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How to Get a Mustard Stain Out of a Shirt

I used spray and wash on my daughter shirt which had mustard all over it. I accidentally put it in the drier with all her other clothes (bad idea, I know). Since then I have washed it again using Spray and wash (have not dried it again). The stain has gotten better, but I want it all gone. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get rid of this stain for good?

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Oxy Clean Spot remover
Be prepared to fall in love
I suggest the large bucket
Woman's best friend

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Hey T.! I'm pretty fortunate w/ stains but I think it's b/c I take my "problem" ones to the "Queen of Clean", Linda Cobb (published author). She says apply glycerin (which can be found in the hand cream section) with paper towels using a lifting motion, allow to sit for 30-60 minutes. Pretreat & launder as usual. If the stain is not gone don't dry :) **If the fabric is white or colorfast soak in peroxide or a denture cleaning tablet for at least 30 minute, Then pretreat & launder. Good Luck :):)

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Old fashioned remedy passed down from my grandmother...a bar of Ivory soap and cold water. Wet the stained area and rub the bar of soap through the fabric - then rinse and wash. This has always worked for many different "spills", including blood!
Don't know if this will work on a shirt that has already been through the dryer, but it's worth a try.

dear T.,
dye the shirt yellow ;)

Soak it in oxy clean overnight and than use more oxy clean to work out the stain, wash again.

My old stand-by is liquid electric dish wash detergent. It seldom fails me.

IS the shirt white? If so, use diluted clorox/water on the stain with a tooth brush.

I once got carrot (baby food) stains out of one of my kid's outfits which also had gone through the dryer. I used Era brand detergent and it came out. I've been hooked ever since. I don't know if it will work for mustard but I guess it's worth a try! The spray stain removers never performed for me as well as Era. I still use it to this day.

I've had some sucess with are "Incredible" which I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond. Another trick to try is hairspray.

I use some stuff called "Degreaser". It is sold by Stanley Products and you can order off the internet, or get on the internet and they will set you up with someone locally who sells the products. Degreaser will ususally get anything out. If after it comes out of the washer and dryer and still has a little bit of a stain on it I put Clorox 2 (for colors) and mix with a little water and let the item sit in this for about a day then rewash and it will be gone.

Get Oxi Clean stain remover. It is in the laundry section. Mix solution in a bucket and soak the shirt overnight. Hope it works.

You might try the OXY clean spray, I've had good luck with that on various stains, although I can't for sure say I've tried it on mustard (I use the one for cleaning, not laundry.)

GooGone in the spray bottle seems to work wonders on tough stains.. I am out of it and fighting with a stain on my daughter brand new pants this week. I'm heading to the store today to get a new bottle..
Good Luck with the mustard stain!! =)

the only thing i have found that works is the clorox (sp?) for colors. put a generous amount on the stain ane let it sit for a long time (just don't let it dry) wash with the same stuff instead of your normal detergent. good luck!

STAIN DEVILS!!!! They are my friend! They come in little yellow bottles and have different kinds for different stains! You can find them in the grocery stores with the bleach, etc. They are a bit pricy, but worth every bit. My 8 year old is perpetually getting stuff on her clothes and throwing them in the hamper without telling me. They get thrown in the washer and dried before i have even realized it. I have used the Stain Devils, even after the stain set in and it works FANTASTIC!!!!!

I shop with Melaleuca Inc. for all my home needs. They have a great Pre-Spot Laundry Stain Remover that I have used to get dried banana out of clothes, ink of my suede sofa, and blood out of my white carpet. It even gets rid of ants! It is the best product out there and one I could not live without. Melaleuca also helps me same money and is an online shopping catalog where you become a member (like Costco) for only $29 one-time and $12/year afterwards. I get other services like loyalty shopping dollars (that Costco won't give you) that I spend on free products. I just spent over $80 dollars this month on free stuff!

If you want to know more about how you can save money and get green products that work better, contact me at:


Other websites:

Try spraying it with WD-40, let sit and then wash again!
Good Luck!

the very best thing for removing any stain I have recently found is Oxyclean Spray. I used it sfter haaving a mastectomy in June and where I din't heal there was a bloody drainage that got on my shirt everyday. I used the sray on them just before putting them in the washer and bam it was gone. I have used it on my 6 month old grandson's formula and baqby food stains and had excellent results everytime.

Oxy Clean Spot remover
Be prepared to fall in love
I suggest the large bucket
Woman's best friend

Oxiclean has worked great for me. Just place some oxiclean powder on the wet stain and keep it moist for about a day, scrub and/or repeat if neccesary.

Soak it in a VERY concentrated bucket/bowl of OxyClean and water. I had a pair of light tan shorts that had tons of hot pink spots on it for over a year. They were my all time favorite shorts and were acidentally washed with a hot pink top that bleed everywhere. My mom soaked them for 24 hours and it came out!!!! I could not believe it, after a year with the stains. I had washed and dried them 20 times with the stains (I used them to work in the yard and such, after they were ruined). Anyway, it's worth a try.

Try the Oxy Clean pre-treater. It works wonders on my 11 month old's stain, even after I have washed and dried them.

I use OxyClean in every wash load and have found it gets out almost every stain that my 2 year old gets on her clothes.

Here's the method I use:

Using the hottest water available, fill washer with just enough water to cover clothes. Add 4 scoops OxyClean (I use the store brand)and usual amount of detergent. Add clothes and agitate briefly. Turn off washer and allow clothes to soak, anywhere from one hour to overnight. Then finish filling washer with cold water (or desired temperature) and wash as usual. Check to see if stain is removed before drying. If not repeat until gone. Some really stubborn stains may need to go through this process 2-3 times but I find that most are gone with the first soak. I usually don't repeat the soaking process more than 3 times but the person who recommended this method to me does keep repeating until the stain is gone.

Good luck with the mustard stain!


Try Magic Wand. I found it at Hancocks Fabric store. Really good on grass stains, ink,blood,and several other stains. Really is GOOD STUFF!!!

I found a blueberry stain on my daughters yellow outfit, that had been on there for over a week..from a camping trip. I got it out with Oxyclean. I soaked it in the sink with the Oxyclean, then put some Oxyclean directly on the stain & rubbed it in. It looks brand new!
Good Luck!

I'm sure it's too late now since you have already put it in the drier, but I use LA Awesome from the Dollar Store on almost all of our clothes instead of Shout and Spray & Wash. In my opinion, it's better than the two mentioned above and it is much cheaper. It may not get everything out - I do resort to Oxiclean when it doesn't, but my luck with it has been pretty good - especially on dirty baseball pants!

Have you tried OxiClean. It got some real bad stains out for me. Make a paste of it and let set for awhile before washing. Good luck

Dreft has been a Godsend for me!! It gets out mustard AND carrots!!
Get the item and rub on some Dreft, then put it in a sink or bucket with a half gallon of water and 1/8 cup of Dreft and let is soak overnight! Then wash with the other stuff.

I have used this on dryer set stains too and it still works. Also works on grown-up stains too.

Hi T., you may have to treat it more than once, but either keep using the Spray and Wash, rinse with water, then apply it again until gone or try OxyClean then let it soak. The key is not to dry it if the stain is still present, retreat.

I used to be a spray and wash fan because that is what my mom always used. That is until I ruined some clothes because I put it on them and left it until I washed a few days later. The s&w left faded/bleached spots where I had sprayed.

I switched to Shout with the scrubby brush. It does not fade the clothes. If it is a bad stain I put it on both sides of the material then can leave it until ready to wash. I then put more on before washing. This usually does the trick.

I have on occasion accidentally put the piece of clothing in the dryer and not realized the stain was all the way out. I have put more Shout on, left it until washing, and it came out.

I have never had a stain not come out after 1-2 washing when using Shout. I have a 6yo and a messy husband who is bad about forgetting to change into a work shirt before doing such things as mowing the yard or working on his motorcycle.

Hi T.. Mustard is one of the most difficult things to get out at the best of times but having said that once you put a garment in the dryer it is impossible to get out. Have you thought about changing the colour of the shirt? It is worth a try considering you will probably throw the shirt out in its present state. Good luck.


what color is it.... if white use bleach... if another color try oxy clean spray and wash Ihave had good luck with that.... or shout in the gell form... and leave it sit for a while....S.

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