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How to prevent foot pain

Has anyone ever had pain at the bottom of your foot? My right foot hurts right by the heel close to the arch of the foot.
It hurts when I walk, as well as when I am laying down, or even just sitting, relaxing with my feet up. The pain isn't real bad, but it is enough to make me limp a little when I walk, and it just feels uncomfortable.....it kindof feels like my muscles are sore. I mentioned it to my sister in law and she said that it could be spurs? She has had them and they could get bad. She told me that I should go to the doctor and have it checked out before it gets real bad.
What exactly are spurs and how do you get them?
If it is spurs, would I ever be able to get rid of them? I have been dealing with back pain for many years now, I don't want to have this to worry about too.
Does anyone have any ideas what I can do for the pain in my foot?

What can I do next?


Foot pain could be a symptom of Plantar fasciitis, which is an irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. Initial treatment usually consists of: Anti-inflammatory medications, heel stretching exercises, night splints, shoe inserts. But still consult a doctor would be ideal.

So What Happened?™

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that responded to my request. You are all so nice.
And yes, I am planning on going to see my doctor about the pain in my right foot........I will get it checked out.
I definitely do NOT want it getting worse than what it is now.
Thank you all very much for all your advice.

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Sounds to me like plantar faciitis. Does it hurt more in the morning when you first get up , but stretch out during the day? You can go to webmd.com and check out the symptoms to see if that's what it sounds like to you. The only things that a dr. will tell you to do is to get good supports for your shoes, stretch your foot out before you get up in the morning, wear shoes a lot and some will even tell you to wear tennis shoes to bed. Good luck and I hope that it feels better soon.

Hi M.,

I have been experiencing very similar pain over the past month or so. My pain is in the heel of my left foot and it feels almost like I am stepping on a nail or somdething hard whenever I sit for a long time or when I wake up each morning. Someone suggested heel spurs to me as well but I have not had a chance to get it checked out at the doctor's office. I was told to point and flex my foot several times before I walk on it to help stretch the muscles and that seems to help a little bit.


Hey, not sure if someone mentioned this, but if you can't get an appointment right away, go to a foot clinic at Playmakers, they are very helpful and they foot specialists there. Also, maybe after you've been to the doc, they can help you find great shoes for your feet with or without inserts.

R. L.

I agree with your sister about seeing your doctor. I was experiencing the same type of pain. It kept getting worse so finally went to the doctor thinking it cut be bone spurs. However, after he took x-rays, I found that I had an inflamation of the plantar fascia, which is the line layer of connective tissue on the bottom of the foot-from the ball of the foot to the base of the heel. I was givin exercices and an anti-steriod anti-inflammatory. also, consistancy with the exercises helps the foot pain.

I just had the bone spur in my right shoulder removed last week Monday and I'm sooooo happy I did. The surgery was sooo simple and so was recovery. I feel great and can move my arm all over without any problems. Just three small cuts and they were able to take out the offending bone spur...WONDERFUL! I'm assuming the foot is about the same. IF it is, I'd get it out before it gets worse. My shoulder was so great that I'm having the left shoulder done right after the holidays. I still can't believe it has only been 8 days since surgery and no more snap, crackle, pop in my shoulder and I can move it all over, even above my head already...WOW! And to think, I've been living with this for about 15 years...lol...what was I thinking? Hope your foot gets better soon!

Go to webmd.com and search "fallen arches". Fallen arches can lead to other issues. They can sometimes be treated with just shoe inserts...a much easier remedy than surgery.

Good luck.

Hi M.,

It sounds like Plantar Fasciatas - I'd recommend seeing a Podiatrist to be sure. They can help with exercises and inserts. It is quite painful, but can be treated.

Sorry, your sister-in-law might be right. My husband dealt with them years ago and they became quite painful. this is the ordeal that he went thru - first, shots seemed to relieve pain, til one doc injected in the wrong spot and he cried like a baby for a whole weekend until the medication disapatied(sp?) then he was told he should have surgery to remove them - we didn't have insurance at the time, so that didn't happen. He was told to lose weight, he didn't do that.....but he got custom made orthotics (an insole) from another foot doctor and has been pretty much pain free ever since. It is exactly like it sounds, a boney growth on the bottom of your heel. Don't continue to suffer, foot pain is one of the worst things - the orthotics could also help your back - that's why I have them!

I had the same kind of pain, and it was the beginning of a planters wart, don't have any idea how I got it, but started right away with wart removal patches,and within 3-6 months it was all gone. Check to see if there is a little speck or white mark where the pain is, and go from there. It could be spurs, but they usally happen in the heal or up by the toes, not generally in the middle or close to the arch of the foot.
I'm not sure, but I think bone spurs are caused by not having shoes fit properly or being overweight...not sure, but they can be operated on and it is NO big deal. Check with your Dr. and he will be able to tell you. Hope this helped a little.

i had a very similar sounding issue. fortunately my friend had been having the same issue and sure enough it was the same thing. my plantar facia muscle. she had to do physical therapy, i only had to stretch and wear arches. it went away but was very painful. if you know a good foot doctor, i would suggest takin a trip over to him/her.

My nickname is "Limpy"
I've Dealt with this same kind of pain for about a year now. I first thought it was a Spur but after much Online research and a BIG Podiatrist Bill, I found out it was Plantar Fasciitis. They can tell if it is a spur by doing an X-Ray of your foot. It is an adverse affect of me being about 5o pounds overweight. The treatment was a Cortisone Shot In my heel. Which hurt like crazy (forgive my brutal honesty). But it helped...Alot for about two months. It did slowly ware off which the Doc warned me it would. I was advised to return for another injection if the pain came back or got worse. I have not done this, due to my financial situation. The best advice I got was to stretch out the muscles in my feet every morning before my feet ever touch the floor. Or before standing after sitting for a long period of time. That does seem to help. Also my Doc recommended that I buy Birkenstock Shoes for the arch support. I of course cannot afford that luxury so I opted for a pair of Dr. Scholls arch supports Super Firm and they have helped tremendously. You are not alone in your Suffering. This is actually is a fairly common ailment. Just not highly discussed.
I hope this info helps.
May God Bless you and give you strength.

I also have plantar faciatis. You can start with your regular doctor for a diagnosis if you can't afford a podiatrist. I never went to a podiatrist for mine. I have had the painful shot of cortisone in my heal (that is a last resort for me because for several days it was more painful than the problem). I also have braces that my doctor prescribed (my insurance covered them once in a lifetime) to wear at night when it gets really bad. The braces hold your feet in a flexed position at night so the tendons don't tighten up. When the tendons tighten with your foot relaxed they tear as soon as you step on them in the morning causing the pain. A trick to help with this in the morning is to keep a can of soup or something of that sort next to the bed and roll your feet over it several times before you stand up to stretch the tendons back out. An exercise that my doctor recommended to strengthen my feet is to place a bath towel on a hard floor surface in front of you and pull it toward you with your toes (like a scrunching motion). Begin with the towel dry and then gradually add water to it to make it heavier. Also, don't wear open back shoes because they don't support your foot the same and worsen the pain.

Hope some of this helps. It has all helped me over the years and I can control the pain for the most part unless I've been on my feet way too much.


M. ~
It sounds like plantar fascitis, which can lead to heel spurs. I went to a podiatrist and he had me get xrays to make sure they weren't spurs (it was both feet for me), then he had me come in a couple times for ultrasound treatments. He also gave me heel cups to put in my shoes, had me put my feet in ice, and take motrin for swelling.
Make sure you always wear good shoes with support ... not like flip flops.
You can buy donuts for your shoes anywhere (meijer, target, etc.)
Do not go barefoot.
Stretch your feet before you get out of bed - point your toes up towards your head a couple of times.
Someone also suggested to me to wear clogs...especially around the house..because they put your weight on the ball of your foot and lets the heel rest..keep them by the bed, even wear them if you just get up to the bathroom.
It took awhile, but I have not had it come back and it's been around 10 years or so.
good luck!

I'm in physical therapy for bone spurs and planters faceitis (sp?) right now. Get a good quality insert for your shoe. That will help tons.

Bone spurs are tiny deposits that develop in our feet that get hard like bones. They interfere with the tendons and cause inflamation. That is what causes the pain. You will need to learn to exercise it correctly to work the inflamation out of there. Do it sooner than later.

If you want to know more about what I am doing, let me know!

Good luck!


Maybe plantar fascitis? The chiropractor helps with mine. My heel hurts worse when my hips are out of alignment. And certain foods (nightshades) tend to make mine more tender/sensitive (bizarre, I know).

It sounds to me like what I have wrong with my feet. I went to a foot doctor and I have plantar faciitus(sp). I also thought it was spurs, but it wasn't. The worst thing for me is to go barefoot. By wearing shoes with good support as much as possible has really helped. I did have inserts made to put in my shoes too. Those were very expensive, but I was in so much pain it was a must. At the beginning of my treatments with the foot doctor I was having cortizone shots in the bottom of my feet because the pain was so bad. But now I just wear shoes all the time with good support and use my inserts. It would be best for you to seek the help of a foot specialist. K. B.

I have whats called Plantar Faciaitus, not sure how its spelled, it feels like I am stepping on a stone with each step. I used to get injections at the site of pain, which helped, now I just make sure I have good shoes. The Spira ones are what the drs. reccommend. They are expensive, but worth it. With mine, the pain eases the longer I am on it, and comes back after I sit down or lay down or whatever. Good Luck!


sounds like plantar fascitis. My friend (a Podiotrist )told me to get a shoe insert with a strong arch, drug store is fine, put in a good gym shoe. Also, an excercize he had me do was to take a towel and hold your outstretched foot in it and slowly flex foot back and forth--------slowly. It cured mine with no cortizone shots!!

Good Luck!

I would get a doctor's appointment. I had a similar pain in my foot, and set upa docotr's appointment. However, before I could get in, it got so bad that the on call support sent me to the hospital. It was something called bursitis - the pad in the heel was inflammed and putting pressure on the bones. I had to wear a special boot for a week. It is something that can come back. I know the symptoms, so get it up and start taking care of it right away. There are also certain shoes that are better than others. Get it checked out though - before it gest worse.

Hi M.,
I had what was called "plantar fascitis", meaning inflammation of the tendons in the foot. If you are on your feet a lot or have high arches, like me, you can get mini tears in your tendons on the bottom of your foot. I would suggest going to see a podiatrist. They can give you exercises to do to help as well as do some ultrasound on the bottom of your foot. Don't wait until you can't stand the pain anymore...I did that once and ended up going through months of physical therapy and having to endure cortizone injection shots in the bottom of my foot.

One thing you can do is freeze water in wax paper cups half way. Then tear the cup down to the ice and ice down your foot for 15 minutes. It helps with the pain. Best of luck. I hope this helps!

Hi M.,

I have both plantar fasciatis, and a heel spur. Does your foot hurt worse after sleeping, or sitting for a period of time? If so, it could be plantar fasciatis, however, you really should go see a podiatrist, who can make a diagnosis and give you treatment. The cure could be as simple as shoe inserts. when your feet hurt, everything hurts! Try stretching your calf muscles a lot and see if that helps. I know a great podiatrist in Novi, email me if you want her info. Take care of this before it gets worse!

I don't know about foot spurs. But I do know that I had foot pain kind of like you are decribing and I ended up figuring out on my own that they were soar from walking on wood floors all the time in my home. Just a possibility. Do you have hard floors and do you wear shoes or slippers if you do? If you don't have hard floors then ignore me. But if you do then start to wear something cushy on your feet. Give it a couple weeks to heal.

Hi M.,
I to suffer from the same type of pain in the bottom of my foot. It dose sound as if you have a spur. They are little pieces of bone that hang down from the big bones in your foot, and cut into the muscle. I use magnetic insouls in my shoes to help with the pain(they are a little on the pricey side, but well worth the money!) I also soak my feet in hot water after a long day standing. Unfortunely the only way to permitly get rid of them is to have them surgicly(sp?) removed. I have also heard that you can have cortizone(sp?) injections to help with the pain. Also try not to walk around on bare feet. There are different kinds of insouls that are not magnet that may help you as well, I have found these mostly at Rite-Aid. Hope I have been of some help.
C. O.

It may be a combination of bone spurs and plantar facitis(spelling could be wrong). I have both and after working with a good physical therapist and with orthotics in my shoes, I feel much better. Be careful of the pediatrist wanting you to have surgery. I have heard many people say they are worse off now.
Hope that helps,

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