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How to Dry Milk in Breast After Giving Birth

A close friend of mine recently had a baby, but will not be breast feeding. She asked me if I knew how to dry the milk so she would not leak. I have no idea. Does anyone know any home remedy to dry breast milk?

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Thank you all for your responses. I called her and let her know everyone's suggesstions. She said she would try them. Thanks

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Any kind of allergy medicine will help dry them up...benadryl works great but causes drowsiness, there are many other non-drowsy allergy meds sold over the counter.

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Tell her to wear a very tight bra and also when she showers to run hot water over her back(level to where her breats are). My mom told me to do these things so I know they work I just know why or how.

wear a tight bra. it will take a few days and isn't too comfortable

I took sudefed to dry my milk after giving birth. Also have her get a ace bandage to wrap around her breast area and wear a sports bra. This holds the milk to stop the leakage. I was also told to get cabbage leaf on put on each breast while wearing a bra. Hope this helps.

Hi M.,
I consulted with my OBGYN and she told me I had to bind my breasts...you get ace bandages and wrap them around your breasts pretty tight and then you have to get a sports bra that is a size smaller than you usually wear and you do this for about a week, day and night. It is very painful, so painful that I decided not to do it the second time. Just make sure your friend consults with her doctor first.

Hi M.,

I've heard that putting cabbage leaves on the breasts can help reduce engorgement - so much so that people using them are urged not to leave them until they wilt because they can actually interfere with milk supply.

Although it seems a bit comical to have cabbage leaves hanging out of a brassiere, I'd probably try wearing them all day for a couple of days, changing them after they wilt, and see if that works.

Until her supply dries up, she shouldn't empty her breasts - this signals them to make more milk, but she could express just enough to keep her feeling comfortable.


Drinking peppermint tea helps. Also, wearing a crushed leaf of green cabbage in her bra will help with drying.

I know there's a shot the dr. can give her to dry up her milk, but I don't know the name of it (the dr. would know.) Other than that, she needs to suffer thru it unfortunately. She needs not to express the milk at all as that just makes more milk. I'd go to the dr. and get the shot.

all the women i know that did not breast feed just wore a tight sports bra for two weeks straight. even in the shower. when you get out put on a dry one. or talk to the doctor about starting on birth control pills to help reduce and eventually dry up the milk.

This sounds weird but cabbage leaves are supposed to do the trick. I used them after I weaned my son and they helped at the end to dry my supply. Just use the big green leaves and she can put them inside her bra to hold them. Some people say binding with an ace bandage but I haven't tried that and it sounds painful and may cause clogs/blockage.
If she doesn't started nursing the first few days after birth are going to be miserable. Tell her to avoid the hot water in the shower (face away), it will trigger the milk to let down as will any nipple stimulation.

I didn't breastfeed for very long, only 2 weeks, my milk dried up by itself within 2 weeks. Just get those pads and wait, but it didn't take very long. Hope it helps!

If she pumps milk out for couple days, they will dry off. No need to worry, because if she wouldn't feed breast milk to her baby, the breast stop making milk.

Raw cabbage leaves in a tight bra. Change them out as they wilt and avoid hot showers.

rap them with ace bandage

Any kind of allergy medicine will help dry them up...benadryl works great but causes drowsiness, there are many other non-drowsy allergy meds sold over the counter.

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