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How to Get the Throw up Smell Out of a Car Seat

My daughter threw up in her car seat last week. I have tried everything that I know of to get the throw up smell out of the car seat cover & have not been successful. Any ideas of things that I can try to get the smell out?

I have washed it in the washing machine with detergent & again with vinegar, I have sprinkled baking soda on it & vacuumed it out & I have sprayed it with Febreeze & a mixture of vinegar & water. I can still smell the throw up...

Thank you!

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Don't forget to clean the straps. When I had a child get sick, I had the same problem. I finally realized it was the straps.

You could use a little Oxy Clean which you can find at any store, works like hydrogen peroxide but is safer on fabrics & carpet. Also, you could try Odo-Ban from Sam's Club. It's a commercial product used by a lot of medical janitorial services that need to clean up after patient spills of various body fluids. It works. It's a little pricey, but will do the trick.

Hi S.,
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Odo-Ban from Sam's - that stuff is wonderful!! My girlfriend's son threw up in her car as well - on the seats, his car seat and even the carpet floor board. I gave her my bottle to use and she was blown away by it's effectiveness. It not only cleans away the gunk but kills the bacteria. It also has a very pleasant odor - there is NO ODOR LEFT BEHIND from the original incident.

My heart goes out to you - I hope with all of the great responses - you'll find the solution that works best for you.


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Try Nature's Miracle from PetSmart, it is for animal messes (stains and odors), but we discovered the enzymes work for people messes too.

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Make sure it didn't get down in the car seat itself- not just the car seat cover. It may have even gotten into the big seat and the seat belt area.

I dont know.All I can say is I feel your pain!!Yuck!I had the same thing happen two days ago only to my carpet.i have even steam clean it and still can smell it.I plan on reading all the advice your getting and trying it.I just wanted you to know your not alone.

Did you take the cover off and throw it in the washer? Most (but not all) of the covers are machine-washable.

charcoal also helps remove odors......put some pieces of charcoal on something (a plastic plate, tin foil, etc.) and set on it.....it absorbs odors and you can then discard

we use Nature's Miracle from PetSmart on all stinky spills or accidents. it works great

I'm sure it doesn't help that it then bakes in the sun in the car either! Did you wipe everything else plastic down with a mild bleach solution? We're talking every nook and cranny and I know there are tons of them. I'd also try Nature's Miracle pet stain removal it really gets rid of stink. When our dog was a puppy it got rid of a very gross situation from our apartment carpet. You might want to treat the actual car with it too just in case! And with the straps, use something a hosiery or swim wear cleaner like Hosiery Mate which will keep them from falling apart, you only need to hand wash then air dry them.

Hi S.,
Have you tried using Solumel or Botanical Solugard? They will do a deep cleaning, and disinfect and rid the smell. You can order this from Melaleuca. I will be glad to order it for you. The Solumel has multiple uses. You can reach me at ###-###-####. Have a wonderful day! :*)

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