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How to Keep Sectional from Sliding on Hardwood Floor...

We just bought a large leather sectional for our living room. We have hardwood floors in our home. We bought the felt pads for all the legs to prevent them from scratching our hardwood. However, the thing slides around the floor like you wouldn't believe! Which my children think is a blast. LOL Anyway, we we really don't want to get an area rug, but we can't seem to think of another way to keep this couch still.....

What can I do next?

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Buy that rubber grip stuff for cabinets and cut it to fit the tips of the legs. You can find it where the shelf liner is in KMart.

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Get the rubber pads for the legs, as well as the felt pads. That will help. If you still find it sliding, buy a narrow carpet runner for under each section, that way you have carpet under the sectional to prevent slipping, but yet, you don't see it. If it still slips a little bit, you can use carpet tape to hold the runner down. I used that on my hardwood floors and it did not damage the floors when we pulled the tape off.

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use rubber cabinet liners, cut them in the shape of the bottom of your couch legs and your couch should stay still

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I was going to suggest rubber pads, but I see that has been said!

Just wanted to thank you for bringing a laugh to my morning with the visual of children using the furniture like a theme park! We get a lot of that at my house too, glad I am not the only one!

Have a great day


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Buy that rubber grip stuff for cabinets and cut it to fit the tips of the legs. You can find it where the shelf liner is in KMart.

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We use the stick-on rubber pads, I think they are by 3M and we bought them in the same section where they sell the felt pads. Works great, your furniture will NOT move.

Hi M.,

We have the same problem...We went to Lowe's and got the rubber bottom pads. They are in the same section as the felt pads. We found that the couch will still move a little if you throw yourself onto it, but it isn't as much with the felt pads. Hope this helps. :)

I had the same problem and I went to Lowes and got some rubber type pads that stick on the legs of the couch....hasn't moved an inch since I put them on!! Good luck!

How about getting some of those rubber things that you put under your rugs so they don't slide. You can cut it down to a small piece that fits under the feet of the couch. You can even use those rubber things for your shelves but you have to be careful b/c some make the floor change color. There are specific rubber backs for the hardwood floors. I got mine at World Mkt if you have one of those.
You could try pieces of cardboard or pieces of carpet cut small but that may slide too. You could even get some type of rubber in the floor/chair pads section that you can just stick to the bottom of the pads that you already have.

I have had this problem for years and I've tried nearly everything mentioned in this article. The ONLY thing I have found that really keeps my sectional from sliding (even with two teens in the house) is called "Couch Clamp." It is a large elastic band that goes around the legs of your sectional and snaps it back into place every time!

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