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How to Keep a Black Sink Clean?

Hi! We got a beautiful new black sink but the problem is, all of the cleaners leave a residue and we have white water spots everywhere. Does anyone have a good cleaner to recommend (both for daily use and "deep cleaning")? Thanks!

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Something like K-Boom or Zep tub and tile is wonderful. Spray and wipe it down with a sponge. It will shine.

Hello. I used to have a beautiful black sink. I used liquid Mr. Clean on it. It would leave it shiny and no dull residue left. Good Luck.

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I agree with a previous poster...seal it with a car wax once it's clean and you won't have spots at all. And the Amway product is called Hard Surface Protectant and it is wonderful!!!

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For cleaning a black sink I would suggest to use vinager or lemon juice and water

Amway has a liquid cleaner that is suppose to seal but I used it on my two black sinks in my dream home I had to give up through divorce. I had to wipe the sinks out every time we used them and one was the kitchen sick. This shined it and made it look nice. I can not remember the name of it. You can also use auto car wax once in awhile. I used to use a buffer and wax on my tubs until one time we had a visitor and he said the shower he used was really slick. G. W

We also have a beautiful new black sink and love it. We haven't used anything on it but dishwashing liquid. Use a heavy dose, wash down the entire sink, rinse and you are finished. If your water is hard enough to leave spots, dry with a paper towel after rinsing.

Hello. I used to have a beautiful black sink. I used liquid Mr. Clean on it. It would leave it shiny and no dull residue left. Good Luck.

There is a line of products made by Tilelab available at home depot that I use, specifically the natural stone cleaner and sealer spray.

This might not work at all but you might try it. I tried to clean a black vehicle one time and streaks and spots kept coming back...I didnt know i was supposed to use a shammy. YOu could try it on the sink. Just a regular car shammy. After you clean it just finish it dry with that and it might keep the white water spots from coming back. It worked on the black car! Hope you figure something out.

I have a black sick and all I use is dish soap and a scuber. anything else I use leaves residue behind especially softscrub. I use Ms Meyers for my counter tops so I wipe down the top part of the sink with that. Then when it starts to look stainy around both drains from dumping tea and coffee in there, I just pour clorex just around each drain and scrub, then rinse because the fumes are too much, but it gets the job done.

When I got my black granite sink, they told me to use Soft Scrub. I do sometimes have water spots. If your sink is granite, be sure and read the labels on whatever you choose, because there are some things that will harm the granite.

Mr. Clean won't leave a residue if rinsed well. I also use 409 when decontaminating after using raw meat etc.

Something like K-Boom or Zep tub and tile is wonderful. Spray and wipe it down with a sponge. It will shine.

there is a product called Barkeeper's Friend and it is sold in the scouring powder section of the store. You will have to rinse well, but it is an excellent cleaner and I do use it on black sinks. Again, just rinse really well. It works great on white and stainless too!

Hi A.,
I'm into health, etc... and that includes the non-toxic cleaners. When I first started using them I thought I was just doing the right thing, but I have discovered they often clean better than what I was using before. I got so involved I became a distributor. I do not have a black sink, but I love what I use and I think it will do a great job. For general information follow this link: http://www.shaklee.net/healinghappens/prodHou
The product I specifically think you would like for your sink is this: http://www.shaklee.net/healinghappens/product/00015

Shaklee will work well and won't leave a residue, especially if you use a microfiber sponge or cloth with it. It really scrubs and won't leave anything behind. Plus, it's safe for your family and the environment. Bonus! Good luck!

I like Bar Keepers Friend. I use on stainless steel & our bathtub.

I don't think anyone mentioned this... but do you have a water softner on your faucet? My MIL told me the other day that I need to put a water softner on my shower head to prevent the hard water spots on my green tile. Thought the same would probably apply with your sink.

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