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How to Keep My 6 Week Old from Getting My Toddler's Flu?

Help!! My 2 1/2 year-old developed a fever of 103 yesterday and woke up vomiting this morning. Last time he had the stomach flu, he just wanted me to hold him the whole time, which I don't mind, but this time we have a complication: we now have a 6 week-old baby living in our house! Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas on how to keep my newborn from getting this stomach bug while still helping my toddler to feel loved and cared for while he is sick...I am at a loss.

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I would recommend if alright by the pediatrician starting baby on a liquid infant multivitamin like Baby Plex as well as good hand washing and is baby breastfeeding or getting formula?

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I would also say to not worry, especially if you are nursing. I have heard stories of the whole family getting sick but not the baby because of the immunities the baby was getting in breastmilk.

You really are going through it!
I assume you're not breastfeeding, what with your diagnosis and surgery. Human milk has marvelous anti-infective properties. If it's something you'd be comfortable with, consider giving your baby some donated milk, either from a nursing friend or through an organization such as www.milkshare.com. You've already gotten great advice about handwashing and such; a little mama milk would be an additional immunity boost for your baby.
Best wishes to you.

Keep them far apart, naturally. Chlorox wipe everything and clean your sinks daily. Keep the baby in your room or his room as much as possible. And other than sanitizing just rest. Keep the baby in the playpen and other things where the 2 1/2 year cannot touch it. Maybe even fence in the playpen so the 2 1/2 year can't get close. Explain to the 2 1/2 year old that the baby can't get sick.

But in general the baby probably still has your immunities. I would worry about you getting sick at this point. REST!

oh and keep your toddler on the Bananas Rice, Applesauce and Toast/Bread diet 3 to 5 days past him vomiting.....or you'll have a mess after nap time or what not even if he is acting normal.


I would recommend if alright by the pediatrician starting baby on a liquid infant multivitamin like Baby Plex as well as good hand washing and is baby breastfeeding or getting formula?

HI J.,
well if your trying to keep your baby from getting the flu than i have some things to tell you.
1. wash your hands before touching the baby.
2. don't let you sick lil one get near the baby till he is better.
is there anyone to help you out with kids? if there is let them take care of the baby till the other is feeling better. if not possible ,try your best to spend time with the both of them.

With other kids there is no guarantee on keeping them from each other. Main thing is to make sure you all have had the flu vaccines, your 2 1/2 year old and any adults around your newborn, that doesn't cover the stomach flu.
My suggestion is you continue to use hand sanitizer, if you have to hold him (which all kids need when they are sick) is you lay a towel on the front of you so you can remove it when you need to tend to your newborn. Keep things wiped up, washing hands often, laundry in hot water.
Hugs, it is miserable and I am so sorry! Make sure your toddler gets nowhere near the baby, just explaining the baby cannot get sick. Cover mouths with elbows (not hands) if coughing too or sneezing!
Good luck! Hugs!

You didn't mention, but if you're nursing there's very little chance of the baby getting it. Even with formula, babies that young don't typically get stomach bugs. The ped. just told me this when my 6 month old was vomiting. It's pretty rare, I guess. I hope this is short lived! The idea about an outfit for each of them is a great idea. I never thought of that. Maybe Daddy can spend some extra time with each of them. GL! Hope everyone gets better soon, and your biopsies come back normal.

Viral gastroenteritis (AKA stomach flu) is passed through hand-mouth contact. So - don't let the 2 year old kiss the baby (avoid kissing him on th mouth, too) or touch the baby unless his hands are just washed. I would get a hand sanitiser, and use it after every contact with your toddler (wash first, then use the sanitiser, especially after changing diapers or cleaning up vomit, and before fixing any food, especially baby's bottle or nursing).

Good news is, the bug is usually short-lived (less than a week) and at 6 weeks your baby probably has enough immunities from you to avoid a serious illness. If, by chance, he does get sick, make sure to keep him well hydrated (but don't give him water unless the pediatrician tells you to, stick with nursing or formula) and he'll probably be ok.

See if you can get someone to help you with a few things, like tidying the house and fixing meals, and maybe even with the kids, for a bit each day. Your mom or your hubbys might be willing to come if they live nearby, or maybe a good friend or neighbor, or a women's group from church. You may even want to consider asking your husband to take a day or two off work to help (I believe his company has to let him take sick days to care for sick children, even if he is the Dad. It's not just for moms anymore). There should be people willing to help if you ask, especially with your own recent surgery.

Good luck, especially with the biopsy and all. Hang in there!

Hi J.,

I think if you are breastfeeding, your own immune system will help protect your baby through the milk.

I am sure there will be other informative bits of wisdom from our crew of mommies, so read on and good luck.

a 6 week old shouldn't get it. The immunities running in their bodies are pretty good when they are that little. Although just take precautions wash your hands a lot, don't let your sick child too close. I had a house full of family when my son was a few weeks old and everyone else got it except for me and my baby. I think you will be okay just wash wash wash. At least baby isn't at the stage where he is putting everything in his mouth.

wash wash wash your hands! maybe when you're holding your toddler, wear a hoodie or sweater just with him. then take it off when you go to your other children. germs on your clothing, etc.

other than that - just wash your hands, have your other boys wash theirs too! and that, i imagine is all you can do.

i am curious as to what advice you'll get on this question. i am anxious to read your responses!

sorry your little one is sick - there's so much yuck going around this winter. and congrats on the new baby!

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