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How to deal with mucus congestion with newborn?

My 7 week old has a lot of mucus and sometimes she vomits it and chokes on it. I am terrified to put her in her own bed in case this happens. Our pediatrician has been told three times about this problem and doesn't seem to share my concern. Any tips or advice on getting rid of the mucus?

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Some suggested to put a cool humidifier in the baby's room, while some suggested to use saline nasal drop to clear the congestion. Consult with your pediatrician, as it could be allergy or something more serious.

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The doctor has pretty much determined that Ava has a cow's milk allergy, so I am now on a milk protein-free diet. Thank you all for the helful advice! (The saline drops are great, by the way!)

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my daughter's is on Zyrtec. It is an antihistamine. We used Benadryll for a while but Zyrtec is better. It will dry her up and help her sleep.

When my baby was congested and vomiting he was diagnosed with GERD and allergies. We got him on medication for both and it improved. I would see another pediatrician.

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get a second opinion, this is not normal, and can even cause ur child to suffocate and possibly die in their sleep, you should seek another pediatricians advice on this, there has to be a reason this baby has so much mucus in their body, and there is some type of medication that can be given to break it up and get it out of their little system, get a second opinion for ur baby's sake

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Don't be afraid to get a 2nd opinion. A lot of Doc's think women are just neurotic.

Not sure if she's too young or not, but you can try Little Noses Saline drops. It's natural & no side effects that I'm aware of. It's just salt water. Put a drop in each nostile, as many times a day as she needs it(especially before laying down). It will help thin the mucus so it's easier for her to breath. Does wonders for my family. We all use it this time of year.

My pediatrician suggested to use the, Ayr (saline nasal drops) a "snot sucker" and a cool mist humidifier. My son was stopped up so bad it was like he couldn't breathe in the morning. Hope this helps. BTW, my Dr didn't seem too concerned either. I would also suggest to check your air filter in your house.

I recently found out dairy products (along with coffee and soda) produce/create excess mucus. I don't have a clue if this effects babies the way it does adults. Sometimes docs can be insensitive to our concerns. If you have a local WIC office, even if you are not on the program, they often will help you and give you excellent advice.

Little noses saline drops and a nasal suction bulb works with my granson. Saline is gentle and doesnt hurt them it thins the mucus and makes it easier to suction.

I am so sorry your 7 week old is going through this. My baby girl went through this when she was 7 months. She was much older. Each time I nursed her she would get into a coughing attack and she would vomit. I would not let her out of my site. I'm a very overprotect mother. My son, who is now 2 had acid reflux very badly and would stop breathing on me. I'm still not quit over that. The only thing I could do for her is put Vick's on her and set up a humidifier in her or your room. Where ever she is sleeping. This helped ALOT.

I will pray for you and your baby. I'm sure you are sleep deprived and need a break. I am thinking about you. If you need anything please email me: ____@____.com


Hi A.,

What are you feeding her?

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