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How to get rid of menstrual-like cramps during pregnancy?

I am about 19-20 weeks pregnant and have been having menstrual-like cramps for about 2 or 3 days. I have also begun to have pretty bad lower back pain that radiates to my thighs as of at least a week ago. Both pains are pretty constant; just wondering if this is normal? I also just started drinking caffeine again about a week ago but did not have any during my first trimester. I have been drinking 1-1 1/2 mugs in the morning. Maybe this is causing it? Thanks-am

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Usually when women get menstrual cramps while they are pregnant it's because the uterus is stretching making room for baby. Do check with your doctor to make sure nothing serious is going on.

So What Happened?™

Dear beautiful moms,
thank you for all of your advice. just wanted to say that I drank a lot of water on Friday and cut down on coffee just in cast that had something to do with my cramps. they have pretty much completely subsided, so I feel much better!

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the baby may be pressing on something or you may have an infection. if the pain worsens this weekend go to labor and delivery in the hospital. has nothing to do with caffeine! Actually if you are still having this pain right now go to labor and delivery right now. you may be contracting. go now!

If you're having these kind of cramps you should go to the labor and delivery to get monitored or call you Doctor. It may be your uterus just practicing for the real thing. Sure or unsure it doesn't hurt to just get monitored. Usually, if you are in labor it would be a consistant cramping that gets worst and then becomes closer to each other. I had 3 pregnancies already and everyone of them was different. Everytime I wasn't sure of what I was feeling, I went to labor and delivery (here at the Av hospital) And everytime they would send me back home. But at least I was able to relax and know that everything was okay instead of staying at home not knowing if it was normal or not. Everyone's pregnancy is different and only you know you're own body. I believe you can go straight to L&D at 20 or more weeks. If not call your doctor, they can monitor as well in their office. Since this is your 3rd pregnancy, and you didn't have this before, I would definately call the Doc. The pain radiatin down your leg is probably a nerve or ligament pain....so call your Doc....they won't mind even if you call everyday. I'm sure they'll talk about you...but at at least you know if you and your baby is ok.

Call your DR. Thats what he/she is there for. Please be sure you are getting enough water, calcium, protien, and not restricting salt. I was a doula for 13 years. Don't be fearful, be smart. You're a good mama. If they are not contractions, no problem! It's just hard for the mama to know for sure sometimes.
Love to you, please let us know how you are, okay?

I had strange pains that were my groin muscles stretching but if you are concerned see your DR. You have been through this before and it sounds like this may be different for you.
I don't think it is the coffee, but why go back to it at all? It can effect the baby and make it jittery. I accidently drank a Mountain Dew(without realizing it had caffiene) and my baby did flip flops for like 2 hrs after- I looked on the label and swore off caffiene for the rest of the pregnancy. They do not have enough info yet on the long term effects of caffiene on the fetus-it is worth it to wait.

I would go and see your doctor, but also is it your siatic? I had bad siatic pain with my pregnancy. Try and see a chiropractor who can help releave that pain if that is what it is.

Hi A.

Usually when women get mentral cramps while they are pregnant it's because the uterus is stretching making room for baby. I'd check with your OBGYN. A phone call doesn't hurt...see what they have to say.


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