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How to Get Ballpoint Pen off of Vinyl?

Our five year old daughter took a ball point pen to her seat in the van recently and drew all over the vinyl arm rest, the wall under the window and the back of the chair in front of her. Hubby tried getting it out with baby oil and it did nothing. I suggested hair spray and alcohol but he doesn't like the smell of either. Has anyone else had to deal with this? Also, how do you get melted crayon out of auto carpet?

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OK, after a weekend of trying to get daughter's artwork off the van walls here's what I can tell you...nothing helped yet. I tried the Magic Eraser, hairspray, alcohol, fingernail polish remover, vinegar, toothpaste, baby wipes and Goo-Gone. These along with lots of elbow grease have not even lightened the area. So, the ink appears to be permanent. Thanks for all the great and often funny responses to my plea. If I ever find something that will work I'll let everyone know!


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Hi K..

Try a product called "Goo Gone". It works wonders!! It also gets out paint and varnish, gum, grease, tar, and glue! Good luck.


Super clean works great even takes permenant marker off. As far as crayons iron and wax paper. Little things my mother in law showed me. By the way sence you do have very young children peanut butter gets Gum out.

As far as the ink goes I have found that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes care of almost anything. I also use Scrubbing Bubbles on my fabric upholstery. You might try Goo Gone for the melted crayon. Melaleuca oil is good for dissolving sticky stuff too so it might help.

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The thing I have found that will pretty much remove anything is Clean and Clear Facial Astringent. I used it to take gentian violet (a purple dye)out of fake fingernails.

Have you tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?

Try Goo Gone on the marker..(try it in a small spot first)

and get some old rags and a hair dryer and heat the wax and dab with the rag until all the color is gone. May still leave a greasy spot, use the Goo Gone on the greasy spot.

Worth a try anyway.


You might try fingernail polish remover on the ink. sounds like you have had lots of good suggestions. The one for the crayon using the paper bag and iron should work on the crayon. I have done that before on candle wax. Good Luck!

I have used Magic Eraser to get pen off vinyl in my car. Good luck!


If he refuses to use hair spray and alcohol, then it is his own problem. Alcohol WILL get it out. He is just being stubborn.

As for the crayon, cover it with a brown paper bag, and use an iron to lift it out- it will go right into the paper.

ammonia - but your hubby will equally not like that...as for the crayon - have not a clue.... (ammonia does work - pitched a whole container of india (permanent) ink on a white carpet - managed to clean the whole mess up)....it's a chemistry thing - having to do with the size of molecular particles - park the car roll down the windows and have a go....
good luck

You might try the Mr. Clean magic eraser. I've used this for all sorts of things, even marker on painted walls and it didn't take the paint off but did remove the marker. I also used them to get scuff marks off of everything including the outside of the cars when I wash them. They really are magic.

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