haven't actually tried this on a toddler, though.

Buy some Boogie Wipes. They're really good for this. I know Sam's Club sells a 3 pack. I've bought them at Meijer too - I think most retailers carry them now in the cough/cold section or maybe the baby section. They are awesome. Seems kinda expensive but we probably only go thru 1/2 a pack per cold. You can use one a few times before tossing it but still worth it to give him a break from the tissues.
I also will use Aquafor a couple times a day on her nose if it gets red and that seems to comfort her.

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Any lotion should work, especially good to apply before he goes to bed (so it can stay on for a long time as you do not need to wipe his nose while sleeping).
You can also try cleaning his nose in the bathroom sink with water, or using a battery-operated nasal aspirator to prevent any further irritation from wiping.

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2 oz organic beeswax
2 oz sweet almond oil or pure olive oil
2 oz coconut oil

Heat on stove until melted, place in heat safe container until cool. Use as needed to soothe the sore nose. Unscented like this it's very nice on irritated skin.
Scented, it's also a nice balm for the hard working Mama's. Just use any essential oil you like and add it to the liquefied mixture. I have used this on my lil' guy for everything from sore noses to diaper rash.

Hope he feels better.

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My son has a lot of allergies and runny noses....use the tissues with lotion. At night, sneak into his room and put a thick layer of Aquaphor under his nose. The redness will be gone by the following morning. I generally don't like Aquaphor as a lotion but it's GREAT for red, irritated noses.

Vaseline will do the trick. It seals the skin and there's no scent. I use Vick's Vapor rub myself, but I love the smell and some people don't.

I second the idea of using chapstick. It works wonders!

well im a 12 year old kid and i have a cold thats why i looked this up because im sick and my nose is sore beneath it:(😡😪😷so what i did was put a washcloth in a pot full od hot water and boiled it until HOT and drained it and slep with is under my poor nose🔥but you could try that😄

I've discovered the wonders of things like Puffs, the tissue with lotion in them. It really does work on sore noses! They are expensive, so I only buy them when somebody has a cold, but they really can heal a nose that's already sore and prevent the soreness to begin with. The Kleenex brand also has some that work just as well!
Hope that helps.

Any moisturizer, I'd go with an unscented hypoallergenic one like aveeno. re-apply often.

K. Z.

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