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How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Microfiber Couch?

I didn't realize my son was playing with a permanent marker until it was too late! There are a few marks on our new microfiber couch... There had been ink on it and I used Windex to get it out, but the marker is not coming out! Any suggestions?

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Oreck's carpet cleaner gets permanent marker out of carpets, might work for a couch too (?). It's about $30 a bottle, but it is the most amazing carpet cleaner I've ever used. Good luck!

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I read on-line that Rave hairspray or Goop can help to get it out. You may have to go through a few rounds until it's completely gone.

Oreck's carpet cleaner gets permanent marker out of carpets, might work for a couch too (?). It's about $30 a bottle, but it is the most amazing carpet cleaner I've ever used. Good luck!


I am not sure if this would work on microfiber but it worked great on painted things and flooring. I used lemon essential oil. It dissolves the permanent marker after some firm scrubbing.

Good luck,


The only thing I know that will take out marker is Tough and Tender and Sol-u-mel, both sold by Melaleuca. I can help you get this if you'd like. It works. It took marker and oil paint out of my carpet just today.


They said and showed us when we bought our microfiber couch that Rubbing Alcohol will get the stains (even permanent marker out), they showed us and we bought the couch. I have used rubbing alcohol on many things and so have my friends. It got all of the stains right out. Good luck!

I would call the phone number for the manufacturer of the microfiber couch and ask them or look it up on their website. I do have a microfiber couch also and it has been my experience that not all types of cleaning solutions can be used on it.

Best of luck,

I always use baby wipes. They scrub everything out! Ink, make-up, etc. I am not sure about permanent marker but worth a try!

I don't know if it was a fluke or not, but Mr. Clean Magic Eraser worked on my couch once with a marks-a-lot.

Hi D. F, you will need to check the fabric first to see if this method fades the color, but try hair spray (any kind). It gets out ball point pen ink as well.
Spray it on and blot DO NOT RUB and dont let the hair spray dry, blot immediately. After it is all out clean the area with mild soap and water and let dry. It should look "good as new".
Good luck!
M. A.

I use greased lighting on stuff like this and it seems to work (got it off floors, desk, kid windows not sure what else he got it on) BUT I would spray some on the underside in a place you cannot see first to see how it reacts with your couch. I buy it at Walmart in the cleaner aisle for about 2.00 a bottle. HTH

My son did the same thing. Try rubbing alcohol. Apply gently and bring your patience. Good luck!

Regular nail polish remover worked for me on my carpet but you might want to try in on a place on the couch 1st that's not visible to see if it takes the color out.

i would try sol-u-mel from melaleuca. look them up on line. i have used it and it gets just about anything out!

Use plain rubbing alcohol and a white towel to scrub. My son got some on my microfiber recliner. Lots of elbow grease later, it looks fine. Just keep wetting the spot and when the towel gets dirty looking, switch to a clean area of the towel.

My daughter did this too..I used the Mr Clean Magic Eraser along with a damp sponge and dish soap. It takes awhile, but it came out. Oh, and dry it with a hair dryer or fan or else it will leave water marks. Hope you can get it out!

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