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How to Fight the Fatigue of Anemia, and What Are the Best Multi-vitamins!

I am hoping that some of you out there might be able to help me with this. I have been battling fatigue for a while now, had some blood tests done and the doctor says I am anemic. I am wondering if anyone can suggest a multi-vitamin and some healthy tips on how to overcome this condition, especially the fatigue! I eat well and exercise a lot... but I know there is more I could be doing, I just don't know where to start... and the doctor was not helpful. I want my life and my energy back. Some days I feel like have nothing left in me to give my son.

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I want to say thank you to all the wonderful, thoughtful people who responded to my post. I am overwhelmed with the amount of truly thoughtful and helpful responses I have received. I have made an appointment with another physician in my town, though not a naturopath, she leans towards natural rememdies before chemical. I feel much more informed and was so suprised to learn that there are many different types of anemia. Thank you again to everyone.

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Please look into fulvic acid with minerals and wheat grass. Anemia can be the result of multiple mineral imbalances. This approach will address many other possible low lying health issues. If you need zinc, you might need to cut back on copper. If you have used birth control pills or a T shaped copper IUD, you may be copper toxic. Please research.

By the way. Did the doctor determine if this WAS an iron deficiency anemia? This could be important. Chris RN

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Hi M. looks like you have gotten a lot of responses today! Wanted to share with you a great line of Isotonix supplements namely MultiTech which is available with iron. Below I have included a portion of the info on the MultiTech description, to learn more go to www.mymalltoshop.com
I will also send you an email with my info and I have a personal testimonial for you as well, good luck! Thanks, M.

Isotonix® MultiTech™ is an isotonic-capable food supplement containing 100 percent or more of the daily value of essential vitamins and most minerals. There are wide varieties of multivitamin and mineral supplements on the market today. Only Isotonix MultiTech contains a unique blend of complimentary vitamins and minerals providing a sound micronutrient foundation in a superior nutrient delivery system. Isotonix MultiTech supplements dietary deficiencies, and helps maintain normal metabolic functioning. MultiTech is perfect for athletes, growing adults and pre-menopausal women. Isotonix MultiTech is available with and without Iron for differing nutritional needs.*


I work with a superior functional food that has had amazing results with fatigue and anemia. My friend Samatha, who is borderline anemic, used it for her pregnancy and had a great pregnancy and can now donate blood when she wants too. I would love to share more with you over the phone. You can contact me at ###-###-####.
Warm wishes,
D. J.

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Did your doctor do additional tests to determine the source of your anemia? Not all anemia is a result of iron deficiency. If your iron levels are normal, DO NOT take iron supplementation as it can be toxic. Do you have food sensitivities or any gastro-intestinal issues? Celiac disease (caused by a reaction to gluten) can cause anemia. Other types of anemia include a problem with red blood cell production or destruction of red blood cells at various cycles. If your doctor wasn't helpful, I would find someone else. Hematologists specialize in this type of thing and can give you a better understanding of what type of anemia you have and what to do about it. A good naturopath would do the same. Again, I would examine your condition further before supplementing with iron. I think trying some B vitamins would be worth a try though. Hope this is helpful.

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Hi! I am a nutritionist and a mother of 3 young girls. I've had anemia and I know how exhausting it can be. A good iron supplement is a must to get started. Get plenty of rest, plenty of water and don't push yourself until your body gets rebalanced.
The best multi-vitamin I can recommend is actually very new. The company takes a swab of DNA from your mouth (you mail it in) and creates a multi-vitamin tailored to your DNA!! It eliminates the guess work and makes sure you're getting what YOU need! (All our needs our different) Check out www.TheDNAPill.com for more info.
Hope this helps.
Just some tips in general. Capsules absorb better than solid pills. But if you use solid pills, make sure they absorb in water in less than 30 minutes, otherwise you may not gain the benefit of the vitamin.
Email or call me if you have any questions:

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You probably have chronic fatigue. The way I got over this was an 8-year process. This can be a very debillatating condition. First, determine if you have any food allergies. 2nd, I am still often fighting anemia - which may be caused by bad digestion and not being able to process your food properly. See if you are gluten intolerant or celiac. (I am). When I cut dairy and bread out of my diet, things started turning around.

The best thing to do is work with a naturopath. They are what helped me know what to do when to get over it. Dr. Cheryl Wood in Lynnwood, Dr. Jodi Berg in Everett, and Dr. Bejing Men in Northgate were instrumental in getting me over the chronic fatigue. Believe it or not, acupuncture REALLY helps.

Another thing that helped a LOT was Essiac Tea. You can find out more about this wonderful tea at blessedherbs.com. This is still my huge help when chronic fatigue rears its ugly head again.

The best VITAMIN - for iron and B-12 (you probably also have a B12 deficienty) is Floradix which you can get at Super Supplements. It is a liquid iron that you take, and the best on the market, in my opinion. It doesn't constipate.

The other thing I have to do for my condition is avoid sugar (it REALLY brings me down), avoid white flour. I cannot eat a standard breakfast of waffles or pancakes. If I do, I will have to go right back to bed. Even in the afternoons, if I eat too much sugar, suddenly I have to go back to bed. It really exhausts me. Caffeine will exhaust me as well. If your immune system is run down, caffeine can do a real number. It can make you want to sleep, believe it or not.

I suffered from this condition for 12 years under an MD before I discovered diet and Naturopaths were the only road out. I had it so bad I wanted to die. This is an autoimmune disorder. Cleansings help. Diet helps.

God bless you on your road to recovery. Prayer and meditation helps immensely. Being in the monastery for a few days, focusing on prayer only gave me some immediate healing. Being stressed can also cause an immense amount of tiredness. When I'm stressed, I sleep as well.

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Dear M.,
Oh how my heart goes out to you! I have suffered from anemia for years! I think the thing that helps me the most is to take iron pills with vitamin c. The vitamin c helps the iron to break down and get into your bloodstream more quickly. The other thing that I have tried that is nasty tasting, but it really worked was chlorophyl. I would get it at a health food store and have 2 tablespoons a day. It's the dark green vegies that really help as far as diet goes, but the chloropyl is like getting direct oxygen to your system. Good luck!

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I would consult with a naturopath. If your doctor wasn't able to suggest a specific supplement for you, I would go to a naturopath. There are so many options out there in the supplement world, and they're NOT all created equal! It can save you a lot of time & $ of trial by error, if you have someone who knows the differences. A ND also might do more specific blood tests than your normal doctor did.

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Please look into fulvic acid with minerals and wheat grass. Anemia can be the result of multiple mineral imbalances. This approach will address many other possible low lying health issues. If you need zinc, you might need to cut back on copper. If you have used birth control pills or a T shaped copper IUD, you may be copper toxic. Please research.

By the way. Did the doctor determine if this WAS an iron deficiency anemia? This could be important. Chris RN

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HI M.,

I so feel your pain. I have been anemic since I was 13. It is awful. Back in Febuary I had a really low dip in my iron and it got down to 9.1. It was awful. I could barely move. The best thing is to rest and not try to over do it. My dr told me that it takes about 2 weeks after taking iron to get your count going back up. I have two little girls so rest was extremely hard. Take vitamin c with your iron. Also, eat spinach in your salad, green veggies, lots of meats and make sure you take a fiber supplement also b/c sometimes iron may constipate you. I just take a fiber pill and am fine. That is about it. I am so sorry you have to deal with this it is one of the hardest things especially with kids. Good luck and it will pass as soon as your iron gets back up. Don't get discouraged.

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Hi M. - I was severely anemic during my third (I've pretty much always been since high school, but this was the worst I've been.) I took a 65 mg supplement each day, but I think the best advice was the nutritional advice I received, because many people's bodies do not absorb iron that's been manufactured. It simply doesn't recognize it as iron passes it through.

Best thing (though you have to develop a tolerance for the flavor) is to make a "hot toddy" with hot water and black strap molasses and drink it each night before bed.

Next would be red meats and beans, followed by spinach. I found it easy to grill up a small steak or lamb chop and then eat that with a spinach/romaine salad with black beans or chickpeas on it. I have never been a big bean/lentil eater, but man, I've found some great ways to add them to meals and make side dishes with them and now I'm wondering why I waited so long! And my 4 and 6 year old girls love them on/in our food!

Just look online and you'll find some great recipes for high iron foods.

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