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How to Get Our 5 Year Old Out of Our Bed.

My 5 year old daughter (soon to be 6) comes in our bed everynight. We tried putting her back in her bed she is always back a few minutes later. We tried rewarding, taking away, grounding nothing works. Everynight she runs through her list of why she can not sleep in her bed. What if there is a fire, what if someone breaks in, it is too dark, my belly hurts, bad dreams. My husband and I need to sleep. We want our bed back. Any advice?

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You may think this is crazy but there is a T.V show called Super Nanny who deals with many of these same problems. I have only seen it a few times but she really gives some good advice.

My sister had the same problem and they never were able to solve the problem. My brother in law ended up sleeping in bed with their son until he was in 5th or 6th grade.

When i saw this show super nanny I said My sister never tried that. They may have worked. I think the show is on ABC (?)
Just an idea.


We were having the same issue in the middle of the night...I made watching a tv show a priveledge only available to one who wakes up in their own bed...works great for my 4 almost 5 year old, the 2.5 year, not so much :)...good luck!

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Maybe you can try to have a mattress or sleeping bag at the side or foot of your bed that she can quietly sneak into to be near you.

also, my 3 year old who has always been my good sleeper, started doing this also recently. so the last few nights he has slept with my 5 year old in his queen bed, (we sleep them sideways so they have even more room) and they've both slept peacefully all night long!!!

My son saw a really cool batman alarm clock he wanted. But he had to stay in his own bed for a week to 'earn' it. And once he got the clock, he had to remain in his own bed to keep it.

If you figure this out, let me know. I have a 4 year old who does the same thing. I am happy to report that 2 nights this week she stayed in her own bed all night long, though. I let her fall asleep in our bed at night and carry her to her bed once she is alseep. She comes back every night, but like I said, she is starting to stay in every once and awhile. I have two other children and they sleep in their own beds every night. My oldest used to be like my 4 year old and she stays in her room, unless there is a storm or something major going on in school. Then I have to lay in her double bed with her. I guess it is my cross to bare, but I know my 4 year old will grow out of this, and since she is my last child, I don't let it bug me too much. They grow up so fast! Good luck!

Sounds like all her reasons are "bad dream" caused. Figure out what really scared her so she can get thru this.

Ha ha. No advice, just glad we are not the only ones with this problem. I will keep an eye out on answers to see if it can help us also. My daughter will be 6 in Oct. and has never slept a day in her own bed!!! You are not alone!!!!

Hi! I have the EXACT same problem!! Can get annoying on some nights. I do let her fall asleep in my bed, then carry her to her's. Then without fail, sometime between midnight and 2 am she is back! I have not found anything to help...so I hope SOMEONE has some good ideas!! lol. But I remember as a baby my daughter always wanted to be held when she slept as opposed to be put down anywhere....and being my first, I know I spoiled her by cuddling with her and letting her sleep with me. So maybe I created this mess...?? But I also read a cute article about this problem. The author asked her son why he kept coming into her room and didn't want to sleep in his room. He said because there was nobody to cuddle with in his room. So I think of that when I am shifting over to make room for my daughter at night! And I am hopeful that a teenage girl will not like to sleep in moms room...so I guess I have about 6 more years LOL!!!
Good luck and I hope you do find some tricks so I can try them out too

Now I'm nervous after reading your post and all the responses!!! We started having this problem a few months ago, after my 3 year old daughter got sick. She was throwing up so we kept her in our bed for the night. After that she didn't want to sleep in her bed, but I could NOT have her in my bed (too much kicking and squirming)!!! So I set up a comforter on the floor with a pillow and blanket... now here we are months later, she'll go to bed in her room but usually ends up coming into my room sometime during the night (sometimes not until 5 or 6 am though). The good thing is that she comes in and goes right to her spot without waking me up, the bad thing is that I have no idea how to get her to stop. Perhaps you could set up her own spot on your floor, maybe even an inflatable bed. I do hope that you get your bed back soon!!!

Hi there,
I have the SAME exact problem with my 5 yo son. He starts off in his bed and always ends up in ours. We have not used any discipline bc I don't think it is that kind of issue, however we do need our bed back. I fear he will be 12yo and still sleeping with us!

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