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How to Get Marker/pen/colored Pencils off Furniture?

My 3.5 year old is obsessed with marking all over the house with markers, pens, colored pencils, sometimes crayons. We punish her, we take them away and hide them but that little stinker manages to root them out of their hiding places and start it again, drawing all over herself too. Is there any cleaner that is effective in getting the permanent (non-washable) markers and pens out of furniture? She's drawn all over dressers (wood and wood veneer surfaces), our stainless steel refrigerator (I had a heart attack with that one...), the carpet (I know, right?), the brick fireplace... the list goes on... Any cleaning advice that really works is what I'm looking for!! Thanks so much in advance!

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Like many others...the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (Extra Power is even better) gets out Sharpies. I used to teach in the inner city and would use it to remove graffiti. It's truly "magic" and would work on the fridge, dressers, fireplace, etc. That being said, if you're a perfectionist like me, you'll notice that it does remove the sheen from glossy paint a little. So, try a test spot. I'd use Spot Shot for rugs. Good luck and switch to Color Wonder by Crayola.

try hairspray, I know it removes ink form some things


try hairspray, I know it removes ink form some things

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For the fabrics I recommend Spot shot. It's around $5 a bottle. You can find it at Walmart and most grocery stores. Blue bottle with an orange top. While we were out of town our dog cut her foot and we came home to dried blood all over the living room carpet and "her" chair. Spot Shot got every bit of it out. When my son went through his Picasso stage, he colored my beige couch (and I mean COLORED - we honestly thought we were going to have to replace it) with black permanent marker...again spot shot saved the day. When he decided to redecorate the couch cushions with red sharpie...spot shot saved the cushions. It does smell a little strong...not bad, kind of like undiluted carpet cleaner. So I usually go over things with my steam cleaner with water to help with the smell, but it's not something I have to do. I also use spot shot on my clothes for bad or greasy stains. For the non fabric items, the magic erasers work pretty well on most spots (but I usually test a small area first).

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I know something great if it is in your wal-mart. It is the blue spray bottle of Dawn dish cleaning spray. It is like power dissolve. It works wonders. It will even take out oil, red mud, and pen from clothes. I just spray it on and drop the clothes in the wash. I have used it to even get melted crayon off my car set. I was so upset when I found that gift.

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mr clean magic erasers are amazing for nearly everything! also the color magic line is fabulous bc they only work on the magic paper.

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i actually just answered a question very similar to this! lol. so i am going to cute and paste my response if you dont mind!

i use sol-u-mel. it is the best stain fighter EVER. i use it to get the pen, marker, juice, syrup, etc out of our microfiber sofa. It has also taken marker, hot sauce, and chocolate soy milk out of our carpets (which are a very pale off white/gray berber) it helps deodorize too. you have to buy it online, and im not sure how you feel about that, but for me its worth it. i just started buying all of my cleaning stuff through them, it made it a lot easier. http://www.HealthySafeAndClean.com is where you can go if you want to check it out. Just fill out an information request and say that you want to know about natural stain fighters, someone will call you with the details.

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If you have leather furniture that she has marked on, a good place to go for help is http://www.thatleatherguy.com and contact a guy named Todd, who has been in business for thirty years. (By the way, this is not Todd writing an ad for himself - it is his bride speaking. I'll grant you that my opinion may well be prejudiced, but I can tell you that he is well-respected and well-known in the trade, that really knows what he's doing, that he won't take your money if it's not worth it for you to fix it.) Speaking from my own experience with leather furnishings, it would not be recommended for you yourself to attempt to clean something off leather without your first knowing what kind of leather you have (there are over 200 kinds of finishes, so it would be difficult for you to know) and what it's tolerances are (some are cleanable, some are not). And the technique used to remove marker, etc., would depend upon what your daughter used to write with.

I empathize with your daughter's urges - I distinctly remember being caught drawing with red crayon on my mother's soft green wallpaper. I thought I was beautifying the wall, but I quickly found out Mother did not feel the same way! :)

As for a solution about restricitng access to the markers: how about keeping them in a little cash box or tool box that has a lock on it. That way even if she finds their hiding place, she still can't get at them. Can't imagine that what's in those permanent markers is really very good for the body, so I'd be in favor of taking a strong measure like that.

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Well, I have tried sol-u-mel even as recent as last week, and it does NOT take any stains out for me!

Use glycerin for the carpet, Goof Off for the wood and brick and stainless steel, and if you have leather, use Neutrogena face soap on a damp cloth.

Good luck!

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Sometimes on hard furniture a magic rub eraser (like the kind from art class in school) will take off permanent marker. Hairspray takes ink out of almost anything... you just have to spot test to make sure it won't leave a mark. Usually you can use the hairspray to get out the ink and then use warm water to get rid of the hairspray.
Good luck with your little artist!

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mr. clean magic eraser - i have no idea how it works - but it got nail polish (a rubbed off from my finger nail) off the wall

also, take away all her writing utensils and get the color wonder markers and paper. the markers only work on the specified paper

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