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How to Get Rid of GAS in an Infant

Does anyone have an ideas how to get rid of GAS? My daughter is only 1 month old, and has gas so bad, that she cries after she eats. I've tried rubbing her stomach, mylicon drops, warm compresses on her stomach, warm baths and laying her on my stomach. I don't lay her down after she eats for 30 mins, then I lay her down, but she cries from the gas. She is bottle feed with breast milk and formula. I have tried to just breast feed, but she wont latch on.. I'm open to any suggestion to get rid of the gas. Thank you for all your help, it's greatly appericated.

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for my son, the answer was getting rid of dairy, eggs and soy from my diet. He's highly intolerant/allergic to all of those things. Fortunately I was able to produce enough breastmilk to not use formula, but if you aren't in that situation, you'd likely need to switch to a hypoallergenic formula like Neocate. This type of misery in a tiny baby is almost always a food intolerance and it is usually to dairy. I can tell you all about elimination diets and that type of thing if you are interested. My email is ____@____.com My son is 20 months old now and he's still intolerant to dairy (he'll get gassy and scream if he eats it) but he's actually allergic to soy now (screaming and hives). It really isn't uncommon at all.


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We did all the same stuff as Christi H below including the Gripe Water and bicycle motion. It did relieve the gas. There is a chiropractor in town who specializes in babies. She has worked on my daughter since she was 3 days old and me while I was pregnant. She is very good and will be able to help with the gas issue. Chiropractic for life, ###-###-####, Dr. Koury. We went through this on an extreme level with our son. He cried a lot and it was very stressful. A lot of things will relieve the gas but getting the baby checked out and adjusted most often eliminates it. Dr. Koury is GREAT and LOVES babies. She is also very gentle. My 9 month old baby loves her.

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There is a product called Happi Tummi that I found for my daughter and it works amazingly well. http://www.happitummi.com/
Its a wrap for her tummy that has an herbal pouch in it that you warm up in the mic. We did all the same things you are doing for helping relieve the pain after feeding. You might want to add an incline to her bedding, they say 45 degree angle is best so she is never flat on her back.
My daughter is almost 8 months old and still has "reflux" which is basically gas. While it is getting better slowly, I still have to burp her all the time (including when she wakes from a sound sleep and starts crying- I sit her up and pat/rub her back and 2-3 burps come out and then she'll fall right back to sleep every time).

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Hi, S.. When my kids were babies and got gas, the pharmacist gave me elixer of catnip and fennel. It relieved them right away. Admittedly that was a few years ago, but you could check with your pharmacy and see if they still carry it.


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Hi S.,
I feel your pain! Your poor little one. What I would suggest is eliminating dairy from your diet.
Trying the Playtex bottles with the bags and a product called Colic Calm. It has charcoal in it that absorbs the gas and helps it to pass. It is basically Gripe Water with charcoal, lots of feel good ingredients to help your daughters belly. I didn't give as much as they say to give and it still helped my little girl. She was very colicky and screamed 6hrs. a day.
Best wishes to you and your sweet little baby!
S. G.

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Hi, I would recommend Nicole McInerney at http://remembertobreathecenter.com - she turned my baby's digestive issues around almost overnight. She can show you specific massages to help get rid of the gas. I can't tell you how much of a difference it made for the pain my baby was in. All the doctor's had said was wait it out.

Good luck.

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Have you tried "Gripe Water"? There are probably several forms of it but the one I have found at Walgreen's and Rite Aid as well as health food stores is called Baby Bliss, I believe (this is for my granddaughter). It contains ginger and herbs and sugar and no synthetics or drugs. However, when I was searching the shelves at Walgreen's the pharmacists said that he had gotten the most and best feedback on the gripe water than any of the other products he had dispensed in recent months and was very curious how our little one would do with it. My granddaughter only needs about 1/2 teaspoon and within ten minutes or so, she relaxes and is able to enjoy life again. She was also having a hard time latching on and she takes in quite a bit of air so using the gripe water is an every day event and it can safely be used up to four or six times a day (can't remember -- just read label). Also, Hyland's and Borion both make homeopathic products that are good but we have just found that the Baby Bliss seems to work quickly and well enough that we don't need the others. If your little one is really suffering, you might find the Hyland's or Borion are more effective though they need to be given every 15 minutes until the symptoms subside. Good luck to you! Grandma L.

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I thought it was gas with my baby...then I thought it was just colic. But after 2 MONTHS of crying and crying (yeah me too!) it was just a simple thrush. No one told me that thrush hurts their little throat so after they eat it drives them nuts! I know thrush is supposed to be very white all over their tongue but it wasn't that visible in my baby. I spoke with the La Leche League lady and told her EVERYTHING. And she figured it out quite quickly. =) A simple remedy (gen zinc violet<sp>) and he was fine! Such a different baby! And (a blessing) now he has a super tolerance for pain! =)

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This might sound strange, but my son had the same problem and I finally took him to see a natural chiropractor. The babies can be all twisted up after birth and they can actually adjust an infant. Afterwards, my son's gas problems faded away almost instantly. I saw a N.U.C.A. doctor who adjusts the neck only. But all chiropractors would know how to help. I have a friend who's a chiropractor and he always adjusts his newborns after birth. Just something you may want to try. Hope it helps. I know how exhausting it is to have a baby with gas!

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