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How to Prevent Palmetto Bugs

Ok! So I came across our first Palmetto bug yesterday (I'm from MD)and those things are a nightmare! I was able to get rid of it by spraying lysol on it and then flushing it...but..my goodness I dont ever want to come across them again. I am a very clean person and am looking for ways to prevent them from ever coming back. Any suggestions??

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Hi J.,

Sorry to break the news to you, but they are a part of the wonderful Florida lifestyle. The best way to get rid of/keep them at bay is bug spray. We have a bug guy come and spray every so often. When I start to see bugs running and not dead, I call him. About every 6 months or so. If you need his number, let me know, he is very good and the product he uses is plant based so when it is dry it is safe for kids to be around.
Raid is a good alternative, too. I sometimes spray that around the doors and windows and if they make it inside, they are dead or dying....

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Most of the rest of the women said it correctly - they're a part of Florida. We haven't eliminated them but we've gotten them way down by a power concoction of 50% baking powder and 50% confectioners sugar - it has reduced them by 80-85%.

OOOOH Jemmifer,
There is no way to completely get rid of Palnetto bugs. This is after all Florida and the abound here.
I can suggest a way to keep them down. I am not really bothered by them for now and I live in the country. Roach Motels do a good job. If course it helps to keep the undergrowth cleared away from around the house.
Good Lick!!!


hahahahaha best advice if ya dont wanan see another palmetto bug is move out of florida. good luck

Hi J., I wont tell you to get used to it, because I have lived in FL most of my life and I am still not used to those nasty bugs. Take comfort in knowing that palmetto bugs do not infest your house. It's there smaller cousins the cockroach that you have to worry about.
I have found that the best way to prevent them from coming in, is not leaving doors open and make sure all screens fit tightly and are not ripped. If you have an older home, there could be all kinds of places for them to get in and hide so check your exterior very carefully. If you are seeing them often and in numbers then you could have a problem with a nest in a nearby tree or possibly your exterior walls (if in an older home).
One question, have you run into any wolf spiders yet?

I am with you on this one. I go to a do it yourself pest control store, and buy a product called Viper. It is concentrated, and you put a small amount into a sprayer and add a gallon of water. You spray the inside of your house, and then the outside of your house. It doesn't smell super bad, but I put the kids outside while it dries. It works fantastic! I have lived here for 4 years, and no palmetto bugs in my house, only 4-5 spiders in 4 years, and no ants or anything else. I believe another name for it is demon-max. Good luck. PS my mom used it with ants already in the house, and sprayed the outside and inside so they were stuck in the walls. So I recommend that you sray inside, and then wait to spray the outside. They can get stuck in between and then you have a new problem.

Welcome to Florida! lol Palmetto bugs are just a fact of life here They are not related to cleanliness (this is still have a hard time accepting), and there is nothing to do but learn to live with it.

Look for Roach gel. I think its called Combat it comes in a Brown Tube. I put it in the kitchen where it seemed to be the problem. Just make sure it is where the kids can't get to it. Like under the sink or behind appliances. It took care of the problem great and the gel lasts for awhile. Depending on how bad you may or may not have to reapply when gel is gone. My mom used this she had to reapply but I never needed to. Best part was they went somewhere else to die. Never had to sweep up dead roaches. We looked but never found dead roaches. I liked this part because I would just get ill looking at them. They disappear and no cleanup like with some sprays. Great when you have kids because I would not my kids comming in contact with those nasty disgusting bugs dead or alive.

If you've just moved south get used to it. Spray around the outside perimeter of your house. It will get much worse in the summer. You'll have to spray more. It has nothing to do with the cleanliness of your house. They live in the plants outside. Go to Home Depot and get a gallon jug of roach killer with a sprayer. If you use it regularly they will stay out.

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