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How to Get Crayon Out of Carpet

A friend of mine has a two year old and he colored the carpet. I was wondering if any of you have had success with getting crayon out of carpet.

What can I do next?

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Thank you all for your ideas and "solutions". she said she got it out with vinegar water and elbow grease. Thanks again!!

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If you go to crayola.com, they have a FAQ section that details how to get it out. I dont' remember the specifics, but I used it and it worked. I also first try baby wipes on everything...it works great on the marker stains.

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I've steam cleaned it out before-but beware because RED is the hardest color to get out. Since crayon is mostly wax and dye the wax responds to melting by the hot water in the steam cleaner. The dye comes up with the steam cleaning solution but no garuntees on red.

Another way is to treat it like you do wax-paper towels and ironing it up.

I do not recommend a product called Goo Gone. That I have tried and failed with.

If all else fails color the carpet all over for a unified look...just kidding.

Hope this helps.

theres 2 things you can do

1)Put an ice cube on the area and scrape all that you can from the surface.
Put down at least 3 layers of paper towels and use a warm iron to melt and absorb the wax. Keep doing this and then let it cool and do it again until no wax is being absorbed
To remove the remaining color, try the product "Simple Green" It is usually sold in the automotive department of Discount stores like Wal-Mart.
This is what I did to remove the stains from a carpet of a rental house and it worked GREAT. Simple Green also removes crayon stains and marker from clothing and painted walls, doors and cabinets.

2)Scrape excess crayon off with a dull-edge knife or metal spoon. Spray with WD-40 and let stand a few minutes. With a small, stiff bristle brush work crayon stain and wipe with paper towels. Respray with WD-40 and apply liquid dishwashing detergent on the sprayed area; work in with the brush and wipe stain away with a damp sponge

many of the the crayons are now washable so come out with just water. you might try the magic erasers as well. they'll fall apart when used on carpet but you can vacuum it up. good luck

WD-40 is great with ALL kinds of things like this. Good luck.

Try a brown paper bag over the crayon and then run a hot iron over the bag....

If they are crayola, you can go to their website and there are suggestions on how to get all their products out of anything. Good luck.

If you go to crayola.com, they have a FAQ section that details how to get it out. I dont' remember the specifics, but I used it and it worked. I also first try baby wipes on everything...it works great on the marker stains.

If you have a stream cleaner I think it takes out just bout everything. Try it,,,, Im sure you might someone with one. Most carpret cleaners get out anything... Good luck let me know how it goes..

Good morning S.,
I marketet the best home products for an International Wellness company. They have many wonderful products that we all need and use everyday. They do happen to have one particular product that works extremly well for your problem. This product will guanranteed get the crayon out without ruining your carpet. I would love to share with you. Let me know and I will call you.

A. C

I work full time outside the home during the day and run a successful home biz in the evenings. I have been married to the man God chose for me, for 11 years and still desiring to have a child.

I sell a inexpensive product called mox i use it to get out everything it removes shoe polish from carpet so i think it would remove the crayons as well I can mail you some if you are interested. ###-###-####

Use a couple of layers of newspaper and with a hot iron, go over it as it starts to absorb the wax. Let it cool and do it again until no more wax comes out.
For the color you can use any carpet cleaner like vanish or oxy clean.

candle wax remover dissolves the crayon. It works great!

Use a hairdryer to heat it up and get it all melty and then it comes right up..

Put down some wax paper and a slow iron on top. The wax will go onto the paper. G. W

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