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How to deal with mucus discharge during 35 weeks of pregnancy

Hi, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and in my 34th week i noticed a yellowish green mucus discharge; It only happend once that day; the following day i noticed it again, but this time not as much as the previous day. This is my first pregnancy and I don't know if this is normal. In addition to this I have experienced an increase in my contractions.

What can I do next?


Contact your health professional mainly about the discharge and because you aren't full term which is 37 weeks. If it's a large amount of mucus then you may have lost your mucous plug.

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At this point in my pg my doctor was seeing me almost every week, so I were you I would just call and get in to see him/her.

And for what it is worth--I had my kids 2 wks late, 2.5 wks early, 2.5 wks late. You really can't tell at this point when you will go into labor by counting days.

I had very irregular contractions with my first and second, so even timing them was only somewhat helpful. They would be 5 min apart, then 20 minutes apart, then 10 minutes apart. :-0 But...I was always in a lot of pain when the real deal hit.

Also, I never really started contracting or had the baby drop gradually with the last one. One morning I just got up with our older child and all of sudden the baby dropped, I had minor contractions, started dilating, etc. Because I had already done this twice, I knew I needed to get to the hospital but did not need to get upset or crazy. LOL My point is, he was 2.5 wks late and I had no usual signs of labor except losing the plug!

Just go by what your dr says.

Go with your intuition and if you are hesitant at all, don't be afraid to get it checked out. ;-)

Everyone's labor is a tad different, but I am sure you will know when the real pain hits. ;-)

Although losing your mucus plug is a sign of early labor, it can happen a couple of weeks before you actually go into real labor. I was losing mine, a little at a time, for a couple of weeks.

On the other hand, some women lose it and go into labor immediately.

I think the most important thing at this point, is to time the contractions to find out if there is any regularity to them. That's where the answer is. :)

Good luck!

It could be your mucus plug as nasty as that sounds. I have a 2 1/2 year old and when I was pregnant I kind of had the same thing, but when i went to my ob, it turned out that I had a severe yeast infection. So I recomend going and seeing yours just in case. Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy and God Bless.

I would call my doctor mainly about the discharge and because you aren't full term which is 37 weeks. If it's a large amount of mucus then you may have lost your mucous plug. Begin timing the contractions from the beginning of a contraction and end at the beginning of the next contraction. If the contractions are 5 min. or less apart and strong then you should go to the hospital. If you are just having tightening and no pattern then I wouldn't worry about it. I think it's good to call your doctor's nurse if you're uncertain about anything.

The contractions are probably normal. Since you are in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, it is normal to experience an increase in the tightenings. If you are having more than 5 contractions in an hour at this point, though, it could be labor, and babies usually do best when allowed to stay inside til closer to the due date.

The discharge is a bit more unusual, in that the color is uncommon. Most discharge is clear or white. I would contact your doctor when the office reopens after Labor Day and ask to be seen. While you are there, mention the contractions and see what they say.


Go to your OBGYN asap.

E., when you go into labor it will kick your butt. Ok there are some women who don't even know they are in labor because they feel no pain, weird.
you will start losing parts of the mucus plug a little at a time. you can also be 7cen. dilated for wks. it's the aphasement you have to know. Pay attention to your body, you will know when something is different. just relax, i know your anxious.

must be your mucus plug

Discharge is normal. If you are unsure if you are experiencing braxton hicks contractions or the real ones, time them. Start timing from the moment that you feel the first contraction and stop timing when it ends. If it comes and goes without any consistency, then it is braxton hick. This is your body preparing for the real deal. However, if you are timing, for example, 6 minutes between contractions and so on, then you need to contact your doctor. Keep in mind that you still have time to get to the hospital. Most doctors don't want you to go until your water breaks or if you are at a few minutes apart. You can get a lot of good information from www.ivillage.com and www.about.com. Those websites provide great information for signs of labor. It helped me have a better understanding.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

I think what you are experiencing is quite normal. I remember the same thing, and in fact I ended up going to the hospital because I felt them too strong. What they told me is that I was having some Braxton hicks. They feel as though you are having real contractions. Anyhow, you should trust your instinct, and the minute you feel something is not right, call your OBGYN. About your discharge, I believe it's all normal, unless it's a non-stop leakage.. etc. Because at this point, it is normal to have some discharge.

I do think you should call your doctor just to be sure.

For the meantime, here are some links to read more about this.

Good luck, and God bless you,


Sounds like you lost your mucus plug. Braxton Hicks are very normal and it just means your body is practicing for its big moment. Sadly though, it doesn't mean your baby is coming early. Unless your contractions get regular and timely and intensifyr, it is just the fun of the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Hang in there...even though it seems like the last few weeks creep by, it will go faster than you think.

Good luck and congrats!

E., you need to contact your physician or the on call doctor and let them know what you see. It could be the beginning stages but the mucus is not always that color so even if you just call a nurse's line and talk to someone today, that will give you the comfort and reassurance. I would call today just for reassurance. Congragulations!!!

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