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How to Drop the Home Phone but Still Keep Internet?

This may be a stupid question but I am not super computer-knowledgeable so here goes... I know alot of people are opting to cancel their home phone and just use cell phones and it seems like it would make sense for our family since our phone bills are super expensive- but how does that work for still having internet? I know the service is through the same cables as the phone so how does that work? Anyone that has disconnected their home phone- how do you still have internet? Thanks for your help on what may be a silly question!

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We have dsl thru at&t without a phone line. We only use cell phones as well. I just called around to different companys until I found a deal that worked for us. Just call and ask.

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We've had just cell phones with a spare to keep at the house for babysitters, backup or what not for the past 6 years or so without a land line because it was significantly cheaper than having a land line with personal cell phones. Has worked well. The internet we have through Comcast cable then, so no phone line is needed.

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Cable internet is what you will need. But if you have children I urge you NOT to cancel your land line. When you call 911 from a cell they will not be able to find your location. You or your child will have to give your address to the dispatcher - that might not be an option in some emergencies. If you can, reduce your phone service to only the basics - if you don't use it much you can get rid of call waiting and as well cancel long distance calling (your cell can be used for that) and so forth.

I do want to add that EVERYONE I know that only uses their cell phones - they rarely answer their phone when they are at home b/c the phone is in their purse or another room and they don't hear it, it is VERY FRUSTRATING! I find I have stopped calling most of them and just send e-mails/texts. Plus, your friends will now have to have both you & and your husband's cell phone (if you have a spouse) to try to get a hold of either of you i.e., they call your spouse's cell to get a hold of you b/c you didn't hear your phone ring, again very frustrating!

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Well I don't know the ends and outs of how it works but we have Verizon for our cells and Bellsouth for our internet without the phone for about $39.95. I am not sure how it works without the phone line other than its not dial-up like back in the day. They still have that type but its way slow. I am in Georgia so I am not quite sure what ya'll got in IL but I can't see why not IL wouldn't have it if we do.

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First off do you have cable internet or DSL? If you have cable then just call and cancel the phone and your internet will not be effected. If you have DSL you will have to cut off both and then get Cable internet connected.

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There are so many options for phone/cable these days. They actually use completely separate wires for both unless you have a service through Comcast where you have digital voice that does not use traditional land lines (traditional phone).

You can negotiate with your cable provider to have cable only. They bundle packages so you may be better off keeping your phone with them as well and seeing if they have a better package.
We do that all the time. They're always running promotional deals that better you vs. what you currently have.

We kept the land line in addition to the cell phones because we basically got the land line free (digital voice) with the internet service.

You can also do something like AT&T's Uverse which is phone, cable and internet.
Just make some calls, ask them to explain how it works, what the packages are, how long the terms are good for (some may increase horribly after a 1 year intro package) and take it from there.

Good luck.

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We have dsl thru at&t without a phone line. We only use cell phones as well. I just called around to different companys until I found a deal that worked for us. Just call and ask.

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Your landline phone and the internet cable run on two different systems. I have cable/internet for TV & computer, but I have an old-fashion landline phone line. There is no problem with using your cell & having cable for internet. Call your internet provider for a better explanation that will resolve your concerns.

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We have Clear for our home phone, internet & WiFi - you can get just internet through them as well. Although we still have a home phone, there are no longer wires & it's connected to the computer. I think it's a satellite connection or something like that....it's much cheaper & the quality is acceptable.

It depends upon what kind of Internet service you get. If you choose cable broadband service you shouldn't need a land phone line.

Another option for you would be to use Vonage for your phone. It generally is $24.99 per month and has free long distance in the US and also many international countries. It is also based on the Internet, we've had it for years.


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