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How to find good pair of first shoes for infant with wide feet

Now that my 11 month old son has learned to walk and doing well at it I want to buy him a pair of walking shoes to wear when he is outside. I want something that is stylish but not bulky, comfortable, and that will be easy for him to walk in. I have tried a few different shoes (no specific name brand) but have had a hard time getting them on him because he has pretty wide feet and if I did manage to get them on him he had a hard time walking in them because they were bulky and not at all flexible. Any suggestions on a good pair of first shoes for him? I am willing to spend the money to find him a good pair of shoes that are comfortable and that will help him get around.

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Ideal first shoes for infant with wide feet, some moms suggested Robeez because they are a soft-soled shoe. But if the child is going outdoor, some parents went for brands like See Kai Run, Stride Rite, Pediped, etc. For first time parents, some suggested Nordstrom's is a great place to go for many reasons. First they are great with kids. They are also very helpful in finding the shoes that fit and can call around have them shipped to you or the store if you find one you like but it isn't there. Your child will have a great first time because they take a picture and will give them a gift. It is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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Stride rites are great, as well as Crocs. They have a Croc's lookalike brand at walmart that velcro's over the feet so they stay on. I bought my daughter some and they were only $5. And they're easy to clean as well!

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My guy has wide feet and Stride rite worked well for him. They have a variety of wides. New Balance does too. We also got him Robeez (they are made of soft leather and are great for early walkers.) He wore those a lot for the first few months and when it was wet or we were going to the park, he wore his stride rite tennis shoes. The combo of the two worked really well! Hope that helps. If you know what size to get and width Endless.com does free overnight shipping on shoes plus usually has them cheaper than the brand name sites. Saved us a few bucks!

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I have to agree with krista. Everymom I've talked to is telling me striderights and/or crocs. My son just started walking so I'm researching the outdoor shoe thing too even though he's not quite ready yet.

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My favorites for wide feet are stride rite, robeez tredz, and see kai run. All of them are very flexible with support for walking. You can get him sized at stride rite or nordstrom stores to make sure of the sizing! Once you get the correct size you can often find new shoes on ebay for cheaper than the stores. Good luck!

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Nordstom has the best shoes for kids and they do a good job fiting the kids. Also they make a big deal about geting the first walking shoes. They take a picture and give the kid a stuffed animal. Nordstom also carries wide shoes. All my kids had wide feet then as they grew their feet thined out. I like stride rite shoes.

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My guy has wide feet and Stride rite worked well for him. They have a variety of wides. New Balance does too. We also got him Robeez (they are made of soft leather and are great for early walkers.) He wore those a lot for the first few months and when it was wet or we were going to the park, he wore his stride rite tennis shoes. The combo of the two worked really well! Hope that helps. If you know what size to get and width Endless.com does free overnight shipping on shoes plus usually has them cheaper than the brand name sites. Saved us a few bucks!

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We've gotten shoes for our little walkers at Payless Shoes. They do have wide sizes and the salespeople are willing to help you find what you need. They're not top of the line by any means, but they should last until your little one outgrows them.


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Stride rites are great, as well as Crocs. They have a Croc's lookalike brand at walmart that velcro's over the feet so they stay on. I bought my daughter some and they were only $5. And they're easy to clean as well!

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Go to Nordstroms to have him fitted. They have a great return policy. They told me that if my child outgrows the shoe within 3 months they will take it back. Also after wearing new shoes all day, my friends daughter said they hurt her feet and Nordstroms took them back. Stride rite carries wide sizes. Robeez trendz, See Kai Run (I love these shoes), Pediped flex. Also try tinysoles.com.

Robeez (I think that's the name) are great. They're the soft leather shoes with elastic ankles.

We like See Kai Run, they're definitely on the expensive side ($36 for full-price) but they're super cute and approved by podiatrists for developing feet. At seekairun.com I got a pair on clearance for $26. We also have been able to find Stride Rite shoes that others have recommended at thrift stores for cheap (like $2 or $3)!

well i will put my .02 in here :) many people have suggested robeez and they are certainly nice but they aren't very durable.. by non walker blew through a pair in less than 2 months so i was going to buy a new pair but i found a better product. Carazoo i bought mine on eBay for 9.95 plus shipping (new not used)they are cute and the sole is so much more substantial. my little guy has been wearing them continuously since may and no wear through at all and he is a walker now :) HTH Becky

See Kai Run - they fit what you are looking for exactly, and tend to run a bit on the wider side, plus they are so extremely flexible that they adapt great to wider feet. Avail. at Nordstrom. And they are cute, cute, cute, you'll want to buy several styles when you see them!

The first shoes I bought for my son to walk were the See Kai Run brand. I found them at a consignment shop in Ballard. But you can find them on amazon.com, nordstrom and other places. You will spend around $40- but they are super stylish, flexible and really good support. Check out the website www.seekairun.com.

One other suggestion are Converse Chucks- these are surprisingly good as well- just a hassle to lace up on a squirming child! They run about $20.

I have found that whenever I have purchased shoes at places like Target, Baby Gap (except the Converse) or Janie & Jack they are more novelty shoes and not flexible or good for the feet. Even now that my son is wearing a size 11- they still don't seem comfortable.

I love a good bargain for clothing and often pay $5 or less for kids clothes on sale. But shoes are the one thing I will spend a little more on. Good luck!

I have a pair of Robeez for my 14 month old and I love them. I got them when he was 11 months and they are wonderful. They are very comfortable, lightweight, and can be worn outside or inside. Here is the website. :)


I'm a huge fan of Bobux shoes. My son was walking before he turned 9 months and they didn't have walking shoes small enough for him so the Bobux shoes were where we started and we loved them. He never took them off and they were adorable. He also started to walk perfectly without any toddling by about 10 months so I really buy into the doctor's recommendate that shoes that are like going barefoot are the best. My son is almost 3 and the bobux are still his favorites. We tried the Robeez but the elastic in the back hurt him. Additionally, unlike the Robeez, the Bobux shoes face their designs so the kids are looking at them right side up. We've used them as outdoor shoes too since my son has short, fat feet and other shoes never fit him. The Stride Rite outlet is a great place to get good shoes too. We use to get him fitted at Nordstroms and then go to the outlet store where we could more easily find XW shoes. If you want the bobux shoes, order online. http://www.bobuxusa.com/site/index.html Usually when you are shopping around on that site a coupon will come up for 15 or 20% off. Also, the discontinued shoes are a great way to save money on their site. Their customer service is awesome. We ordered one pair where they didn't seem to be sized right and they paid for us to return them and got us a new pair expressed out. We've bought over a 1/2 dozen of these shoes and they've been fabulous.

My daughter will be 1 on Sept 6th and she is just now getting pretty good at walking so we are going through the same shoe process. I got a nice used pair of Pediped shoes on Craigslist to try out and they seem to work quite well. I think we may go to Nordstrom and get her fitted though since so many have posted that it's a good place to do it. See Kai Run is also a great new walking shoe and I'm looking for a pair now. I did find some cute mary jane style shoes at Nordstrom Rack today that had a flexible sole so I bought them in the next larger size, once she's a little more steady on her feet.

You definitely need to get fitted for stride rite shoes. I bought a pair off of e-bay and it turns out they are way too shallow (not narrow, but my daughters forefoot is too fat for the toebox, if that makes sense). I didn't know they sell different sizes for thicker/thinner feet so now I need to have her measured so we get the right size.

I second the other moms suggestions, Nordstroms has a good selection and they do fitting rather well, of course there is also Stride Rite which lets admit has been around forever. The big thing is to make sure they fit properly.

try moccasins, they are soft and mold to his feet if you must put shoes on. Going barefoot if at all possible is the best thing for his feet.

We have always had great luck with Stride Rite. They have shoes designed specifically for various stages of development (pre-walkers, early walkers, etc.) and they come in a variety of widths, so they can accommodate wide feet (like your son's, and my son's, too). We buy ours at the Stride Rite outlet in Marysville, where they are much less expensive than the regular store. Hope that helps!

Hi K.,

If he is walking indoors, you might look at Robeez..they are a soft-soled shoe and my son loved them. I think they carry something comparable at Target.. I bought mine at a store in SE Portland called Mother Natures. When my son was walking outdoors, I went for a brand called See Kai Run, also found at Mother Natures. They are a super flexible and run wider than other shoes. My son also has wide feet :) I was able to find some of the See Kai Runs on ebay once in awhile for a little bit less. They are about the same price as Stride Rites, maybe a little less. Good luck!

My son at that age was wearing 5EEE shoes and I put him in Moccasins for indoors. Outdoors he wore those old fashioned white leather shoes. But you might try something like the moccasins with a stiffer sole. Go to REI or some sport store.

See Kai Run shoes have always been our favorites! http://www.seekairun.com/ They are SUPER cute and have wonderfully flexible soles. Different styles fit differently, so it's best to try them on. Their new fall line just came out and they just keep getting cuter! Unfortunately, their prices have gone up quite a bit since our almost 3-yo first started wearing them at 11 mo. and I don't think we'll be able to afford them much longer (plus she's almost at the end of their sizes). But I still always hit the local sales and eBay for new ones in her size.

Also, we haven't bought them, but Stride Rites offer different widths and are know for their good fit. I believe there is an outlet in North Bend where you can buy them at a reduced price. Other wise, many places carry them.

Go to Nordstrom. They will fit your son, and treat you and him so well!! We went there, they even took a pic of him in his 1st shoes, and gave balloons and stuffed animal. I went there for his summer sandles and tennis shoes...spendy, but so comfortable.

Although Nordstroms is pricey, they do a great job at fitting little chubby feet and they have really cute shoes. We always went to Nordies for my son's shoes because he had wide feet and a high rise. Now that he's older, he will only wear Keen's. We'll be going to Nordies for my daughter's first shoes very soon :)
They also make it really special and take a picture and give your kids gifts to make it memorable and making it more fun. Good luck!

Go to Stride Right!
They are the best as sizing and measuring to make sure you get the right shoe for your guy. They have very cute/hip styles and are super flexible. If I could just decide which I like best, I'd have gotten them for my daughter already. They're doing a buy one/get one half off sale right now!

Hi K.! I loved Pedi Peds for my son when he was first starting to walk. they have leather soles, and are very flexible. You can buy them at Nordstrom, or go to pediped.com, I have purchased them both ways and the website is wonderful and has a much bigger selection then Nordstrom. Good Luck!

Robeez are awesome for little ones, and super cute! They are a bit on the spendy side but not too bad (maybe $25-$30) but they are way worth it. Nordstrom has them and there are a ton online. They stay on great and they are supposed to be good for little feet.

See Kai Run--this brand is great! The soles of the shoes are sturdy yet flexible for young feet, they are well made, and will out-last any other shoe for durability during the time your child fits into them. They run about $34-$40 but I think it's totally worth it. I bought my daughter a size larger than she probably needed when she was about a year old and they lasted her for almost a whole year! They are stylish and fun and I totally recommend those. The shoes I have her in now are Keen brand, and those are fabulous too! Great for wider feet, as you mentioned, but most of them do have slightly larger soles that might seem bulky for a new walker.

Stride Rite. Great first shoes for babies learning to walk. And they have wide and extra wide shoes. The salespeople are good at fitting kids.

Look at 'preschoolians.com'. They are real flexible just like the Robeez and such, but this particular brand has a clear panel in the sole where you can take out the insole and put the shoe on your child and see through the panel where exactly his toes are, so you aren't guessing about when the shoes are not the right size. The sight will even send you a thing to measure your sons foot so you order the right size to begin with.

I love to go to Stride Rite. The people know how to fit shoes. Their shoes also come in wide sizes. Our youngest son has major fallen arches and has just received his custom orthotic inserts. His foot doctor said the inserts can go into any shoe and the shoes we purchased at Stride Rite are good ones. He also checked our older son and his feet are fine. We love the Geox brand because they last a long time. The foot doctor examined our oldest sons new Geox for school and approved them, even for our youngest.

The foot doctor also said that the flexible shoes are really bad for the foot because they don't provide the support that a child needs for their feet to form and strengthen properly. His criteria for a shoe is that it bends only at the ball of the foot when walking, not the center. When you twist the shoe; like wringing out a towel, that it has some stiffness to it and that the heel is firm to support the heel and ankle.

We have tried many different brands of shoes even the cheap ones you get at Target and Fred Meyer. Geox wins hands down.
After talking with the girls at Stride Rite; who told us to see a pediatric foot doctor, we will never go anywhere else until our boys grow out of their sizes.

Best wishes to you.

I would got to either Haggis McBaggis in Sellwood or Striderite(there's one in Washington Square Mall and there's an outlet in Woodburn). We are a whole family of wide footed people and BOTH my kids have them. Striderite has lots of wide options and it has "first shoes" for new walker. Haggis McBaggis doesn't have quite the variety of specific wide styles, but I've had good luck there too.
Good luck!

My first reaction would be to say Robeez. They are fantastic. They won't be very good for winter time, but for now while he's just really learning, they'll be perfect.

I have to agree with krista. Everymom I've talked to is telling me striderights and/or crocs. My son just started walking so I'm researching the outdoor shoe thing too even though he's not quite ready yet.

Some kids with thick feet have done well with keene's (look at REI).
If you just want something cheap to check out flexible I have had good luch with the moccasin type shoes at target. THey may not last as long as Robees but for $13 a pair I could buy almost 3 more expensive shoes.
If you try sandals make sure his feet stay in them and not fall off the edge, but overall they may not be the best option for first shoes.

My daughter also has wide feet, and the BEST shoes I have found for her are Keens. They are easy to take on and off and very flexible and long lasting. Plus they can go in the water. They can be pricey (sports places like GI Joes), but I have been able to find them regularly at Marshalls for $20.

We loved Preschoolians. If you sign up for their e-newsletter, you will get a coupon for (I think) 15% off, and they also periodically send an e-coupon code for 10% off so you can size up. They make a great flexible but water resistant shoe.

Both of my kids hated wearing shoes until I tried Robeez brand shoes. They are soft leather moccassin-like. They love them. They only cost around $30-$35. Anyway, I wish you well.

H. H

When my daughter was that age, we got her high top converse. They are flexible, not bulky and gave great ankle support.

Check out Stride Rite. It's a children's shoe store. There is one at Washington Square Mall. They've got really good shoes for new walkers. They also have a good variety of wide width shoes (my daughter also has wide feet). The staff there was very helpful when I got our first pair of walking shoes for my daughter. It's still the only place I will buy her shoes (she's over 2 now). Even though she had good shoes, it still took her a little time getting used to walking in them... so hang in there if you're boy seems to not walk well at first. Good luck!

Stride Rite makes the best beginner walking shoes, and they come in multiple widths. Not sure where there's a store around here, but it is so worth the money, when your little one first starts walking.

Check into "See Kai Run" shoes... they were wide enough for our little guy's feet, very hip, and flexible too...a little extra money, but worth it. They are a British brand I think, so the sizing is European. We bought ours at Segals, but I am sure you can find them other places.

Good luck!

K., (Love your name - it's my middle name)

I took my little one to Nordstroms. The sales ladies were all very kind and very helpful. We have the challenge of finding shoes to fit over leg/ankle braces. We had the best experience. They even went so far as to pull out the insoles of many shoes to see if that would accomidate her foot and brace in a smaller size shoe. I can't say enough good things about them. They had a super attitude and seemed to really care about her comfort. They even have a little T.V. with kids shows on, color crayons etc...

If you go I hope your experience is as good as ours. We did end up with 2 pairs of really cute and comfortable shoes for under $60.

Good Luck.



My oldest has wide feet, too. I really liked the Roobi (spelling??) shoes. The more expensive ones are at Nordstroms, I think. I got ours at Target (in the area with infant onesies).

Children grow so fast, that I didn't mind having a cheaper shoe that he could wear constantly...and they lasted just fine!! They are likened to a moccasin, and fit a wider foot.


If you're wanting really good shoes that will wear for a long time... Might I suggest this site?


They're a little pricey for baby shoes... but they will last for about a year instead of just a couple of months. The way they are designed allows for growth and they are incredibly comfy and easy to use. My youngest (12 months) hates any and all shoes... except for these ones. No fussing, no fighting... He loooooves these shoes.

www.pediped.com are great shoes. Take a look.
They are durable, cute and reasonably priced.
I love them.

My daughter has wide feet and the only shoes that I really like that are Affordable are Stride Right. I usually go to the Woodburn Outlets, their Stride Right outlet is great and shoes are pretty reasonably priced (about $19.99 to 25.99). I mean, Payless shoes are now $12.99 and up so I don't mind spending not much extra for a way better shoe. Their shoes are great and don't fall apart fast either. My daughter is so hard on her shoes it's crazy! I know Nordstrom's has some really great brands too but they a little too much for how quickly my daughter goes through shoes and how fast her feet grow. She's three now and I've bought all her shoes at Stride Right outlet since she started crawling. I also loved the Robeez for before she started walking around outside. Good luck!

all kids have a "hard time" walking when you first put shoes on them, espicially if they've only been bare footed or had socks on. i think payless shoes has "wide" shoes. i mean i wouldn't worry too much your son will get use to the shoes, as long as they fit him. Just having the extra weight on his feet were making him feel like he couldn't walk. good luck :)

You have some great advice here. Yes you should go and have your little ones feet properly sized and fitted. Nordstroms is a great place to go for so many reasons. First they are great with kids. They are also very helpful in finding the shoes that fit and can call around have them shipped to you or the store if you find one you like but it isnt there. Your child will have a great first time because they take a picture and will give them a gift. It is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Also, Nordstroms carries all kinds of brands of shoes. Instead of running all over town or the internet why not just take your little one to them first. They carry Stride Rite, See Kai Run, robbi, and many many more. Try them out and all of the brands all at once. Once you find a brand and get sized then you can hunt all over for ones they may not have to go with an outfit just for your little one.

Hope you both have a great time and find what you need.

Hi K.,

My son also has extra-wide feet. While he was learning to walk, I put him in Pedipeds which I loved--they are soft leather and allow the foot to flex. But once he started walking outdoors, I got his shoes from Stride Right. They were expensive, but he needed the extra-wide size. Then, a couple months later, I found a pair of Stride Right shoes the next size up in extra-wide at a garage sale for $3. It did take several days for him to get used to wearing shoes with regular soles. I think that's just part of the learning curve with new walkers. Good luck!

Striderite & Nordstroms!

My son had/has extra wide feet, too...so much so we couldn't do the SeeKaiRun/Robeeze types...but boy did he LOVE is velcro striderites.


Stride right and all of those children braands are great but if you are looking for a really neat shoe that has a rubber sole but is still flexible believe it or not my absolute favorite is made by Puma. Yes, that's right. They have some of the cutest shoes for little ones. They have a rubber sole but still are flexible and allow your little ones toes to still grab. They are not buly AT ALL Not the cutesie stuff, more stylish/trendy. I put my boys in them and could not ever find anything I liked better. I am huge on finding great shoes for my kids. Believe me when I say I did a lot of shopping around. They are one thing I won't skimp on. Champs is the only store I have found that sells them in the smaller sizes. They are awesome.

I took my son to Nordstrom when he was 11 mos and walking. They were wonderful! I have taken him back several times and love the service and attention to his stages. They even took a little photo of him and his new shoes and gave him a little stuffed animal! Best of all, their customer service and return policy is worth the money! I knew that I was getting the right shoe for his developing feet and skill level! Good luck to you!

Robeez. Don't go cheeper with the Soft Star brand... they just don't stay on the feet. Robeez.
Happy Toddeling!

Both of my children have wide feet. I have always bought them Stride Right shoes. The cheapest (and best place) to get them is the outlet at Woodburn Company Stores. The ladies there are wonderful at measuring little feet.

He sounds perfect for see kai run's! They are great for wide feet, easy to get on and come in many really cute styles. We buy ours at Me & mom's, but Nordstrom has them too.

See Kai Runs! They are the only shoes my son will wear without acting like his feet hurt. They're a little pricey, but comfy and cute. Plus they have a wide toe box, so your son's wide feet should fit just fine.

Stride Rite has great shoes for wide toddler feet. They are a bit on the spendy side, but they are worth it if you can't find anything else.

The See Kai Run brand is great for walkers/runners. Robeez is finally making a new line of walking shoes that look like they have more flexibility in the soles.

I would recommend you check out Preschoolians (www.preschoolians.com)Especially since they say that "Barefoot is best!" That is their motto in their shoe designs. They have a visu-fit window that you can actually see where you little ones feet are. They come with 3 different soles per shoe (narrow, medium & wide). They also come made in crawlers, walkers, runners etc... depending on where your little one is with his gross motor skills. They are the most flexible soles I have found for walkers/runners-their crawlers are comparable to Robeez/bobux etc...They also have very good customer service if you have any problems with their shoes. They have a wide variety to choose from, and you can even design you own! The only difference is you have to order them online and wait for them to be made-initially this might be a pain, but once you have them always order ahead and you won't have to wait. They also send you a 10% off re-order reminder. To make sizing easier you can also have them send you your own sizing device free! Good luck!

See Kai Run shoes are very flexible and great for kids with wide feet.

I agree with many previous repsonders...See Kai Run are GREAT shoes. Very flexible soles and are wonderful for kids learning to walk! They are a little pricey but definately worth it! Good Luck

I tried sooo many brands! I ended up in love with See Kai Run (and for under 18 mos they have their Smaller line). They are just right for outside and are stylish, very supple and they hold up great. You can't go wrong. They sell them on line now and Nordstrom also carries some.
Have fun.

Sride-Rite for sure. My son had wide and thick feet until about 3 and we got all of his shoes there and didn't have to get a size up to have them fit. Sure it costs more getting shoes as he grows but we don't want to run the risk of messing his feet up, you can't fix bad feet and it will always be a problem. (His dad has bad feet from cheap shoes that were the wrong size) When my daughter was born we still went to Stride-Rite for her first pairs of shoes because they are just the best, they bend in half as if they were still barefoot which they both are usually unless they are outside.

You could always tried stride rite store or outlet. They have great first walker shoes. Nordstroms will custom order extra wide.
Or two other great ideas for shoes are www.pedoodles.com and www.seekairun.com. Both offer wide shoes and are super adorable and comfortable for first time walkers. They are all light weight too.
Good luck.

My son also has wide feet and we've been buying him Stride Rite shoes, which work well. I get them at the outlet in Tulalip or at Nordstrom Rack for half the price, but there's a store in Bellevue Square (I'm assuming you're from here...)... Some people like See Kai Run shoes, which seem to be sold at a few consignments shops around here as well as at Nordstrom... Hope that helps.

robeez that is all my kids and my families kids wore till almost two years of age. the best thing for them especially at this age is to not have a sole or hardly any and very flexible one. robeez have three differnt styles now they are the best and are very durable. very cute shoes something for everyone.

go to Stride Rite, store that specialized in kids shoes. that is where I get my sons shoes. He also has very wide feet and they can help you choose the right kind.

Striderites. They have wide feet for new walkers. My son had a couple of pairs of them and they really help them walk. Everyone I have ever talked to also reccommended them. You can get them most anywhere. Wal mart usually has the best prices on them though.

After many moms suggested Pediped, I bought the first pair of shoes for my daughter and it's the best pair of pre-walker shoes. Wide, fits well, soft and super easy to put on. The price is a little less than Stride Right but quality is equally good and the design is better (in my opinion). www.pediped.com

I took all three of my kids to Nordstroms for their first pair of shoes. (or Strid rite) They will measure the baby's foot for a proper fit and make sure you purchase a shoe for a new walker. The shoes need to be flexible with a good arch support. A good fit is so important as well. You might be spending $25.00 for a pair of shoes but I felt it was worth it. My girls wore keds leather tennis shoes. So cute! Nordtroms have their own brand also.

My son had the same problem. He had really wide feet and nothing would fit him right. I went to the StrideRight store at the woodburn outlets and got him a pair there. I think it was about 20-25 dollars but it was well worth it. They fit great and he was able to walk in them. Hope this helps.

The best ones for a new walker are the leather soled kind, but you have to look for them. (Not a lot of places carry them). They are very flexible and easy for new walkers (and doctors say better for developing feet), but ruin if they walk in a lot of wet grass or water. Look at Children's Place or other kids stores like that.

I recommend Stride rite shoes. They have different widths and the first walkers are generally very comfortable and flexible and cute. I would find a stride rite store as they are the best to find the right shoe and have them fitted for you.
C. F.

***See Kai Run*** The difference between these and Robeez is they have a rubber sole, so they are more comfortable walking on rough surfaces like gravel or wood chips (important for the playground!).

They carry them at Nordstrom.

If you go to U Village at all, go to Sole Food. They'll have this brand and others. Plus, cute stuff for you, too! :-)

Nordstroms is a great place to find baby and kids shoes. They have a great selection, and better quality for the babies feet.
Striderite is what I would buy fir my last two children.

Pedi-ped shoes are just what you need. Good for wide feet. Soft soles. Very cute. They are expensive but I believe they are worth it. My daughter gets blisters with other ones. Available at Nordstroms and on-line at zappos.com (free shipping!)

stride rite gives good ankle support. i LOVE see kai run for chubby feet and the flexibility factor. that's what my twins wear. they are comfy and a bit fashion forward. pedipeds are another great brand. and i'm sure people will also suggest robeez. (however, i like something with a bit more sole since we are outside a lot!)

You can never go wrong with Stride Ride shoes. They are more $$$ but you can go to their outlet store in North Bend. My 18 month old had a pair of these for her first shoes and they were great.

We used surf shoes at first. They're very flexible and the tops are stretchy so they give a bit for little chubby or wide feet. The bottoms are durable enough for walking outside and will protect the soles of his feet. They're also light weight. Your little guy will probably outgrow them before he outwears them. AND they're inexpensive and easy to find (Fred Meyers, Target, Nordstrom Rack, etc.). Also, I think they're cute on little feet.
Best of luck!

I absolutely love Robeez and now they have ones that have soles for outdoors called Tredz - they are great! You can order them on-line or I know Nordstrom sells them (at least I know they sell the indoor soft sole ones) or there is a store in Edmonds called Kinderbritchen that sells the Tredz ones.

Stride Rite sells a good first walker shoe, and they come in different widths. I would suggest taking a look at their website, www.striderite.com. I was able to get an accurate size from the online chart that you can print out. They are a bit pricey, but I think they're worth it!

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